Horoscope for 25rd March: Is today your Lucky day?


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES:What is important is that you put out the right kind of vibes in the right direction. There’s clearly no point in attracting the sort of people you don’t actually want to be around. Unfortunately, Venus sometimes does attract rather shallow people to you, so watch a little bit for that. Flamboyantly direct and shamelessly charming, you are on good form. You’re even quite competitive when it comes to winning your heart’s desire, though your mood will swing from hot to indifferent fairly quickly.
TAURUS:Sometimes Venus makes you a little bit lazy, but why not? You deserve a little bit of peace and quiet from time to time. Not that you want total isolation in terms of quiet; what you want to do is put your feet up and have someone running around in circles doing absolutely everything for you. You really want love to be like the movies, all bliss and no rough edges. Wouldn’t we all? Just don’t allow your dreams to make you too dissatisfied with what you have.
GEMINI:Venus is to do with creativity, with beauty and with art, and maybe you need a little bit more of that in your life. Whether you go and walk through the park and look at the flowers, or go and look in the art gallery and see what’s there, you need to give yourself that little bit of spark of something more entertaining in your life. Don’t hide away your oddball streak, since you will be all the more loved because of your originality.
CANCER:There’s a lot of attractiveness with Venus around; in mythology she was not a great believer in life being boring and hard-working and full of the more gritty things of life. She always wanted things that were indulgent, lazy, extravagant and full of fun and romance. Somehow you feel you have to earn being accepted at the moment. Only by being successful will you be valued. Understand you are loveable for just being you. If other people can’t see that then they are not worth having around.
LEO:You’ll want to be glittering in the spotlight. You want to sparkle a little bit more, you want to be lively in the sense of entertaining others and entertaining yourself, not lively in the sense of working much harder. Even if you can’t travel instantly to exotic places with loved ones, you can always dream and plan. Your heart is definitely yearning for the far blue horizons and paradise beaches. Try to add a touch of the colourful to your social activities.
VIRGO:The Sun in the heavens is now close to Venus, and this puts the focus on how you express yourself. Venus was, after all, the goddess of love and parties, and affection, so this means that you want a good deal of attention, and indeed you’re very seductive at the moment. Even if you can’t travel instantly to exotic places with loved ones, you can always dream and plan. Your heart is definitely yearning for sun, far blue horizons and paradise beaches
LIBRA:You certainly don’t want to be alone, you want to have friends or lovers – preferably lovers – around; you want the nice people who kiss you and cuddle you and tell you how wonderfully attractive you are. Socially, you are on top form, charming the birds off the trees and feeling extremely popular. You will say what you think will please, not necessarily what you think or feel, which could make you seem a touch insincere, though you are well intentioned.
SCORPIO:You could be a little too pushy or forceful about trying to bring everyone round to your viewpoint. Or someone may be doing the same. If you can step back and be a little more detached, then it will work better. If you can stay flexible, tolerant and open-minded then all your working relationships will go with a swing. But Jupiter around briefly can make you sound a touch know it all, or uppity. Don’t over blow your prospects or promise the earth. Cut back a little.
SAGITTARIUS:What you want is something that makes you feel contented and harmonious and very easygoing. You want to get on well with everyone, but you also want to attract that very special person, so maybe you’re fluttering your eyelashes and looking hopeful. You may have twitch of jealousy or possessiveness if loved ones look the other way. Your feelings are running more strongly at the moment which can be heart warming though it can also make you demanding. Still, if you don’t ask, you may not get.
CAPRICORN:Today is a lazy day, a lovely day, a day when you’re enjoying yourself, and that’s certainly where you’re aiming at. Its not a day when you want serious demands to be made of you. And even if there are other, slightly more awkward influences around, you will find this helps soothe and smooth things down. Home is where your heart is you adore nothing more than being on your own territory, surrounded by your family and by close friends.scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:You want rid of unpleasantness, so you tend to sweep things under the carpet a little bit, but maybe you deserve to for a couple of days. The only thing to watch is not to overspend. It can be a rather extravagant time when you just kind of fritter money away in all directions. Sharing your deeper emotions is not easy at the moment. There is safety and security in numbers for you so you are aiming for a wide social circle.

PISCES:You’re using all the wiles you can to persuade other people that they should be around you a little bit more. If there have been tensions in relationships, now is the time when you’re smoothing them over, because Venus was a great peacemaker and mediator. Sometimes you don’t stand up for yourself well enough when Venus is around. You are wallowing slightly in your senses now, adoring good food and drink and sensuous clothes. Anything you can do to make yourself feel beautiful will keep you in good spirits.

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