Horoscope for 24rd March: Is today your Lucky day?


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: You’ll be digging below the surface into the depths, so you’ll have a penetrating quality about you. Others may be rather unsettled because of the direct and searching way in which you ask questions, though you may go slightly over the top, see things bigger than they actually are. It will boost your confidence but it could tip you over the edge into being rather unrealistic. Run with your enthusiasm by all means, but have a care that you are not expecting miracles.
TAURUS:It’ll be important not to get too dogmatic or self-righteous or get yourself too wound up now. Sometimes you’ll speak in a way that others find slightly difficult to take. They’ll feel that you’re push-push-pushing and may not take very kindly to it. You need to aim for a lighter approach. You may be right but are you being persuasive? If you can really communicate your sense of vision and uplift companions then all will work well. If you come across as self-righteous they may back away.
GEMINI:Stay witty, flexible and tolerant, and you’ll be highly persuasive. If on the other hand you become too obsessed with what’s going on, you won’t see the wood for the trees and will get everything out of proportion. Stand back and remember there’s an upside as well as a downside. Then you can look ahead and see a really rosy glow on the horizon. Your optimism will soar but don’t go to the opposite extreme and get over confident. You will tend to veer up and down.
CANCER:You’ll be able to solve difficult puzzles in your emotional life and elsewhere now. But don’t go so far down into the depths you end up only looking on the bleak side. Try to stay with one foot on the surface, and one foot deep down. That way you’ll be able to ask the searching questions you want and you’ll get answers. Jupiter around today always has more enthusiasm than common sense. It can cause the odd problem if you bite off more than you can chew.
LEO:What you are learning today you are learning at a much deeper level than usual. You’ll not be superficial, or interested in anything that is too frivolous. Just watch you’re not forcing your viewpoint on others or becoming too compulsive. Later you will want to soothe and smooth round any rough edges, and indeed bounce any down in the mouth mates into better humour. You’re feeling good and bouncy, so everyone else needs to be the same. Do it with good humour and sprinkle a few compliments around.
VIRGO:Sometimes you can get a bit frustrated when Pluto is around as it is now because you’re not getting your own way. You then tend to get manipulative, which can backfire so watch you’re not trying to boss loved ones around too much. Later there’s a whiff of something rather over-expansive in the air which could make you think you can’t be wrong or there’s nothing you can’t do. If don’t go over the score, you will be able to put your fears to one side.
LIBRA:You’ll have a great love of mystery, wanting to find out what’s going on in the deep, dark and secret corners. But it’s important that you sort out your own secrets before probing into anyone else’s. If you fly a little too high, you will not be as precise as you might be. You lose the clear touch about details, forget about the small print. Try not to fall into the trap of thinking you’re always right and everyone else is always wrong.
SCORPIO:You could be a little too pushy or forceful about trying to bring everyone round to your viewpoint. Or someone may be doing the same. If you can step back and be a little more detached, then it will work better. If you can stay flexible, tolerant and open-minded then all your working relationships will go with a swing. But Jupiter around briefly can make you sound a touch know it all, or uppity. Don’t over blow your prospects or promise the earth. Cut back a little.
SAGITTARIUS:You’ll be utterly determined to get to the bottom of one emotional problem which has been niggling at you. You’ll be pushing hard to persuade others round to whatever it is that you want them to think. Try not to get so fixed and so rigid about seeing things the way they are, that you can’t see any alternative. This is a grand planning day not one for counting beans, or checking computer codes. Look to see what glum face around you can make crack into a smile.
CAPRICORN:What’ll be said today by yourself or others will be important, but everyone will seem a bit gridlocked. No one will want to compromise, partly because they feel they might be humiliated if they give way. Later your mind is rattling with ideas which you will spout in all directions. There may be no very concrete conclusions come out of it all, but if you don’t start the process with vigour you will not have the right ingredients when it does come to making firm commitments.scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:Maybe you’ll be looking too much on the dark side now seeing only problems and losing your normal optimism. It may be that travel plans get blocked or other situations irritate and frustrate you, and you get very wound up. Try to ease up a little and laugh more. Later you’ll need to push yourself to think through the practical consequences of what you’re doing. But just think of the effort involved in a couple of days’ time if you have committed yourself to more than you want.

PISCES:The main thing to remember is that Pluto around now changes life a little bit. It tries to get rid of things that are no longer any use to you. It may be that old and outworn beliefs are being shifted out of your life, though you could also be pushing like mad pointing out to others where they are going wrong. You may be positively prophetic today in a tiny way, getting a glimpse of a possibility of something to come.

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