Horoscope for 25 March


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be a curious mix of confident and slightly cautious, expanding and shrinking at the same time. Jupiter will improve your working situation but Saturn will insist your cut your losses and toss out any attitudes of mind that no longer fit in with your present circumstances. You’ll be wanting more freedom and wanting to stay in control at the same time. Just keep talking to loved ones so that they understand what you want.
TAURUS: Do watch if you go shopping: you’re likely to be buying treats and indulgences and little extravagances and nothing very practical, and you may well be spending to impress as well. Later maybe you feel a little bit criticised or put down, or just someone hasn’t been there when you’ve wanted them to be. Just assume if you are conscientious and practical you will make the best of these influences. They can allow you to be rather sophisticated, rather elegant. It’s just not very warm and cuddly and passionate.
GEMINI: First thing there may not be much common sense around but there will be a very nice, outgoing feeling. Later will be better for work and money than it is for anything too frivolous, superficial or romantic. Maybe you’re going to be around older people. They will help you, guide you, give you advice. OK, so they may pour cold water over your best ideas, but they will see a broader picture than you. Take it in your stride and assume it will pass by quickly.
CANCER: First thing you’ll soothe and smooth and build bridges and make other people feel more contented. It’s one of those being-at-peace-with-the-world feelings and wanting everyone else to be at peace with you as well. There’s lot of generosity around. Enjoy the moment since it won’t last. Later there’s no point in feeling resentful or self-pitying. What you need to do is be cool, regard one emotional situation with a clear eye and understand that you may have to give up short-term indulgences.
LEO: Today will be useful for financial matters, except you’re going to be overspending and won’t be good with details. Your function will be to charm the important people around, put them at ease and make them feel happier. Later you may be feeling cut off from your feelings, or cut off from loved ones. It may just be that work comes before pleasure, duty comes before indulgence. Be business-like, not flamboyant, and you may see something civilised coming out of your efforts.
VIRGO: You’re chirping your way through a bit like a canary, so you’ll be having fun anyway, no matter what anyone else is like. You want to be contented, you want to be amused and entertained, and if you can grab a couple of hours off during the day, everything will work well. Later, Saturn will put a bit of a backbone into you to make you go off and do your duty and be conscientious and responsible.
LIBRA: Early on you’ll be lazy, amiable, indulgent and intent on having fun. It will help to lift your spirits quite considerably but the glow won’t last all day. Later you’ll have to buck yourself up a bit. Saturn may be trying to squelch feelings of warmth and tenderness and good fun. Certainly it will not be good for spending money, or for overeating. Aim towards hard work and self-discipline and don’t over react if loved ones are not fitting in with your plans.
SCORPIO: Your good feelings rub off on to almost everyone round about you, so you’re morale-boosting and you’re feeling popular and much appreciated. The only people who are not going to be happy around you are the old Scrooges and the rather sour people who are feeling a bit down with life. Later you’ve got fears at the back of your mind about a relationship not working well, or maybe you don’t think you have a relationship, maybe you feel that everything is a little bit kind of down.
SAGITTARIUS: You know you need a little bit more discipline, you know you need to do one or two things in a more sensible kind of way, but maybe you needed someone rather more harder-headed around than you are, so make sure you’ve got the right kind of people around who are just going to give you that little bit of a nudge in the right direction. Later, you need to take life as it comes and face up to the reality of the situation.
CAPRICORN: Don’t go wild if you’re going shopping, because sometimes you can be hugely extravagant with these influences around. Sometimes you also want to spend to impress, which is not very helpful because it’s a bit of a waste of money. Later you’re probably being over-critical or over-negative about things, and it will pass. The good thing about Saturn and Venus together is, you can be practical about rather artistic things, you can be elegant and you can be sophisticated. It’s just not very warm and rapturous.scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: Early on you’ll be indulgent. You can’t be bothered to save money or work too hard or be practical, and you’re probably eating far too much. Then Venus is in aspect to Saturn so there may be a wet blanket sitting on your feelings and a sense of coolness, not warmth around, just temporarily. Maybe duty will get in the way of fun or you’ll feel separated from loved ones. Just recognise it’s a day of fluctuating feelings. Nothing stays the same way for long.
PISCES: You’ll chop and change your mind about your love life. One moment you’ll be exuberant and contented. Then you’ll be standing back, thinking “Is this actually working very well?” The thing to remember with Saturn is that you look too much on the bleak side of things. You may think you’re being realistic, but somehow you only manage to see the flaws and inadequacies rather than keeping a sense of humour. Remember life is rough and smooth, and there’s good fun with the difficulties as well.