Horoscope for 25th Feb 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: It isn’t a week for cuddling up close or leaning on partners. That may well suit you since you really want a chance to put up your boundaries and focus on what’s vital for you. You want something experimental and original to bring more fun in your life. Any recent tensions in your emotional life may come out into the open now. But that is good because they will set you free in the long term and allow you to do things for yourself.
TAURUS: You need stable people around you this week. So try to aim for those you know you can trust from past experience. Though you won’t be able to make huge demands on them. Just get on what what is important for your own development. Later in the week you’ll probably be spending money like mad on more entertaining things than usual. You want that rather electrical quality in life which helps to put all the neon lights on, as it were.
GEMINI: Don’t fall into a gloom about being dissatisfied with your love life. You need to keep your sense of humour handy. Later in the week there will be a more light-hearted energy around. But that isn’t good for close relationships where you want to keep everything absolutely stable, where nothing budges an inch. Uranus comes along and reminds you that you have to open up, get rid of restrictions and give yourself more room to breathe.
CANCER: All of the illusions and daydreams you have had recently that everything in your love life is absolutely wonderful, suddenly seem rather silly. Now you reckon that you are seeing things as they really are. Just know you are being slightly too negative – always try to see the upside as well as the downside. Later in the week there may be somebody new who catches your eye. This is definitely a time to look for new experiences.
LEO: You may find you have some difficulty in relating to others this week, because you are feeling a little cool and reserved. You are trying to see one tricky situation more clearly, and you need more time to clear your head. You could be quite impatient with loved ones because they now seem to be rather dull. If you can make close partners wake up a little bit, then everybody is going to have a great deal more fun. So go to it.
VIRGO:  You stand solidly behind what you believe, which may not always go down well with loved ones. But you have no intention of getting carried away by distractions. Later in the week new fun relationships will come into your life, but they may be rather zany people who aren’t the kind of friends you want in the long term. They are very exciting in the short term, but you then think, “Maybe I could do with people who are more settled.”

Loved ones will be very down-to-earth insisting everyone toes the straight and narrow. It may not be a grand passion but it will be important that you understand what your relationship is really all about. Play it cool and smile sweetly. After mid week you’ll want more excitement, you want to take risks and have thrills. But then later you may wish you hadn’t been so impulsive. So watch you don’t go too over the score.

SCORPIO: Affectionate Venus is across from serious Saturn which has a different outlook. It says, “Get your feet on the floor, face up to life as it actually is.” So do as much for loved ones as you possibly can. Don’t expect miracles in terms of passion or excitement. Just keep doing the right thing. Later in the week will be rather roller-coaster with your affections. You may be spending money like mad and then suddenly wishing you hadn’t.
SAGITTARIUS: This week may feel as if it is all duty and obligation, and doing what you ought to do rather than what you want to do. But your efforts will be long remembered. Your rewards will come. An old, long-running relationship could be sparkling back to life, or a new relationship will come into your life that puts the twinkle back in your eye. But try to keep things on an even keel so that there won’t be too many problems.
CAPRICORN: This week there could be a difficulty in one of your close relationships. You aren’t feeling quite as warm or affectionate as you have been recently. Later in the week you’ll decide to wake things up that have become dull and routine. If you’re too insecure, this could make you a little edgy because you’re scared of letting go. But if you take a risk and a gamble and open up to life, then something fun could be happening. scop-icon-5

You are noticing the flaws and cracks in your relationships. There may be a separation from a loved one. If you’ve got a long-running emotional relationship, the present influence come along and shakes it up a bit. If you’ve been hanging on for security, it can feel a bit insecure. But on the other hand, it lets a blast of fresh air blow through things and you begin to realise that you do need more independence.

PISCES: You may start the week feeling separated and critical with loved ones, which doesn’t really fit in well with your need to be adored. Try to be practical about your love life. Be realistic and restrain yourself for now. Later in the week you can expect the unexpected, both socially and romantically. You will have new people and more fun and excitement around the place, You don’t know what’s coming, so it feels erratic and unpredictable. “>

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