Horoscope for 30 September, 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be exuberant, adventurous, a time to follow your dream and be bold. The mood at home will be edgy, at times heated, but you’ll push ahead regardless with changes. Try to sweep loved ones up in your enthusiasm rather than forcing them ahead too rapidly. Persistence and tact will pay off. Looking after your health will be important, avoiding excess of any form, whether in indulgence or overwork. More money will come in.

ARIES: Certain people may find you a little threatening as you obviously intend to take over the decision making role. Be aware that charging ahead in a headstrong way could run you into problems. Basically an optimist, you can pitch your hopes too high, preferring always to believe the best. Sometimes you try to be all things to all people, fitting in with your partner’s wishes just to keep the peace. If you carry this to extremes, you can seem insincere.
TAURUS: You want to travel more than usual or lift your life out of a rut, so start planning. Being challenged and tested makes you come alive, and you would rather travel far than be stuck in routine. At times you may scatter your energy in too many directions at once. Just watch you do not cram too much into your schedule. With Jupiter holding sway over your working life, you will find it easier than usual to concentrate on the tiny details and the broad sweep of any project.
GEMINI: You are intensely involved in your intimate relationships. Anyone who tries to double-cross or let you down will not be forgiven in a hurry.rnYour relationships with loved ones and children will be easy going and tolerant. You adore looking important, and will value your reputation highly. You are basically warm hearted and straightforward and like to look generous, but you will be upset if you are not given full credit for your actions. You will be highly persuasive and charming, though perhaps just a touch self-centred.
CANCER: You will be able to sell yourself with more vigour. Your health should feel less strained than it has done recently with Mars having moved on a sign. At home you should find more of a sense of peace is possible where there has been tension. You have a sense that outer achievements and ambitions are less important than finding roots and security. You will want to entertain more in your immediate surroundings and make plans for reorganising or even expanding your intimate surroundings.
LEO: You could be slightly irritable and a little too perfectionist for team relationships at work to be smooth. Go your own independent way and take satisfaction in a job being well done. You seem to know a little about a great many things, perhaps not too much in depth about anything. Your versatility will astonish even you, and is a tremendous strength used correctly, since you will be a wonderfully stimulating conversationalist.rnAnd you are pleased at how well you are expressing yourself now.
VIRGO: Indulgence, relaxation and finding your place in the spotlight are your main aims. Just watch that you do not take too many risks if you are sporty since Mars can be a rather headstrong energy.rnWith Jupiter in your chart area of personal finances, you will like to live better than before, and should be attracting money, security and the better things of life. Accumulating possessions is important to your sense of well-being though you need to watch a tendency to put too much value on material things.
LIBRA: Try not to take your ill humour out on your family or loved ones. They are probably not the cause of your problems. Keen to keep up an appearance of good humour and success, you will be more dramatic in manner than usual. Let your flamboyant side rip. You want to be noticed. Just watch a tiny tendency to over indulgence since your girth could expand along with your confidence. Success should follow you though you have to watch a tendency to bite off more than you can chew.
SCORPIO: At work and socially you will head straight for heated debates and controversies with the glint of battle in your eye. You will not suffer fools gladly and at times you will be reckless as you travel around. At home, with Jupiter in your chart area of secret matters, you will be kindness personified, since you have a sense of emotional sympathy for those who are suffering or are needy. You will sacrifice yourself to help others and not feel too martyred.
SAGITTARIUS: Pleasure will be high on your priority list at the moment. Just don’t be too impulsive or reckless about taking on new commitments to impress people. You feel be unusually confident about the long term and optimistic where planning is concerned. Crack on, but double check your schemes are realistic. Sudden opportunities may occur which allow you to move ahead or travel. You can feel a growing tolerance which is allowing you to mix happily with people from different backgrounds, different cultures and countries.
CAPRICORN: Relationships may suffer a little since you are not at your most sensitive and at times your foolhardiness could lead you into trouble. Remember the old saying about fools rushing in where angels fear to tread. Though Jupiter at the moment for you is bringing luck to all your ambitions and your desire for social status. You will be more conventional than usual, but watch a tendency to be too pernickety about everything being done precisely to the letter of the law. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: Others can be made to dance to your tune if you cannot dance it yourself. Concentrate on finding out why your anger is so trapped and why certain of your actions are self-defeating. Maybe you’re right, but perhaps you need to put your views across more subtly. If you get too pushy and force your beliefs on others, it can arouse resentment. You are more interested than usual in foreign countries and long distance travel, keen to move around as much as possible.
PISCES: You like to think of yourself as a good team player, but at the moment you find your patience is tested to the limits. Co-operation may not be your strongest point and in a tight corner you will prefer to be the one making the group decisions.rnIn quiet moments you will attract confidences from other people which they would not disclose to anyone else. You are interested in deeper matters now anyway, and may be giving off vibes you don’t realise.