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Horoscope for 28th April: Is today your Lucky day?

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES:With Venus in your own sign now, you are upfront about what and whom you fancy in the weeks ahead. Being backward and shy is not your style and will win you no prizes in the romance game. This is the kind of day when you seem to get bolts from the blue. Inspirations will be zipping out every ten seconds. Try and write the answers and solutions down that you find, because otherwise you’ll forget. You will be sharp witted and absent minded at the same time.
TAURUS:Maybe you are finding it difficult to express your feelings for fear they will not meet a positive response. A little like an oyster, you will snap shut your shell in case your inner softness is damaged. Your fantasy love life could feel safer than real relationships. Dream away but try to reach out as well. You may be jumping to conclusions in one situation, and not stopping to check things out. There is a very switch on and switch off influence around.
GEMINI:You are the life and soul of the party now, roaming around chatting animatedly, flirting like mad but never staying long in one place. Your popularity will not be in doubt, since your bubbly, rather whacky manner is keeping everyone around intrigued and entertained. Your wits will be in overdrive. Your mind is zipping around along with your feet, so it should be a stimulating day but also highly strung. Patience will not be your long suit, so pause before you speak too sharply.
CANCER:Loyalty and reliability mean more to you at the moment than flamboyant declarations of passion. You want to know that loved ones will be there for you no matter what. If you want to take up new studies or pick up information in a great hurry then you will succeed better than you expected today. Just try not to make impulse decisions. Remember the old saying: “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”. Your courage won’t be in short supply, but you may not be entirely realistic.
LEO:Your frankness may get you into trouble with your nearest and dearest but you are insisting on going your own independent way. Luckily, your obvious enthusiasm should be enough to keep them sweet. Just try to involve them in all your social plans since you definitely want to stir up more fun. This is not a time to be bored, not a time to be around tedious people. If you are you’ll get very impatient and frustrated. You may sound sharp to certain think skinned companions.
VIRGO:Financial bonuses could be round the corner, especially where you work jointly with others. So the household accounts could be in for a boost, or one situation at work is suddenly looking much brighter. At one point today sympathy may not be your strong point today with enlightening Uranus close to Mercury, which can be a bit cool and critical. Try not be too be clinical. You may be right, but the unvarnished truth is not always palatable, especially for those on the receiving end.

LIBRA:With Venus, your ruler, now in your chart are of romance and close relationships for a few weeks, you’ll notice a warmer mood with one close partner. You’ll also be in demand on the social scene. You may need to put a brake on at some point during the day. Your constant go-go-go means you can scatter your energy too widely. You’ve got to collect your wits once in a while. If you cut corners, and don’t stop to double-check things, you’ll end up being sloppy.
SCORPIO:Work is easier for you at the moment than indulging or playing, so you may feel out of place on social occasions unless you have a job to do. But the upside is that the mood around your daily chores is very much happier than it has been for a while. So it’s swings and roundabouts. Anything new will excite you today. Your mind is going to be alive with ideas, all chasing themselves round. You have to watch you don’t get a little bit keyed up.
SAGITTARIUS: Nothing cheap or tacky attracts you now, you want to romance the five star way. You want to entertain or even better be entertained lavishly, with style and good taste. Luckily, you seem to be surrounded more than usual by elegant and successful friends. If you feel like being blunt and very honest with companions, think about the consequences of what you’re saying. It can make you feel better instantly to blurt out the truth, but often it causes more problems than it’s really worth.
CAPRICORN:More sentimental and emotionally sensitive than usual, you do need demonstrative displays of affection now. Just don’t get too easily hurt. You may be over-reacting to slights where none were intended, and brood rather than express your needs openly. Loved ones may be misinterpreting your signals and can’t always guess you right. Ideas are bubbling out all over the place, but you can’t quite think what to follow up first. You will be leaping from subject to subject at high speed. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:Variety is the spice of your life, and too much claustrophobic intimacy will make you want to run. More friendly than passionate, you want stimulating conversations about life, literature and gossip. If you get odd responses from companions, it may be they are lagging behind you because they don’t quite understand where your mind is going. You are not following a set path, but zipping around like a firefly. So pick people who are on the ball and able to keep up with your oddball ideas.

PISCES:Money and what it buys are very important to your well-being during the coming weeks. Just don’t muddle love and money, assuming if you aren’t getting expensive presents, you are not really valued. What you are worth is priceless, and thoughtful gestures from the heart mean much more than trinkets. Today you could end up putting your foot in your mouth. Your boredom threshold will be low so you will need constant stimulation. But try not to speak before you think.


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