Horoscope for 26 September, 2016


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be confident, fortunate, optimistic and forward looking. You’ll be following your ideals and visions and working hard to get your views across to others. Not everyone at home will agree with your plans and demands for changes, but you won’t give up, even if it means tensions come into the open. Resources will be drawn to you with more money nearer next birthday. Looking after your health and not over-committing yourself will be important.

ARIES: Watch how you go, because you could find that you overspend and that you go off in seventy-five directions at once and do things that are not entirely sensible. You should be able to settle old differences amicably and see very clearly which relationships in your life have room for development. Those that have outlived their time and have no potential for further growth, will be quietly dropped with a minimum of fuss. New and better friendships or romances will arrive to take their place.
TAURUS: You may be feeling lazy, rather wound down. There are fortunate influences around but you have to push yourself to get into a hard working mood. A little effort will turn your luck into something more long lasting and tangible. You should be feeling healthier now, and able to sort out ailments faster than usual. You may find Jupiter’s tendency to expansiveness not wonderfully good for keeping you slim. Over indulgences are a real danger and diets will slide for lack of will power.
GEMINI: Jupiter around today always looks for the silver linings. It usually creates a few as well since it is a fortunate influence. In fact, it’s not so much luck, just that your your intuition works well so you end up in the right place at the right moment, saying the right thing. Your creative talents definitely need to be give an outlet. You have the confidence now and the opportunity, so why not? Everyone has the ability to create something of value.
CANCER: If you can keep one scheme within bounds, put a few limits on your plans and your hopes then you could do well. But if you fly like Icarus in mythology to high towards the Sun you might find you have further to fall. Almost all your family relationships are improving which is due to Jupiter’s benign influence. You adore nothing better than being surrounded by those you trust most, and your talent for organising an easy atmosphere domestically is helping everyone close.
LEO: You feel cheerful, charming, extravagant, indulgent and very optimistic. Jupiter around strongly always looks ahead and sees rosy glows on the horizon, but this can be a little bit of a problem if you’re going to be too much of a Pollyanna. Smoothing round rough edges is becoming quite a talent with you now. Your ability to observe and easy way with words make you sought after as the one who knows. You can put people right with a happy smile and no one will mind.
VIRGO: You need to keep your feet more on the floor, find a little self discipline. Otherwise you will rush in where angels fear to tread and over-extend yourself, taking on far too many commitments. Your confidence around money is inspiring for companions at work who see you as honest and successful, though you watch a tendency to be over optimistic. You don’t mean to mislead, but maybe you are not thinking through the practical consequences of your financial schemes.
LIBRA: It’s not a day when you will expect to find too many difficulties with other people or with yourself, except for the downsides of spending too much money or being too lazy or thinking you’re right about absolutely everything. Jupiter in your own sign has a tendency to expansion, which is great for personal confidence but can also lead to over indulgences getting out of hand. Your waistline could start to blossom! But no matter your shape, you will be coming across as enthusiastic, idealistic, honest and confident.
SCORPIO: If you’re normally a little bit under-confident, lacking in self-esteem, the Jupiter boost will do wonders for you. It boosts you up. But if you normally are a bit over the top, this will send you sailing off into the stratosphere. Try to avoid the temptation to think you’re absolutely right about absolutely everything. You seem genuinely happy with your own company and will be content to reflect on your thoughts. Alone to you at the moment does not mean lonely.
SAGITTARIUS: It’s important to be sensible with people. You can win them over to your side if you sweep them up in your enthusiasm. But if you sound self-righteous, which is a slight risk, they will back away. Be straightforward and cheerful and people will adore you. You want to be part of a team and this should be no problem. Your confidence and enthusiasm inspire everyone, and you are more than happy to have a wide circle of acquaintances. The more the merrier, as far as you’re concerned.
CAPRICORN: Pitch your hopes too high, and you have further to fall. But if you can discipline yourself, there is luck around. Your reputation is important to you now. You want to be respected and admired, though you might need to keep a little humility handy now and then. Jupiter sitting at your midheaven expands your ego and self-image along with everything else to do with work or community. No harm will come since everyone recognises that you are straightforward and trustworthy in your intentions.scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: If you’re normally under-confident, the expansive influences around will boost you happily. If you’re normally a touch arrogant and over-confident, they can send you into thinking you’re Superman or Superwoman. Your open, honest, friendly and very enthusiastic manner attracts a positive response from everyone, although at times you may sound just a touch all knowing, and could be narrow minded if you get too involved in a pet cause. Just rest assured that your knack of seeing what will happen is pointing you in the right direction.
PISCES: If you can find self-discipline and avoid being careless or lazy, then there are rather fortunate influences around for you to take advantage of. You’re likely to be very generous to others, to yourself, slightly extravagant all round. You should be attracting money more easily than usual now through joint ventures, either because of your partner’s generosity at home or through work. Even bank managers seem to like you, though you will need to watch a tendency to take other people’s generosity for granted.
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