Horoscope for 3rd Feb 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: If you do have people under your control, you need to be acting towards them in a reasonable manner. Though it’s quite difficult to stay reasonable when everyone tends to get into a mild fury. So avoid tramping on other people’s corns because it could backfire. You could end up feeling that life is all about duty and responsibility. However, if you can just make up your mind to that for a while then you will get through a good many chores.
TAURUS: Maybe you are feeling controlled by people who are very determined to have all the influence and all the power. Often it is very awkward to know how to handle them for the best. It seems that the more you push back, sometimes the worse they get, and you get into these no win disagreements or battles. Be as secure within yourself as you possibly can. But you are realistic about what you have achieved to date, and that should give you confidence.
GEMINI: Try to see where all your efforts have made a dent on one situation or maybe even another person. You do want to change the conditions of your life. If you can’t see any results yet, you soon will. You’re structured, you’re self-disciplined, and you’ve an eye to the future. You can see what your goals ought to be, and you can see very clearly how, by putting one foot in front of the other, you can get to where you want to be.
CANCER:If you stand your ground too firmly and keep arguing to the bitter end, then you will find you won’t win. Everyone will just end up with a slightly sour taste in their mouth. But obviously you need to protect yourself. Just be firm but subtle. you’re not going to slither round the edges of things or give up and expect someone else to do all the hard chores. You’re going to be very pleased to be able to do it all yourself.
LEO: Don’t go it alone at the moment. Just pick the right kind of company. Don’t pick friends you know test your patience. If you can co-operate you will achieve a great deal. You may feel short of money or landed with too much work and not enough time for pleasure. It’s all duty and no frivolity. But on the other hand, sometimes if you knuckle down then you’ll find at the end of it all that you are remarkably pleased that you did.
VIRGO:  There are push-or-be-pushed influences around. It depends which side of the coin you get. Either you hold the power and you’re not paying enough attention to other people’s sensitivities or rights, or they are doing the same to you. Try to side step no win arguments and power struggles which will end badly. It’s a time when you’re going to get a lot of satisfaction out of just doing the chores, getting all sorts of things done that haven’t been done before.
LIBRA:Mars and Pluto around is about changing your life, it’s about transformation, but usually you cannot see it until the influence is gone. A week later, you look back and realise that one situation is slightly better than it was. You’re doing everything you can to be realistic in a positive kind of way, not wasting anything, not throwing money around, being pretty conscious of the limitations of life. You are getting down to the bottom line and accepting the way life is.
SCORPIO: You’re probably feeling a little on edge, as if life is dragging anchor. In fact, you may have achieved more than you imagine, moving one situation over a tiny little bit. Nothing happens at high speed with these influences around. Relationships with authority figures — bosses, teachers, parents, those kind of people — will be good. They respect the way you’re handling yourself and you clearly have good, solid judgment, partly because you’re not going wildly into things that you haven’t really thought through.
SAGITTARIUS: The energy level is very high. So if you can harness that, you will achieve a good deal. You will have to put your shoulder to the wheel to get work done, but if you really push, you find you end up achieving something that is more solid than usual. Luckily you can plan and organise particularly well. You’ll work thoroughly and with an eye to detail, and for that reason you’ll find that you don’t have to go and double-check everything.

Life may feel stuck and blocked – a little like pushing against a mountain. Either someone is getting in your way or trying to control you. But you can overcome the challenge and end up achieving a substantial amount. You just have to try extra hard. You are working in a way that is going to gain the approval of serious people. You are not racing around in a rackety fashion, you’re not taking risks or being too boisterous or too exuberant.

AQUARIUS: IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be a time to put your shoulder to the wheel and push determinedly ahead with your ambitions. Persistence and perseverance will pay off. Money will come your way with less effort than usual through partner’s generosity or from inheritances, bonuses and the like. You’ll feel more secure but be aware that you do need to sort out practical long term plans. Friends may be fewer than before but the ones around will be rock solid.
PISCES: Be slightly more on guard than usual for a little while. There’s no reason to be worried, just sensible when speaking to loved ones. Try not to ruffle their feathers. You’re very clear about what the boundaries of your life are, you’re very clear about what the limits between you and other people may be, so perhaps you felt a little bit isolated. But it’s not very long-lasting. Sometimes you just need to separate out a little bit to get the work done. “>

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