Horoscope for 27 September, 2016


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be upbeat, cheerful and hopeful as well as lucky. Admittedly certain projects will go slow so you’ll need to be patient and turn your attention to reorganising at home to soak up your energy. Try not to get bossy with loved ones since it won’t go down well. You’ll insist on more elbow room in close relationships. Being conscientious and persistent will pay off at work and in your everyday routines. Money will roll through faster.

ARIES: For a few weeks your dynamic energy is being channelled into work and achieving your ambitions. No one will accuse you of lacking courage or being timid as you push rivals out of the way. You intend to make your mark. At times you justify what you do just because of the outcome, which can make you seem opportunistic and not always compassionate towards those less able. You may find it more difficult to understand people who lack your drive, but remember that everyone is different.
TAURUS: You will be a great crusader for your pet beliefs and enthusiastic about broadcasting your ideas to a wider cross section of friends than usual for a while. You do have to watch a tendency to be a touch strong in your opinions since you will feel rather evangelical. You will head straight to the heart of the matter and could be candid to the point of bluntness.rnLuckily, your truthful and straightforward approach should catch general enthusiasm.
GEMINI: You will be determined to fight for your rights, especially when it comes to cash and emotional matters. Deeply secretive, you will be plotting and planning how to get your own way. You will not easily forgive and forget if anyone lets you down at the moment. It may feel like a struggle, and you could be intensely frustrated at points because of slow progress and other people’s obstinacy. You will have to reach compromise agreements which are fair to all concerned.
CANCER: There may be heated encounters today since you tend to attract competitive or ambitious companions. Even your nearest and dearest will seem outspoken at times so you may have to keep the peace. Partners at work will also be fiery tempered and rather irritable and you may find yourself snapping and sniping. Try to throw your energy into joint co-operative ventures. If you pull together you’lln achieve a great deal more than you would solo, and it will also avoid those eyeball-to-eyeball confrontations which waste good energy.
LEO: You will be throwing yourself energetically into getting better organised and getting things right. You will want to put energy into health, diet and whatever makes you feel you are boosting your stamina. Take care since you could be a little over heated, even accident-prone at times. Pay as much attention to getting your body fit as you do towards practical work matters. Being of service is important at the moment to your self esteem. You hate waste and are very thorough.
VIRGO: You will feel passionately enthusiastic about the better things of life – love, leisure, pleasure, children and sport. Your physical passions will soar and you will demand the right to be yourself. No one is going to be pushing you into a corner and demanding that you do your duty. Romantically upfront, you will head for what you want, and will not be backward about stating your fancy. You may be a little accident prone since you are feeling more reckless than usual, looking for adventure.
LIBRA: The next few weeks with hot-headed Mars in your chart area of home, family and domestic matters may be tricky since you will not rest or sit still easily. You may find that feelings of irritation and anger inside you start to well up. You will be hyper-sensitive to the slightest emotional change. But look to the positive benefits of allowing these feelings to surface so that you can better understand them and let them clear out of your system once and for all.
SCORPIO: Your working routines will be speeded up. Short distance journeys and a great many stimulating conversations will keep your adrenaline flowing faster. Writing letters, making phone calls, holding discussions and negotiations will fill your schedule. You may be a little too blunt or sarcastic at times, and downright argumentative at others. Work mates could get edgy if you are too tactless, and your tendency to blame others for getting in your way may not go down too well.
SAGITTARIUS: You are feeling generous and want to be around people who feel every bit as good as yourself. You will be morale-boosting like mad, and doing whatever you can to make sure people’s confidence is being lifted. Mars is now in your financial chart area, so you are competitive at the moment when it comes to earning more. You need the long term security which a nest egg brings, but you also want the status that comes with more loot.
CAPRICORN: You will find yourself more assertive, competitive and downright aggressive at points today. You intend that nothing should get in your way. Any obstacles that appear will be swept aside and people who oppose you will get short shrift. Your temper is not likely to be as its smoothest and some diplomacy will be needed. But your blunt approach is what is needed to achieve your aims. Stopping to think will be less easy than usual, but try not to rush in where angels fear to tread.scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: Not in a competitive mood, you may sometimes fail to take the decisive step which would win you the argument. But really you are happy to hand over credit elsewhere. For the next few weeks, you may feel vaguely uneasy and rather held back. Throw your energy into behind-the-scenes activity or learn to pull strings more subtly. You will achieve little by direct action or confrontation. Indeed, the harder you push the less you may succeed, so it might be as well to develop patience.
PISCES: With Mars now into Capricorn till November in your chart area of friendships and long term planning your dynamic energy will go into making sure that everyone is pulling in the same direction, at work and in your leisure activities. You don’t intend to let the grass grow under your feet so you will be setting your goals for the future very determinedly. Co-operation will not always be easy for you, but your enthusiasm will be catching amongst companions so they should rally round.
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