Horoscope for 22nd May: Is today your Lucky day?


                                                                  Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES:Today will be good for helping you to understand yourself better. You’ll find that you get better responses than you imagined. You should be able to settle old differences amicably and see very clearly which relationships in your life have room for development. Those which have outlived their time and have no potential for further growth will be quietly dropped with a minimum of fuss. New and better friendships or romances will arrive to take their place.

TAURUS:This should be a good time for money, good for work and good for connections. The only thing is, you can sometimes get sloppy about detail. Don’t get too carried away by your enthusiasm. Try to be as plain, straightforward, sensible and down-to-earth as you can possibly manage. Almost all your family relationships will be easy going. You adore nothing better than being surrounded by those you trust most, and your talent for organising an easy atmosphere domestically is helping everyone close.

GEMINI:You’ll be reaching out to other people, trying to pick up ideas from them and handing them back. So there’s a great deal of lively conversation going on. Your creative talents definitely need to be given an outlet. You have the confidence now and the opportunity, so why not? Everyone has the ability to create something of value, not necessarily attached to money. Listen to your intuition and then see what you can do to make your inner visions live out in the world. Be brave.
CANCER:Treat your body like a machine that needs the right treatment. You need to be fit to crack on through the chores that are piling up in front of you. You may feel slightly controlling about your possessions today, and not too happy to share. But a little generosity will be long remembered. It might be an idea to sort out your financial paperwork if you can be bothered, then you will be in a better position to know exactly what the surplus for spending is.
LEO:You’ll be feeling brighter, breezier and better. You want to look at your overall plans for life. Today isn’t very good now for doing anything too self-disciplined or that’s a hard slog. You just want to stand back and say, “Well, I’m going to do one or two fun things instead. I’m going to take the broad view of life.” You can see ways to turn the situation round to your advantage. It seems like luck, but it’s usually just good hunches and good thinking.

VIRGO:Being practical, sensible and double-checking won’t be high on your priorities. Sailing straight ahead in a spirit of adventure will do you so much more good, you think. Maybe it feels more fun, but don’t give yourself problems for later in the week. Your confidence around money is inspiring for companions at work who see you as honest and successful, though you should watch a tendency to be over optimistic. You don’t mean to mislead, but maybe you’re not thinking through the practical consequences of your financial schemes.
LIBRA:You will be coming across as enthusiastic, idealistic, honest and confident. You’ll see that where you’ve been confused before, now you can see things in a much more sensible kind of way. So whether you’re talking about work or about social activities, you will find that everything really goes tremendously well with these kind of influences around. Jupiter in your own sign is particularly great for personal confidence, but it can also lead to over indulgences getting out of hand.

SCORPIO:There is a slight danger that you might be sloppy or overlook details, getting so carried away by one wonderful idea that you don’t look at the bottom line. Make sure you know what your promises entail. You’re happy with your own company and will be content to reflect on your thoughts. Alone to you at the moment does not mean lonely. You are radiating an inner peace that others envy, and if there is someone close by in need, you will be understanding of their problem.

SAGITTARIUS:You’ve got a much broader view of the world now. You want to pick up new information, you want to meet new people, you’re going to be much more tolerant even than usual, wanting to hear what other people have to say, wanting to see how it all fits into the broader picture. Your confidence and enthusiasm inspire everyone and you are more than happy to have a wide circle of acquaintances. The more the merrier, as far as you are concerned.
CAPRICORN:Jupiter has a wonderfully confident, soothing, smoothing, uplifting quality, so you’re boosting everyone else’s morale and they’re doing exactly the same for you, and you’re not getting yourself stuck in corners. Your reputation is important to you now. You want to be respected and admired, though you might need to keep a little humility handy now and then. No harm will come since everyone recognises that you are straightforward and trustworthy in your intentions. A little caution will bring even more success your way. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:Today will be optimistic in terms of communication. You are whizzing around, but it would be better to settle down and look at the boring details. Your open, honest, friendly and enthusiastic manner is attracting a positive response from everyone. At times you may sound just a touch all knowing and could be narrow minded if you get too involved in a pet cause. Just rest assured that your uncanny knack of seeing what will happen is pointing you in the right direction.
PISCES:If you can, watch that you’re not careless with details. Jupiter’s influence just now is very expansive so it expands confidence, but sometimes it can expand it right over the top. You should be attracting money more easily than usual at the moment through joint ventures, either because of a partner’s generosity at home or through work. Even bank managers seem to like you more than usual, though you will need to watch a tendency to take other people’s generosity for granted. Horos