Horoscope for 21 April 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: You are upfront about what and whom you fancy at the moment. Being backward and shy is not your style and will win you no prizes in the romance game. Try not to be jealous or possessive if things are not going precisely as you want. You will tend to react over-quickly to things, hearing slights where none exist. Balance is what you are aiming for, though you may be swinging to extremes in the effort to find it. Having a close partner is vital to your confidence.
TAURUS: IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be more confident as you push old self-doubts to one side and be more upfront at work and elsewhere. You may not be as romantic for a while but you’ll have plenty to occupy your time. Reorganising joint finances will be important even if you have to do double duty for a while. Be prepared to go the extra mile and your perseverance will pay off. From August onwards you’ll feel healthier though will be tending to over indulge.
GEMINI: You are the life and soul of the party now, roaming around chatting animatedly, flirting like mad but never staying long in one place. Your popularity will not be in doubt, since your bubbly, rather whacky manner is keeping everyone around intrigued and entertained. You’ll be flamboyant and exuberant, to be in the spotlight, basking in the limelight. It’s clearly not a day to be keeping your feelings to yourself. So go flirt, have fun, play games with loved ones, children or social buddies.
CANCER: Loyalty and reliability mean more to you at the moment than flamboyant declarations of passion. You want to know that loved ones will be there for you no matter what. This is a good day to be self-protective and retreat into a private place, preferably at home. So much the better, if you can manage to take the day off, put your feet up and wrap yourself around a warm teddy bear. But even if you’re at work, you need some kind of protective niche.
LEO: Your frankness may get you into trouble with your nearest and dearest but you are insisting on going your own independent way. Luckily your obvious enthusiasm should be enough to keep them sweet. Just try to involve them in all your social plans since you definitely want to stir up more fun. You may be saying things to others in a way that they don’t entirely understand. If you could stand back and be a bit more sensible about one or two things, it really would help enormously.
VIRGO: Financial bonuses could be round the corner, especially where you work jointly with others. The household accounts could be in for a boost, or a situation at work suddenly look much brighter. You will be amazingly charming as long as everything goes your way, otherwise your stubborn side may show through. Do not dig your heels in too hard. Try to get your financial paperwork in order. Once you have that organised, not only will you feel better, you’ll be able to spend with a clear conscience.
LIBRA: Action will be your first emotional response to any situation. At home you will be flying around at high speed. Try not to be hypersensitive or over react to other people’s comments. Sometimes you can just get yourself worked up about things that are not as important as you’re making them out to be. Try to give yourself some space to just wind down and be a bit more at peace if you possibly can. When you slow down you’ll be utterly charming.
SCORPIO: Work is easier for you than indulging or playing, so you may feel out of place on social occasions unless you have a job to do. But the upside is that the mood around your daily chores is much happier than it has been. If you’re around others too much, you’ll end up being subjected to their demands so you might as well go off and do what you want to do. You won’t manage it entirely, but for some of the day give yourself a chance for reflection.
SAGITTARIUS: Nothing cheap or tacky attracts you now, you want to romance the five star way, at some expense. You want to entertain or even better be entertained lavishly, with style and good taste. Luckily, you seem to be surrounded more than usual by elegant and successful friends. You may be dashing around people, trying to sort out what they think about this or that, and getting confused as a result. But at the end of it all you will be able to come to your own judgements.
CAPRICORN: More sentimental and emotionally sensitive than usual, you need demonstrative displays of affection now. Just don’t get too easily hurt. You may be over-reacting to slights where none were intended, and brood rather than express your needs openly. Loved ones may be misinterpreting your signals and can’t always guess you right. You’ll make the effort to be more protective of those around at work or out in the community. The more you give, the more everyone will think you are absolutely marvellous. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: Others may accuse you of being a social butterfly at the moment, and lovers may find you restless. Variety is the spice of your life, and too much claustrophobic intimacy will make you want to run. More friendly than passionate, you want stimulating conversations about life, literature and gossip.rnIt’s a very upbeat day, when you will want to communicate on a much broader scale. There may be messages coming in from abroad or from a distance away.
PISCES: Money and what it buys are very important to your well-being now. Just don’t muddle love and money, assuming if you aren’t getting expensive presents, you are not really valued. What you are worth is priceless, and thoughtful gestures from the heart mean more than trinkets. Your emotional responses will be more intense for a couple of days. Important, influential or strong minded people will be drawn into your orbit, but you need to tread softly, and not say everything you feel or think.

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