Horoscope for 26 March

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be full of vim, vigour and strong opinions. You won’t take no for an answer and will ignore disagreements. Your enthusiasm should be enough to persuade those around to follow your lead. Though you’ll be constantly changing, up one moment and negative the next, wanting total freedom then wanting to stay close. Try to be understanding of those close since they’ll get confused. Luckily after mid year your close relationships will improve.
TAURUS: You will be determined to stand your ground and insist on getting your own way. So no one’s going to be taking advantage of you, but you could flare up over tiny obstacles or delays. Remember to be aware of other people’s needs. Try flashing a happy smile even if you are gritting your teeth. You will get your own way faster by being charming than looking too stubborn or grumpy. Your feelings are running deeper than usual, but that should be your secret.
GEMINI: Soak up your energy by working exceptionally hard. Physical work will do you more good than mental exertion, because it will occupy you more fully. There is an old saying about treating loved ones like birds which are allowed to fly free. If you cage them they will one day escape. But if you can trust enough to let them do what they want, they will more readily come back to you. The message being that clutching doesn’t work in the long run.
CANCER: Watch you’re not slightly accident-prone, as you go crashing around the place. However there’s no point in trying to be quiet and serene, since that won’t work. Channel your energy in sensible directions. If someone you fancy seems suddenly absolutely fascinating today, watch your step slightly. You could be infatuated or just a bit compulsive. Maybe you know in your heart of hearts that they are not really very good for you but all the same you know they are wonderful. Enjoy the feeling, but avoid the trap.
LEO: Today will be useful for financial matters, except you’re going to be overspending and won’t be good with details. Your function will be to charm the important people around, put them at ease and make them feel happier. Later you may be feeling cut off from your feelings, or cut off from loved ones. It may just be that work comes before pleasure, duty comes before indulgence. Be business-like, not flamboyant, and you may see something civilised coming out of your efforts.
VIRGO: The Mars influences should see you flying ahead with a great deal of vigour and vitality. You will work well with others, because you’ll push them along in the direction that you want to go. The influences around today can be good for being charmingly in a business-like way. You know what you want, even if you aren’t saying, and will use all your wiles to bring companions round to your way of thinking. If you can keep your ulterior motives out of sight, all will work well.
LIBRA: Try not to get bad-tempered if anything or anyone gets in your way. Your fuse may be shorter than usual. Close friendships will be more important to you than usual today. You want to be around the people who will boost your self-esteem and make you feel good. A priority is also to feel free to flit around as it suits you without feeling restricted. You will have to watch that long-running relationships don’t go through a slightly tense phase if you have a possessive partner.
SCORPIO: Your achievements could be recognised today in some small way. It may not be luck, more that you’ve decided you won’t be quiet any longer and will project yourself with more vigour. Just watch if you are arguing with anyone, since you are very unlikely to want to back down. Certain close emotional relationships become more intense. Sometimes that makes you feel more passionate, sometimes everything gets a bit gritty and you struggle to break free. Don’t over react to the odd stress and strain.
SAGITTARIUS: If you’re normally timid, you will suddenly find yourself in a position to stand up for yourself. You will assert yourself in a firm yet tactful way and be remarkably pleased with the outcome. Remember how you did it for days to come. As long as you don’t play too many games today, you should manage to twist other people round your little finger. You will have a wicked smile on your face and several trumps hidden well out of sight.
CAPRICORN: You need to try to face up to a challenge without throwing a tantrum or getting too hot under the collar. If you get edgy and aggravated then you end up saying things you later come to regret. So it’s important to compromise and not get too rattled about trivia. You may have a slightly fated feeling about one relationship now. You think, “It’s meant; we were together in another lifetime.” That certainty has a nasty habit of fading after a couple of days. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: High energy influences can give you extra zest. Whatever has been stuck can now be shifted, as long as you keep up the pressure. You will have a definite need for something more exciting and thrilling today. Maybe you want to exert power over other people by sort of nudging them into doing something that they might not really want to do. You do have to be cautious, because if you could find close companions get a bit resentful. Try to be more laid-back.
PISCES: You will sweep aside obstacles to one side and ruffle a few feathers if necessary to get everyone moving faster. Add enough enthusiasm or jokes not to ensure no one digs in their heels in and refuses to budge. There is also a need for change in one close partnership, perhaps just be a minor adjustment in the way you relate to each other. If you can allow changes to take place without fearing you will be handing over control, you will find your connection deepens.

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