Horoscope for 25 September, 2016


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be exuberant, enthusiastic and fortunate as your relationships in general will improve and resources be drawn to you. A new cycle of growth and expansion will begin now. There may be tensions at home as you insist on changes, both practical and emotional, being put in place. Old compromises will not be bearable and you’ll demand more freedom. When you feel you are not being heard, just be persistent.

ARIES: At times your rather rebellious attitude towards family and close partners will unsettle the normally co-operative atmosphere, so fly solo when you can. You are very restless so find an outlet for your original ideas. Close relationships should be easier though you may have to beware a tendency to take partners too much for granted or to rely totally on their advice which is not always realistic. They have a sunny-side-up mentality which is morale boosting, but sometimes wise to take with a pinch of salt.

TAURUS: This is a passive not an active time. You may overspend on luxury items for home but they will make you feel good. Just don’t go too wild compensating for what you feel you lack elsewhere. Tensions in work relationships should be easier. There is more support and encouragement around you. Maybe great success hasn’t arrived yet but you are promised improved job conditions, more praise, maybe even more money. All of this will help you be of practical service to others.
GEMINI: You will be thoroughly and gloriously lazy, but it might be an idea in the peaceful moments to mull over old memories. You can be more settled if you have thought things through more carefully. Just watch you are not too sugary sweet and sentimental. You could be untidy and rather careless. Jupiter will be making your relationships with children better and more fun and your own inner child will want to play more spontaneously. Let yourself sparkle in the spotlight and enjoy being appreciated.
CANCER: You will be keen to keep the peace, and want all your encounters to be blissful. You don’t want anything rough edged, or gritty, unpleasant or stretching. A happy home life is top of your wish list at the moment, far and away beyond anything the outside world has to offer. There is a growing sense of peace and comfort, less tension than in the past. Keep thinking of ways to expand your intimate surroundings to bring you more comfort and relaxation.
LEO: Sudden events at home will keep you on your toes and rather edgy. You will get jangled if anyone crowds you or tries to cramp your style. So let yourself be free to suit yourself. Definitely in a morale boosting mood and lifting other people’s enthusiasm, you will be chatting happily to everyday companions, gliding through your work routines with less effort than usual. You have an expansive view of joint projects now and are very open minded about other opinions.
VIRGO: The Moon in tricky aspect to Venus just briefly may make getting out of bed more difficult than usual since you want pamper yourself. Your lazy steak will be more obvious than usual, which if you are normally too active, will be no bad thing. You should be having a good deal of luck with money. But the influences around can sometimes mean that material aims take over too much. Find time to consider what other values there are in your life.
LIBRA: You will be charming everyone in sight. Able to communicate happily and harmoniously with almost everyone at a social level, you will be even more popular than usual and welcome wherever you go. Your relationships in general are improving and tensions are easing. What’s even better is that resources could be drawn to you. The only tiny problem could be that you get ahead of yourself or above yourself. Some self-esteem is good, too much could mean you get uppity or possibly careless.
SCORPIO: The Moon in flowing aspect to Jupiter puts you in an amiable humour. You will want to smooth down rough edges and make everything as pleasant and comfortable as possible. You will notice a ray of sunshine around home and in your emotional relationships to keep you glowing. Gradually, you are learning to like yourself more. A significant person may be around who will act discreetly as a spiritual guide. Then in turn you can be doing the same for someone else.
SAGITTARIUS: The Moon is at a tricky angle to Uranus just briefly, so you will be highly strung, or just rather rebellious. Right reason or none you are determined to protect your independence. All your group activities should be going with a swing. You are now in a phase of a year ahead with Jupiter in your chart area of friendships and team efforts. Your sunny self confidence makes everyone around you feel better, while they in turn give you a sense of better times to come.
CAPRICORN: You will avoid arguments since you really cannot be bothered with hassle, but you could end up not standing up for yourself enough with the family or loved ones. Work relationships should be prospering well partly because of your tolerant, easygoing manner. Your ambitions should flow smoothly upwards for months to come. Good at inspiring enthusiasm in others, you will be a great motivator, though not always realistic. You do sometimes think you can perform miracles because your plans are not always grounded in practical common sense.scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: Because you are so relaxed in yourself, you are able to put companions at their ease. You could work well as a go-between with others. With Jupiter in your chart area of expanding ideas, you need to be intellectually stimulated, so you will be constantly on the go, seeking more challenging companions who are good conversationalists. You want to pick up new activities or studies which will broaden your mind. Make the effort to reach out and ask for what you need.
PISCES: Emotionally you are changing faster than you realise. Jupiter moving through your chart area of deeper transformations is making the transition from the past to the future easier than usual, and your intimate relationships are improving. There is a generosity coming your way from the universe since you started to open up. Today you’ll be indulgent and good humoured and bring all that energy into your home, diet, family and the past. You are likely to over indulge and expand as a result.
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