Horoscope for 20th Feb 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: This is an emotionally light hearted patch in coming weeks when you will want to have a gang of buddies around. You will be spreading your social favours in all directions, not tying yourself down at any point. Safety in numbers will be your motto. You could not care less what tradition thinks or says. You speak in your own highly individualistic way now. Head for younger mates in particular since they are forward looking, not stuck in a rut.
TAURUS: If you have creative or social talents, you should be making the effort to get them out on display to best advantage. You can turn your dreams into reality, but you will have to discipline yourself. Don’t linger too long. Your thinking is running along more practical lines than usual, and you want to see a tangible result from your discussions and efforts. Your disciplined approach and a vision of what is possible should make projects at work run smoothly.
GEMINI: Socially charming and more light hearted than of late, you want to mix with a much wider range of people, and perhaps to explore new leisure activities. You want to be out of your normal rut to find stimulation with companions who will stretch your mind as well as keep you entertained. Not terribly practical in your outlook at the moment, you may be getting swept up in your enthusiasms to the point where you lose touch with what is possible. Keep your feet on the ground and be realistic.
CANCER: There is nothing light hearted about your romantic life at the moment. Because Venus in sitting in the hidden area of your chart you want more drama than usual – a grand passion – or paradoxically you could be shutting off your emotional needs altogether. Maybe you are wary that if you open up to what you really want it could bring uncomfortable feelings to the surface. You are handling discreet information well now, attracting secrets from others without even appearing to ask.
LEO: Your heart is definitely in the right place, so you will be ironing out difficulties, soothing ruffled feathers and generally putting your best diplomatic foot forward. If you are trying to sell or recommend anything at the moment charm will be your greatest asset. You need to be able to talk through ideas or feelings with close mates now, and you feel the channels of communication are flowing more smoothly. So you will be making the best use of the rapport between you.
VIRGO:  Maybe you are being just a touch too analytical about your feelings, standing back to dissect them, rather than plunging into emotional situations around you. If you can let go, you would find deeper connections and more fulfilling relationships.rnThough since Mercury around at the moment has a cool, clinical eye, you can sometimes nit pick too much, insisting on absolute perfection or become bogged down in trivia. Lighten up and smile more.
LIBRA: Your ability to sparkle in the spotlight is certainly attracting a stream of compliments, if not new admirers. You will be flirting, having fun, and trying to duck out of boring chores as much as possible. Rather straightforward in your affections now, you are coming across as courageous and demonstrative, which is just what one situations requires. Generous to a fault, you want to be liked and adored. Though you might be indignant if others do not share your sense of integrity.
SCORPIO: Venus is in your chart area of home and family matters, so adding elegant touches to your intimate surroundings is a top priority. Having beauty around will make you feel happier. Get out the colour charts, buy a few more pot plants and see what you can do. The more you talk to loved ones the more you will understand yourself. You do want a chance to let old memories return to the past and settle them more happily in your mind.
SAGITTARIUS: Thoughtful gestures from everyday companions are making you feel admired and appreciated. You are beginning to discover you do not have to move far from your normal routines to find affection. It may not be grand passion but it is rather pleasant to feel popular. You are in a searching mood at the moment wanting to ferret out fascinating bits of information, using your mind for research. Your mind is razor sharp, witty and fast moving.
CAPRICORN: You have a taste what is fine and elegant at the moment. If your extravagances look like outrunning your budget then turn your creative skills to earning more money. All it takes is imagination and effort. Then you can afford a good many more treats.rnLuckily you will also be more inclined to read the fine print in money matters, being quite pernickety about the tiny details. You are thinking along lines that are practical and conservative, which means you will come up with sound and productive ideas. scop-icon-5

Admirers will not be in short supply. You will be wearing your heart on your sleeve, expressing your feelings of affection rather directly, and generally getting what you want. You are a real chatter-box now, lively and enthusiastic, determined to get your ideas and opinions across to everyone in sight. Your mind will be racing ahead of you, leaping from subject to subject at computer speed, so slower-witted companions may have problems keeping up.

PISCES: IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be when you discover what close partnerships really work for you. The good ones will flourish and deepen. The shaky ones will become obvious and drift apart with no regret. You’ll be making key decisions for your path ahead and taking control of your own destiny. Your finances will improve after mid year with money coming in unexpectedly and positive emotional changes making you feel more secure. Friendships will be intense. “>

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