Horoscope for 27rd March: Is today your Lucky day?


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES:You may be feeling sort of betwixt and between, rather daydreamy or a bit irritable without knowing why. Don’t be discouraged, just take everything more easily. There are some days you can’t get practical matters together no matter how hard you try. You are increasingly sensitive to the subtle energies and undercurrents which will make you helpful to those in need, since you will tune in to their problems. But you will have to protect yourself to ensure you don’t become over loaded with other people’s problems
TAURUS:Don’t try and cut corners or go round things. Sometimes you can deceive yourself into thinking that it’s just as well to avoid confrontation. But if you do anything in an even vaguely underhand kind of way, it often comes out into the open rather awkwardly. You seem to be surrounded by sympathetic or artistic friends, who are delightful at times and maddeningly vague at others. If you feel let down by any of them, ask yourself whether you pitched your expectations too high in the first place.
GEMINI:There are deceptive influences around which can end up in muddle or situations not turning out to be quite what was expected. Keeping your feet on the ground and being absolutely straightforward may not be easy, but it will help. You want to be more charitable, although you may be going about it in a rather unrealistic way. But it is certainly true if you aim for the general good in more creative ways, then you will reap the rewards of your efforts.
CANCER:Maybe you want to retreat into peace and quiet, retire, meditate, wind yourself down a bit. You don’t feel any huge need to leap out into getting too many things done. Your physical energy may be lower than usual, so take the hint. You are questioning almost all your old beliefs at the moment. Do you know what you want? No is the simple answer, but if you don’t keep asking then you will not find out what you need to know. Give yourself time.
LEO:If you are interested in rather mystical, or psychic kind of things, this is a good day to listen to your intuition and explore below the surface. You want to find a new and different meaning in life and the influences around now can be extremely helpful. You will have to guard against taking people at face value in financial negotiations and partnerships. You will all too easily allow yourself to be misled into trusting people who are unreliable, unrealistic and, on occasion, downright dishonest.
VIRGO:Be as straightforward, firm and tactful as you can. This is not the day to take the long way round. Often it’s easier not to say when you have been let down. But don’t tell white lies just to keep the peace. It always comes out into the open at the wrong moment in the wrong way. You will believe the best of everyone, and only see what you want to see. This may be saintly of you, but hardly helpful when it comes to practical matters.
LIBRA:This is a great day to pamper your body. You will not want to be leaping into activity at top speed, so use the time wisely for a little tender loving care and you will bounce back revitalised. Look after your health and energy, and in two or three days’ time you’ll be much more active again. You’ll want to be helpful, lending a hand where needed. But you could find that your energy levels and concentration sag, so don’t demand too much of yourself.
SCORPIO:You may not be as active as you normally would be today. Certainly you won’t want to confront other people, be assertive or face up to the nastier sides of life. You’ll want beauty, glamour, harmony, so you will go out of your way to soothe and smooth other people. You may have a head full of romantic daydreams and fantasies but watch you don’t attract lame ducks who are looking for a saviour. Kindness may get the better of common sense.
SAGITTARIUS:You certainly want a bit more glamour or fun. There may even be a hint of publicity around. You want to bring a little bit more spice into life without too much extra effort. You are struggling to make your dream of an ideal home and family life come true, though you could be feeling a touch let down. What you imagined has not quite come to pass, not yet anyway. Try to sort out misunderstandings as soon as they occur with a little tact and forgiveness.
CAPRICORN:Mars is now in a flowing aspect to Neptune, which is a delightful but strange mix of energies. Mars is very upfront and says, “I want, I am and I demand,” whereas Neptune does the exact opposite: it says, “I don’t really matter, you’re the important one.” Try to be sensitive to what is unspoken. You may not be able to pin down what has gone wrong. There seems to be crossed lines, mixed messages or unclear communications around. But it is only temporary.scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:There are very good influences around prompting you to be charitable, selfless, and give of yourself to others. When the mood is there, why not? Your energy will not be limitless so work out a way of being helpful without doing anything too physically strenuous. Though you may be experiencing some confusion, some uncertainty and you may feel your security is being undermined. But then again, do you really care? Neptune can make you spaced out and rather careless when it comes to cash.

PISCES:It depends how you handle the influences around now, which way they work out. Neptune can be undermining and makes you feel you don’t have the energy to do things. But Mars is also making you courageous and active. If you can turn your determination into making your creative ideas take root then it will work well – just don’t let yourself get side tracked. You’ll be a touch vague but Neptune will soften your defences making it easier for you to appear sympathetic.

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