Horoscope for 30th December


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be optimistic as you look ahead, with a wider circle of friends and acquaintances to keep you entertained. Not all of your new best buddies will be realistic so treat their advice with caution. Loved ones will continue to be lively, excitable and inclined to go their own way but it won’t be boring. Sorting out your finances will be a priority. Be determined. Be gentle and forgiving at home if the family are muddled.

ARIES:The Sun is now in a very positive aspect to Neptune. It can be very kind, very creative, very spiritual day. It’s just not very down-to-earth. Everyone around will tend to be head-in-the-clouds including you. You may be feeling dissatisfied with practical or materialistic concerns now and want to withdraw slightly into your own inner world. There you are asking yourself deep questions about the meaning and purpose of your life. The real answers may lie away from the physical world and in reaching for more spiritual beliefs.

TAURUS:You disappear off into daydreams, which can be great in itself, but staying in touch with reality will help as well. You will believe what you want to believe where friends or team mates are concerned, which may not be entirely wise. Being gullible to the promises of those who are unrealistic or unreliable will only create confusion in the long run. Decide for yourself in a down to earth way just how much commitment you want to give in group efforts.
GEMINI:There are very sensitive influences around which will make you aware of the subtle undercurrents in life. But it may also be that you are too self-sacrificing. You turn yourself into a of a doormat because you want to help other people. If you push for self-centred aims and ambitions at work or in your community activities, then you will end up feeling disillusioned or disappointed. If you can act in a spirit of caring for others, you will gain respect and admiration for your efforts.
CANCER:Whoever you come into contact with today is going to find that they feel better by the end of it. Neptune’s influence today around has a real healing quality. You will be asking yourself profound questions about the meaning of your life. This can feel a slightly odd time as you find your old value-systems dissolving and the new guidelines you want for yourself are still in the process of developing. Allow yourself to be uncertain and the answers will come.
LEO:Nothing practical will work out quite as you planned. Or your energy will not see you out of the end of it. You have wonderful dreams, but you also need to have your feet on the ground. You may be yearning for bliss, beauty and wonderful relationships or indeed a financial windfall to end all your problems. Try to understand that you need to be more realistic and practical. Neptune around at the moment lives in a dream world which is really where you want to be.
VIRGO:You yearn to feel rooted, as if you belong to a familiar place and to the people who make you feel most relaxed. You may also now have a chance now to work out how best to improve your intimate surroundings. What you want is a beautiful home with an atmosphere of taste, elegance and comfort. It’s a time to withdraw into peace and space. Just keep yourself to yourself. You probably don’t want to be too open, since everyone around seems preoccupied.

LIBRA:It’s not a day to go leaping into very strenuous jobs or projects or tasks, because you’ll find by the end of it that you can’t find the enthusiasm to tie up the loose ends. Be sensible and down-to-earth about what is possible and what is not. Put limits on your aims. If you aim at work for success, glory and boosting your ego, then it doesn’t work well. If you work in a spirit of service to others, it all turns out rather brilliantly.
SCORPIO:It’s not a practical day for push-push-pushing. Find time for quiet reflection, trying also to be as helpful as you can to other people. Just don’t expect miracles of yourself. Your hunches will be good, your intuitions strong so trust them. Maybe you pitched your expectations too high about one family or emotional matter and the reality was never going to match your inner visions. Try to see clearly what you have got in your nearest and dearest and be satisfied.
SAGITTARIUS:You will want to be closer to other people. Neptune is about being idealistic, sympathetic, compassionate, but it’s also to do with your ideals and your visions in life, so you have to think through where you’re going and how you’re going to be getting there. There may be some emotional confusion or misunderstandings at home now. You are beginning to look at one situation and feel rather let down, or just disillusioned as you realise the reality of what is being said or done.
CAPRICORN:Maybe it’s important to go off by yourself and meditate. Get a clearer idea of what everything is doing in your life and where you want it to go. If you can channel your energy more in spiritual directions, you’ll find it brings you peace, quiet and harmony. Everyday relationships with friends, neighbours, brothers and sisters and workmates will not be clear cut or straightforward. You mean to be kind, but somehow crossed lines and lost messages mean you don’t quite get that across in a sensible way.scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:Don’t be discouraged if you have odd worries about things. Your imagination is probably running away with itself. Most likely nothing you are concerned about will happen. Don’t go pushing yourself ahead when you feel like hanging back. You want to be idealistic and generous about money and your possessions at the moment, which can be wonderful, but can also mean you’re out of touch with reality. You need to be able to hold practical values as well as looking for things that are beyond price.
PISCES:All you really want to do is put your feet up in a chair and daydream your way through the day. If you can manage it without upsetting your schedule, well, why not? Sometimes you can be too self-sacrificing around Neptune: you turn yourself into a little bit of a doormat because you want to help other people. But at a more positive level, you can be extremely charitable; you can sometimes be very interested in spiritual matters, even slightly paranormal matters.Horos

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