Horoscope for 2nd April 2016


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: Your ruler, the rambunctious Mars with a takes-no-prisoners manner, zig zags through the houses of your chart in 2016. He pays special attention to personal growth, love and marriage, and the expansion of philosophy and just regular wandering around.
Mars begins the year making direct hits to the house of both one-on-one intimacy, and funds received from other people. He stays on a wild ride through that house for the first eight months of the year with an occasional peek into the house of philosophical thinking.
TAURUS: The Fifth House, that place of daring but light-hearted love, creativity, sports, and — yes — children, is your key to happiness this upcoming year. The always sultry Taurus has an inner bad boy/bad girl and he or she swims to the surface in 2016, bringing you any number of new and lusty adventures.
GEMINI: Mercury, your ruler, runs rampant this year and so do you, Gemini. As the year begins he stops in his tracks and reviews his status, and sets a pattern for your behavior for the upcoming twelve months.
This year this occasionally superficial but darling rascal makes his list and checks it twice (that is, moves into retrograde motion) four times instead of the usual three. He is a tad more impulsive than usual but the big news is he is taking on Saturn and actually opposing that stern taskmaster all year.
CANCER: Cancer, you already know that home, career, and love can present the most crucial of life’s continuing challenges, and this year the cosmos decided you need to review or polish each and every one of these categories.
You are bonded to the home more than any of the other signs and there could be that first signal in March when a Lunar Eclipse shines its heavy and bright light on your sanctuary. Although this wild card drops a hint about change on the premises as early as March, it isn’t until September that Jupiter moves into the Fourth House and this actually spells out new happenings are eminent.
LEO: Dramatic, generous, and romantic, Leo, you are everyone’s dream date… and 2016 isn’t any different, except that you could be even more giving.
Jupiter, the gift giver, could outdo himself this year with the beautifully wrapped baubles given for no particular reason. He’s in the Second House of you-belong-to-me and there is an abundance of intimacy and good feelings.
VIRGO: The year begins with the largest star in the heavens, Jupiter, in your own sign and in the house of who you are. What could possibly be the result of this position? Expansion of your personality, emphasis on your own personal growth and happiness, and a general “me, me, me” attitude.
You are certainly in for one of the best years of your life, Virgo, and in September this gift-giving star moves into the house of finances and you can also look for expansion in the flow of funds
LIBRA: Your ruler Venus is pushing you this year, as she scoots through all of the twelve signs and then some, waking up old dreams, forgotten talents, and stirring new ambition.
By mid-October she’s right back where she started in the house of communication along with sometimes prissy Saturn, who behind the scenes is quietly refining your everyday chatter. Venus ends the year in the house of love and December could be that important month that sees you making an important change.
SCORPIO: Always a force to be reckoned with, Scorpio, you aren’t in the mood to settle in any of the areas of your life this upcoming year.
Whether it’s your lover’s intentions, career issues, or that shoved under the carpet family secret everyone’s been whispering about for years, with your ruler Pluto in the Third House, you are aiming for clarity. Never really chatty, you do definitely this year adopt a “take no prisoners” attitude surrounding communication. The wily but wise Pluto literally pushes you to shed light on matters that have been buried.

It’s the personal stars, though, that add zing to everyday life and they revolve around your love interests. Mercury, Venus, and Mars will be moving quickly through the relationship houses, so that your partner gets some well-deserved attention.
The mischievous star Mercury rules the house of love and committed relationships and he stops and starts four times this year, which is out of the ordinary, bringing more of those torrid interludes that you do love. This is the kind of year you may have dreamed about in the past… and here it is in living color, Sag.

CAPRICORN: Your ruler Saturn’s two year stay in the lofty Sagittarius is now underway, Cap, and you may have noticed ever so slightly in the past year or two how elements of your life are seemingly fading away.
It’s subtle, as if you catch the action out of the corner of your eye, but you are in a finishing up phase, especially in career matters. What is actually happening is you are clearing the decks for a new bigger and better beginning.
AQUARIUS: More curious and ambitious than ever, the craving for sexy affairs of the heart is quite strong. Jupiter, the largest star in the heavens, is in the house of intimacy, and in September he enters the house of faraway places and that yearning becomes too strong to ignore. For that single Aquarian who truly follows his heart it could be you find love on foreign soil.
To satisfy these desires, even if they are brought down a notch, you may be working harder to attain the necessary funds.
PISCES: Behind the scenes and prodding you firmly is the very wily and wise Pluto, taking up residence in one of the health houses. This is the year you begin a stricter and healthier daily regime as the need to take better care of yourself continually grows and you just could become your own project.
From January through September it’s all about love, personal pleasure, and your body image. In September these are still priorities but your romantic life becomes lustier and more sex driven, while your mind turns toward finances and career.
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