Horoscope for 24th May: Is today your Lucky day?


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: There’s an almost predictive quality to your hunches so be ready to move. You will want something that is experimental or original, you want something just that little bit more fun in your life. Whatever tensions there may have been in your emotional life may come out into the open, but that is all to the good because they will set you free in the long term. You will allow yourself to do the things that you really need to do for yourself now.
TAURUS:  This is definitely a time to be around friends. You want to be in a larger group, to be sociable and outgoing, one of the gang, one of the crowd. Team relationships will work tremendously well. Why fly solo when there is so much support on offer around you. You’re likely to go off and flirt, since you want to be around people who are light-hearted and rather more exciting. You’re probably spending money like mad on rather more entertaining things than usual.
GEMINI: Don’t expect 10 million off the lottery but certainly look for a good break or a light at the end of one tunnel. This is definitely your lucky time in however small a way. There will be a lilt in your step and a twinkle in your eye. Today will have a light-hearted, fun-loving energy. The only thing that it isn’t good for is possessive relationships or relationships where you want to keep everything absolutely still and stable and nothing budging an inch.
CANCER: Maybe you are feeling a touch unrealistic so watch you don’t sail into something thinking you can’t lose. If you do keep your feet on the ground then there are definitely fair winds blowing you along. It’s just a question of finding the right balance between confidence and common sense. You’ll probably be wanting to flirt, so there may be somebody who is catching your eye now. Definitely a time to look for new experiences, to do anything that’s original and experimental.
LEO: If you think you are absolutely right about everything then you are almost certainly wrong. You could be a bit impatient with loved ones at the moment because you want them not to be maybe as dull as they have been. You want people who are on the edge of their seats or on the edge of their toes in a sense, and if you can make partners waken up a little bit, then everybody is going to have a great deal more fun.
VIRGO:  What you need to try to do is develop your potential in some area of your life. It may be developing the money in your piggy bank or your confidence. What can happen less helpfully is that your waistline expands along with your appetite. Fun relationships could come into your life, but the people might be rather zany who aren’t always the kind of friends you want in the long term. You may wish you had some solid people around you later on.
LIBRA:  You may be overspending, feeling like indulging yourself. Just watch you aren’t assuming that if you let money float out of one hand, it’ll float back in the other. You could be right but an easy come, easy go approach can often end up in a minor budget crisis. Uranus sometimes gives you this feeling that you want absolute excitement, to take risks and have thrills, and later wish you hadn’t been so impulsive. So watch that you don’t go over the score.
SCORPIO:  Maybe you are feeling very laid-back, can’t be bothered to do anything very much. You are relying on a wing and a prayer to sort out all your problems. If you can exert yourself to be slightly more realistic, you’ll find that everything just slots into place very nicely indeed. Though at the moment things could be a bit roller-coaster. It’ll be switch on-switch off, to do with your affections, to do with indulgences and extravagances. You may be spending money like mad.
SAGITTARIUS:  You will be morale-boosting, and doing whatever it is you can to make sure other people’s confidence is being lifted. An old, long-running relationship could be sparkling back to life, or a new relationship will come into your life that just puts the twinkle back in your eye. You could get sudden financial gains as well. Sometimes you spend more money, so watch there aren’t unexpected losses. But if you just keep things on an even keel, there won’t be too many problems.
CAPRICORN:  IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be exuberant, enthusiastic, lucky and secretly romantic. You’ll be kicking up your heels discreetly and enjoying every moment of it. There will be changes at home or within the family which will set you free to pursue your own interests. Energetic friends will support you in planning ahead and ensure you don’t idle along. You’ll be broadening your horizons and injecting more adventure into your life. You attract praise after mid year. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: This could be a lazy time with a nice, warm glow to it. But if you can put a little bit of structure into life, and hard work, you will find your good luck lasts a little bit longer. If you’ve got a long-running emotional relationship, the present influences come along and just shake things up a little bit. If you’re hanging on too much for security, it sometimes feels a little bit insecure. Let a blast of fresh air blow through things.
PISCES:  The Sun is in a lovely aspect to Jupiter, so at the very least you will be feeling pretty good physically, psychologically and in every other way. There’s lots of optimism in the air and you will have a really positive outlook. You can expect the unexpected. You want new, fun people, stimulation and sparkle and a little bit of excitement around the place, so it can be extremely lively, and you don’t always know what’s coming, so it’s erratic and unpredictable too. “>