Horoscope for 25th May: Is today your Lucky day?


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES:You are a real chatterbox now, lively and enthusiastic, and determined to get your ideas and opinions across to everyone in sight. Your mind will be racing ahead of you, leaping from subject to subject at computer speed, so slower-witted companions may have problems keeping up. You may be expecting others do to your work for you. You will cope well with situations which are out of the ordinary but you may make normal situations more difficult than they need to be.
TAURUS:Maybe your thinking is a little biased on one situation so try to be clear before you speak out. Mercury is in the sign before yours so your emotions will be colouring your judgement. You need to separate out your head from your heart before you will see things clearly. Just watch you are not too sugary sweet and sentimental. You could be untidy and rather careless. The Moon at a tricky angle to Jupiter briefly will bring on an exceptionally lazy mood.
GEMINI:You could not care less what tradition thinks or says. You speak in your own highly individualistic way now. Head for younger mates in particular since they are forward looking, not stuck in a rut. Though maybe you are too emotional or too close to what is going on. Try to stand back to get more perspective on events. Let your original ideas have more space. You do want elbow room in relationships, so give jealousy or possessive mates a wide berth.
CANCER:Your thinking is running along more practical lines than usual at the moment, and you want to see tangible results from your discussions and efforts. Your disciplined approach and a vision of what is possible should make projects at work run smoothly. Nothing will distract you from the essentials. It may not be passionate or very exciting but you will accomplish a modest amount. The Moon at an easy angle to Saturn will mean you cope admirably with practical situations.
LEO:Not terribly practical in your outlook at the moment, you may be getting swept up in your enthusiasms to the point where you lose touch with what is possible. Keep your feet on the ground and be realistic. Unexpected events at home and elsewhere will keep you on your toes and rather wound up. You will get edgy if anyone tries to control you, order you around or becomes jealous. You want the freedom to express who you are and be more spontaneous.
VIRGO:You are handling discreet information well now, attracting secrets from others without even appearing to ask. Though you may get yourself in a stew about a situation that really could not matter less. Try to shrug off suspicions, doubts and keep sharp comments to yourself. You will try to keep companions at arms’ length, since you are playing your cards close to your chest and don’t want to be manipulated. But in turn you may come across as slightly controlling.

LIBRA:You need to be able to talk through ideas or feelings with close mates now, and you feel the channels of communication are flowing more smoothly. You will be making the best use of the rapport between you. Jupiter brings sweetness and light to Moon areas which are home, diet, family and the past, so you are likely to over indulge and expand as a result. You will be thoroughly and gloriously lazy, but it might be an idea in peaceful moments to mull over memories
SCORPIO:You can sometimes nit pick too much, insisting on absolute perfection, or become bogged down in trivia. You are feeling like taking responsibility and are ploughing ahead in good style. You will find more self discipline than usual and want to work hard. This should rub off onto workmates who’ll pitch in with more enthusiasm as well. There is a good balance between feelings and duty. You will come across as cool, calm, sensible and in control of one practical situation.
SAGITTARIUS:You need to be noticed at the moment. Expressing your feelings and putting emotions into words will prove much less of a problem than usual. However, do watch you are not putting on too much style, speaking more for effect than content. The Moon is close to Mercury today so you will be talking nineteen to the dozen about nothing very much. Going round and round in circles, chopping and changing your mind endlessly, you will confuse even your nearest and dearest.

CAPRICORN:The more you talk to loved ones, the more you will understand yourself. You do want a chance to let old memories come back to the past, and settle them more happily in your mind. However, companions may become bored since they are not as involved as you are. Or even confused since you have an entirely different standpoint. But if you can be a little more detached, you will see things that others don’t. You will be restless, not in a mood for settling down. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:You are in a searching mood at the moment, wanting to ferret out fascinating bits of information, using your mind for research. Your mind is razor sharp, witty and fast moving. Let a blast of fresh air blow through since it will get rid of cobwebs. Your moods will be erratic and unpredictable just briefly, and you will not sit still for long. You will be reorganising at home or stirring up a bit of action elsewhere. Try to avoid getting pulled into tricky situations.

PISCES:You will be more inclined to read the fine print in money matters, being quite pernickety about the tiny details. You are thinking along lines that are practical and conservative, which means you will come up with sound and productive ideas.rnLater the Moon at odds with Jupiter is not likely to be causing any problems. But you will notice that you want everything at home and in your emotional life to be totally wonderful, which could set you up for a minor let down.