Horoscope for 2nd March 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: The Moon is close to Saturn so you’ll be hard working and rather reserved when it comes to emotional matters. Just don’t under value your contribution since what you are doing may not be spectacular but it will be worthwhile. Soften your attitudes to yourself and loved ones. You’ll be working extra hard now to improve your understanding of the world. You are perhaps also struggling to find new spiritual beliefs in life, since your old outlook doesn’t hold the same appeal any more.
TAURUS: Just watch you are not too sugary sweet and sentimental at the moment. You could be untidy and rather careless. You do not always find it easy at this time to get close in intimate situations since you are holding part of yourself back in reserve and can feel rather mistrustful. You are wary of changing, yet clearly you need to try. Your stamina, persistence and determination are fairly amazing at the moment so you should be able to achieve more than most.
GEMINI: Your moods will be lively and unpredictable, and you will not sit still for long. You will be skipping around looking for entertaining conversations, wanting to swap new ideas, and generally be off doing anything that is not routine. Exceptionally loyal where it matters at the moment, you are ready to stick it out through thick and thin for the sake of the people in your life who really matter. This is great though remember to be more fun loving. Lighten up.
CANCER: Don’t cut yourself off and sit behind a brick wall, since others will feel you are too self sufficient or self contained, and not offer help. Maybe you could try to break the ice by expressing your feelings more openly though it will not be easy. With practical Saturn in your chart area of work and health, you are finding it easier to be patient, meticulous about detail. Just don’t get obsessed with getting jobs done too perfectly. Just try to be tolerant.
LEO: Jupiter brings sweetness and light to Moon areas which are home, diet, family and the past. So you are likely to over indulge and expand as a result. You will be thoroughly lazy but it might be an idea in the peaceful moments to mull over old memories. Children or loved ones maybe landing heavier responsibilities on you than usual. In response you may find yourself constantly setting rules and regulations for them, and becoming too strict. Let your inner child out to play.
VIRGO:  You want excitement, stimulation and a bit of a challenge to hold your interest. Expect the unexpected and you won’t be disappointed. If there is a whiff of jealousy or control in the air you will be off, since you have no intention of treading anyone else’s line. you may be slightly wary of your emotions, feeling that what is around you is a little chilly or ungiving. Maybe you are having to put work before pleasure, duty before indulgence. Lighten up more often.

Maybe you will be too sentimental or too sugary sweet on the surface. Try to be more honest about your feelings underneath. You will want beauty or luxury at home and your appetite may be more tempted a bit more. Because you are very determined and more deliberate than usual when it comes to mental work you are understanding serious subjects which were once a mystery to you. You are double checking, so you are likely to be more accurate than chatterboxes.

SCORPIO: Maybe you are having to push yourself to resolve certain practical problems around your family. Or you are having to face up to certain realities in your emotional life. Learning the lessons of generosity may come hard at the moment but they’ll pay off. You may be slightly shorter of money than you might like. You know you have to be sensible about cash now. But maybe you also need to find trust in the bounty of the universe to let go control.
SAGITTARIUS: The Moon at odds with Jupiter at the moment is not likely to be causing any problems. But you will notice that you want everything at home and in your emotional life to be totally wonderful, which could set you up for a minor let down. You will have a positively military discipline about getting things done though. You have learned recently to be more self sufficient. But don’t let that cut you off from companions especially those who are struggling.
CAPRICORN: There will be a little more of a sparkle in your eye now, since a small adventure beckons. You will definitely be in a mood for anything that gets you away from boring chores and tedious routines. Coming to grips with your self doubts which all of us have but may be more evident now with Saturn passing through the sign before yours, is vital for your sense of well-being and enjoyment. You can weigh friends down a bit with your emotional problems. scop-icon-5

You will be in an amiable mood and you will smooch, schmooze and generally put yourself about in a thoroughly charming fashion. Mates will adore your easy going ways, so you should be able to pour oil on troubled waters. Sometimes you don’t trust everyone to pull together in team situations. This tends to make you seem slightly stiff, always insisting on rules and regulations, rather than letting everyone pitch in as they probably will in their own way at their own pace.

PISCES: IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be less sociable than usual, but close partners will be happy to share more activities with you. You’ll want to make some decisions yourself. Hard work will be unavoidable but you’ll find that you will gain the respect of the right people for your efforts. Finances will be up and down so you’ll need to budget sensibly though from September money will flow your way through partner’s generosity or from unexpected sources. “>

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