Horoscope for 20 October, 2016


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr


IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be confident, enthusiastic and optimistic since you’ll sense that luck is on your side. Indeed with the right attitude and determination you’ll be able to create your own. You will have to navigate gently but firmly through tricky family and close relationships matters. Being confrontational won’t work but you need to stand up for what’s important. Keep your head down in your everyday routines and insist that everyone listens to what you say.

ARIES: You will tend to race around so fast that you don’t step back to sort out your thinking. There may be a slight muddle if you go cutting corners and not allowing yourself to think through things in a peaceable kind of way. You will get a little too busy, busy, busy. You may lose the opportunity to act or make a decision by the time you have made up your mind about one situation. Considering carefully is a good idea, but don’t stretch it out too far.
TAURUS: .You’re likely to be seeing things in too direct a way. Other people don’t always appreciate the blunt, honest truth, so tone down your comments. You don’t mean them to hurt but you may not be aware of their effect. You can be careful, rather cautious, to the point of getting gloomy, perhaps because you are getting bogged down in too many details. You will want to put your mind at rest about certain questions you have, so ask a trusted adviser.
GEMINI: You need to put a brake on your plans since you’ll be too impatient about certain things. With a little bit more discipline, more care you will achieve so much more. Companions for one thing, won’t catch up with you or understand you clearly because you’re going so fast. More than usual, you feel dramatic, colourful, flamboyant, and are making great efforts to ensure you have an appreciative audience for your witty flow of jokes and rather theatrical personal comments.
CANCER: Speaking too hastily may mean slower witted companions get bamboozled and bewildered because they aren’t able to keep up with you. More speed and heat, less light. Either find mates who are as sharp as you, or collect your wits before leaping into discussions. Later you will be happier with your feet up at home reading books, or involved in family discussions than racing around in the outside world at the moment, so try to unload certain work commitments for a few days.
LEO: It’s important not to sound too uncooperative or intolerant now. You have an edge about you that may come across as criticism though you may not mean it that way. You just want to give everything a great shake up, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Word games, and puzzles are keeping you happily occupied at the moment. You have a mischievous way about you and take great pleasure in conversations which are not entirely straightforward and practical.
VIRGO: Saying things that startle other people, can sometimes shock them into awareness. But it can also have the opposite effect. It maybe the truth, but it is just important that you don’t ruffle their feathers so much that they stop listening. Informing and educating needs to be done with an entertaining smile. You are taking a rather hard headed line at the moment, focusing on what is practical and sensible. You are uneasy about pie in the sky ideas or lofty discussions which never seem to lead anywhere.
LIBRA: IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be exciting, confident, excitable and a time when you won’t always want to compromise or co-operate. Give yourself elbow room to pursue your own interests, even if close partners have different ideas. Be persistent at home to get the changes in place which you want. Being confrontational won’t work. Be subtle and be firm. Be clear in communication at work. More money will roll in before next birthday.
SCORPIO: Thoughts flash through your head at such speed, you can’t keep track of things. It’s not a time to try and settle down to boring, practical, routine chores, because your boredom threshold will be low. Your imagination may be running away with you which can make you moody or rather gloomy. Standing back and be more detached will help you. You are a sympathetic listener now, and subtly tuned into the emotional undercurrents around. Trust your hunches which will more often than not turn out to be accurate.
SAGITTARIUS: There will be new people, lots of excitement and interest around. You’re curious to experience new things, very much in a mood to explore, experiment and be inventive. Just don’t go too wild. Bright friends with whom you can have stimulating discussions are a must in your life now. You do have wonderfully inventive ideas that get right to the truth of the matter, and you want to be able to share your thoughts with those you trust.
CAPRICORN: There are some very stimulating, if not slightly over stimulating, influences around at the moment. Mercury is one half of it and is to do with communication, thinking, speaking writing, moving around on short-distance journeys. Uranus is the other half and it is a bit disruptive and over-speeded-up. The combination of them can make life very exciting. Any influential people you meet will be very impressed with your wit, wisdom, flow of ideas and articulate way of expressing yourself, so keep talking. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: You need to write down all the brilliant inspirations and bolts from the blue you have, because you’ll promptly forget them. They tend to fly in one ear and out the other. Mercury at odds with Uranus can be fast-moving, but very switch on-switch off. Mercury nearing your midheaven gives you stronger opinions than usual. You may well be right but sounding self-righteous can be a danger. If you sermonise at mates and assume you’re the only one with the authority to speak, you won’t go down too well.
PISCES: Try to focus on things that require a very focussed kind of mental energy such as mathematical puzzles. You will tend to jump to conclusions, and your judgement may not be that great. You have rather uncanny insights at the moment but watch you are not being too mistrustful or suspicious of the motives of others. You may be looking too much on the bleak side of situations and you need to check your hunches against reality before acting on them. Horos