Horoscope for 23rd May: Is today your Lucky day?


                                                                  Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES:You will rattle the bars of a few people’s cages, but that is just because you hate anything that smells like a rut. You want to move life along smartly. You have rather startling ideas which could be slightly ahead of their time. They certainly seem to be running against the traditional or conventional ways of doing things. You will probably be proved right in the long run, but try to be understanding of the slower pace of certain companions
TAURUS:At the moment you are prepared to shine light on hidden places. Go your own way and do not be too swayed by other people’s attitudes or approaches. These are your personal concerns. Maybe you are avoiding confronting difficulties in relationships or the less pleasant realities of life. There is a benefit from positive thinking, but there is a downside as well. Sometimes you have to shine light on hidden places, or face the bottom line. Only then do the answers begin to come.
GEMINI:You’ll be reaching out to other people, trying to pick up ideas from them and handing them back. So there’s a great deal of lively conversation going on. Your creative talents definitely need to be given an outlet. You have the confidence now and the opportunity, so why not? Everyone has the ability to create something of value, not necessarily attached to money. Listen to your intuition and then see what you can do to make your inner visions live out in the world. Be brave.
CANCER:You want to push at the limits in some way at work or in your community activities. Try testing out new skills or techniques, rather than constantly fronting up to bosses or influential figures, which will not make you overly popular. The road to progress and change is rarely straight ahead. In your own small way you want to be moving in a new direction at work. But you may be rather erratic or contradictory in your attitudes, swinging from one extreme to the other.
LEO:You’ll be feeling brighter, breezier and better. You want to look at your overall plans for life. Today isn’t very good now for doing anything too self-disciplined or that’s a hard slog. You just want to stand back and say, “Well, I’m going to do one or two fun things instead. I’m going to take the broad view of life.” You can see ways to turn the situation round to your advantage. It seems like luck, but it’s usually just good hunches and good thinking.

VIRGO:Your inventive, penetrating mind is delving into areas that other people find obscure at the moment. What you find out may be startling or unsettling initially but in the long term you will be liberated by what you come to know about yourself and the world around you. Changes are tending to happen in your life with dramatic suddenness now because of Uranus. But you are learning just how resourceful you are in tricky situations, which is no little reward in itself.
LIBRA:Maybe your attitude to agreements is a touch careless, since you are finding it difficult to see the other point of view. If you can slow down slightly, and put yourself in your partner’s place, then you will be more likely to get your own way at the end of the day. It might also help to tone down your comments. Try to see where everyone else is coming from. If need be, agree to differ. It’s a free world and there are many paths.

SCORPIO:TMore and more you want to find a different way of being of service to others. You do like to tend and care for people but in your own highly individualistic way. Fitting in with conventional patterns bores you now. You are finding that alternative life styles and ways to make a living interest you. Settling into a secure, traditional working environment does not sit well with your restless spirit. You need a space where you have the freedom to work as you like without much direct supervision.

SAGITTARIUS:You will be outspoken, slightly dramatic, very impressive but not everyone will be enchanted with your blunt comments. However, some things need to be said whether they make you popular or not. Just try to tone down the more extreme ones. Cooperation may not come easily to you at the moment, or compromise. But there is a way of turning your insistence on going your own way to good effect. You will find that your imagination is running along new lines, so you could devise new creative ideas.
CAPRICORN:You will fizz and sparkle with brilliant ideas about almost everything now. Not everyone around will agree, but frankly you could not care less. You will demand the freedom to speak and act as you see fit. Rather highly strung and restless, you will not sit still for long and regard being bored as a cardinal sin. For this reason you may be leaving tasks half finished or sloppily done because you are so busy speeding onto the your next short-lived enthusiasm. Definitely more quantity than quality. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:Today will be optimistic in terms of communication. You are whizzing around, but it would be better to settle down and look at the boring details. Your open, honest, friendly and enthusiastic manner is attracting a positive response from everyone. At times you may sound just a touch all knowing and could be narrow minded if you get too involved in a pet cause. Just rest assured that your uncanny knack of seeing what will happen is pointing you in the right direction.
PISCES:You are a curious mix of original and rather earthy at the moment, so your schemes may seem whacky but they will have a practical result in mind. You may seem to be stubborn to companions over money matters, but the truth is that you aren’t sure what you want. You veer from not caring much to being rather possessive. Try to always expect the unexpected and you won’t go far wrong. But that means keeping your options open and being ready for ups and downs. Horos