Horoscope for 29th March: Is today your Lucky day?


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES:Make an effort to try not to look just at the bad and the difficult things today or be too nit-picky because it really won’t help. Certainly don’t let anyone undermine your self-confidence because that can be a problem with Saturn around. But it also means holding yourself back from pulling anyone else down. Life may test out your old opinions by setting up arguments for you. Try to be open minded and listen to opposing views, though don’t be too swayed by convention.
TAURUS:Maybe you need to seek out someone to talk to, whom you respect and look up to. They will help you enormously and put your thinking straight. Maybe you’re seeing things from far too one sidedly. So broaden your view a little bit. See one tricky situation not more clearly, but with a softer view. Joint finances may be tighter than they have been before, or your partner’s cash situation is such that they cannot be as generous as they were. You have to carry heavier responsibilities.
GEMINI:Loved ones may be flying along on the cloud tops but you’ll know it is much more sensible to look in advance at the downside of plans. You know from past experience that leaping into things thoughtlessly doesn’t work out well. Just don’t be overly-negative with yourself or over-critical with them. Although you tend to look at the flaws in your close partnerships, that does not need to mean they will end. Only shaky affairs of the heart or business relationships will come to grief now.
CANCER:It will take effort, but if you can be sensible and practical with loved ones, in a couple of days’ time you can leap out and be outrageously irresponsible again. Life can’t all be a picnic and fun. You may feel over stressed and under appreciated for your efforts at times, but this is a time of laying solid foundations for the future. You will get your rewards in terms of praise and real success when Saturn moves into your opposite sign.
LEO:Someone older may be trying to give you good advice, but they’ll sound to you as if they’re pouring cold water on your best ideas. In fact, they’re trying to let you see what the realistic consequences of what you want to do actually are. You may feel loved ones and children are a heavy responsibility now, but out of this testing time for affairs of the heart could come some truly valuable insights which will help to give you strength in the future.
VIRGO:You may find there’s someone around now who could be helping or teaching you in a rather straightforward way. Maybe at times they’ll be so realistic it sounds rather dreary. But listen all the same. Everything you have swept under the carpet for years at home or in the family could be coming out into the open. Reassure yourself with the thought that you can now sort out once and for all those domestic and emotional problems which have been niggling away at you.
LIBRA:Don’t let other people criticise you and don’t let yourself criticise others. You may think you’re being realistic when in fact you’re looking only to the flaws. You need to keep an eye to the upside as well as the downside. Saturn is hanging over your routine contacts and it usually works by creating obstacles, setbacks and delays so breakdowns in communications may be occurring with the everyday people in your life – friends, neighbours, brothers or sisters or workmates. When not heard, just keep repeating yourself.
SCORPIO:You’ll have your head screwed on the right way. You are going to be nit-picking over every last tiny detail in a practical, sensible, down-to-earth kind of way. Just watch that you don’t isolate yourself too much. Sometimes you can forget to keep your sense of humour handy. Tightening your belt may be necessary for a brief while but there is nothing catastrophic about cash shortages. You merely have to learn caution, long term planning, and a stronger sense of the value of money.
SAGITTARIUS:You’ll tend to see the downside now being too focused on a loved one’s flaws. You may well be right, but it’s not always very tactful to point them out. No surprise then that communication might be difficult. You may find your energy levels are low so you don’t have the inclination to work quite as hard as you once did. The important thing is to understand that Saturn in your own sign is trying to make you face up to what you want from life.
CAPRICORN:If you get tunnel-visioned, you’ll spot things you might otherwise have missed. This is not a time to fly high or to do anything too dramatically exciting. This is a time to be cautious. Sometimes you need to slow yourself down to see things more clearly. Jumping ahead too fast may not bring the results you want. You are essentially a good organiser but you are having to force yourself at the moment to be in control of practical situations. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:You may feel you aren’t able to say all the things you want to say. It’s certainly not a very flamboyant or over-confident day. But it is a good time to concentrate on details and practicalities. You’ll be precise and plan well. Just don’t get too gloomy or you’ll end up sounding negative. Do not let discouragement get you down if disagreements flare up or if you feel cold-shouldered in team efforts. Only by facing up to difficulties can you hope to establish better relationships out in the world.

PISCES:You may get several important issues straight with loved ones. Try not to be blinkered in your approach. They may have been careless or irresponsible, but they may also have different priorities. Listen and see if you can find middle ground. If the foundations you have laid in your career in the past are solid now is your time to flourish. If you have not then this is the time it will become blatantly obvious where you have made your mistakes and must sort them out.