Horoscope for 1st Aug 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: Reach out to the unusually introverted person who you’ll be paired up with today. Only you will be able to draw them out, and they will need to be drawn out — otherwise, the two of you will never get anything accomplished. Turn on your legendary charm and show this shy person that they have nothing to fear from you. It’s long past the time for you to expand your circle of conversational partners. Try to connect with someone you normally would not even notice.
TAURUS: The friendly competition you’ve been enjoying with another smart and fun person is starting to evolve into a not-so-fun power struggle! There is a huge streak of jealousy coming into the picture, and it might belong to you! Before things get too serious, you need to stop competing with them. Shake hands and just walk away. There is no value in continuing this fight — either you or they are going to get frustrated, and whatever good you have will disappear.
GEMINI: Things are slowing down a lot in your life, and your ‘To Do’ list is starting to dwindle down to nothing. This is good news — before the end of the day you are finally going to get that break you’ve been yearning for! This might be the perfect time to investigate that new hobby, research a new vacation spot, or look further into a new investment opportunity. This isn’t the right day to move forward on anything, but it’s a wonderful time to get your feet wet.
CANCER: It’s a better time to play and party than it is to study and focus. It’s not necessarily that you aren’t capable of getting serious right now, it’s just that there are going to be way too many fun social things going on! You can try to resist the call to good times, but you probably won’t make it past the afternoon before you’ve got to give in and have fun! You can get the rest of your work done tomorrow. You deserve a chance to loosen up!
LEO: A fresh energy surrounds you today and helps you feel more centered than you have felt in a long while. You have been asked to take sides — by both sides! And a lesser human being would consider it an impossible position to be in, but not you! Early on today, you will see a way to navigate your way through this sticky situation without offending or annoying anyone. You will find a common thread — hold on to it for all you’re worth
VIRGO: You should try to be a driving force toward achieving the group’s goals today — whether the group is your family, your team at work, or your gang of friends. Your charms are powerful, and people will be eager to comply with what you want — once you show them what is in it for them, of course! You’re a skilled salesperson today, so it won’t take too long to help people understand why your plan is the best plan. Be confident and be collaborative.
LIBRA: A recent conversation has got you thinking hard about making some changes in your life — it’s an empowering and exciting feeling. But before you begin, you should think about your approach more clearly. Ask yourself if you are going to make one big change, or many small ones. It’s important to be organized and have a plan, even if the change you want to make in your life is to try to be more spontaneous! Also, make sure you have a realistic timetable in mind.
SCORPIO: A recent dream included some confusing visions that left you worried — but why? They aren’t going to come true, and they aren’t foretelling anything. Your subconscious was just entertaining itself while you slept, so do not let these weird images distract you, today. You’ve got a lot of wonderful things going on right now, and it would be a shame to not fully enjoy them by mulling over things that you will not and could not ever understand. Let it go and get going!

Today you shouldn’t be shy about taking credit for something you did. If you are worried that someone else will get jealous of you, don’t. How they react to your adulation is their issue, and it’s nothing you should take responsibility for. You should never turn down praise unless it’s undeserved — and the praise you’ll get today is decidedly well deserved. If someone has a problem with that, they need to bring it up with the people heaping all the accolades your way — not with you.

CAPRICORN: The power that you want so badly right now will come to you — but only if you stop wanting it so much! You have to focus on what you want to achieve and making it happen. Then you will discover your ability to do so. Waiting to be given power is only going to remind everyone (including yourself) just how powerless you think you are. Assume power. Step up and start doing what you want to do. That is when people will step aside and give you the space and freedom you need. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: Why hide your affection for someone else just because you worry that they won’t feel the same way? How they feel doesn’t have to affect how you feel — so tell the truth as you feel it. Take those deep feelings you have and bring them up to the surface. All that daylight and oxygen will help them grow — and flourish! It’s natural to fear rejection, and every one does get rejected from time to time. You need to know whether or not the feeling is mutual — so find out.
PISCES: Standing up for yourself today might be a little bit difficult for you, but it is absolutely necessary. You have a reputation for being a very flexible person who likes to find compromise — but unfortunately, some people see that as an opportunity to treat you like a doormat! Stand up to the users and abusers today. They’re aren’t used to being called out, and will just fold up and give in as soon as they see that you are someone who has a backbone after all

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