Horoscope for 3rd June: Is today your Lucky day?


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES:You have no intention of being one of the crowd or fitting into the common mould now. You want to make a different impression on people, even if it means you are seen as slightly eccentric. If anyone pigeon holes you or tries to control you, they will be smartly told off. You are having to rethink all your attitudes towards your ambitions. Maybe what you thought you wanted isn’t what you really want. Perhaps it isn’t possible just at this moment.
TAURUS:Maybe you have been sitting on certain feelings for too long. Things are beginning to bubble to the surface or come out into the open in unexpected ways. Though it may feel odd and life seems unpredictable, this process will ultimately free you of so much that has been holding you back for too long. You do hold strong views about certain matters but you do need to remember that what is true for you may not necessarily true for someone else.
GEMINI:Friendships and team situations aren’t that easy at the moment to hold everyone steady in the same direction. Your own attitude is contradictory, laid back one moment and highly impatient the next. You will not bend to fit in, not even if it means friendships or working relationships part company. Try to be less extreme. Maybe you are slightly resentful about old obligations, whether they are over cash or other emotional matters. Perhaps it reminds you of the influence which others hold over you.
CANCER:At work at the moment you do have to watch a tendency to act erratically. Partly you want excitement, so if you get into a situation which feels too secure, you will rock the boat just to feel better. The trick is to find outlets for your high energy without putting your position at risk. Instead of blaming close partners or avoiding companions who raise your hackles, try to understand yourself, come to terms with what may not be as bad as you think.
LEO:In spiritual and political matters you’ll be experimenting and challenging everyone else’s views. You will walk your own road no matter what and don’t care what anyone else thinks, no matter how influential they are. You won’t find cooperation that easy at the moment at work. But you have been round this circuit before and know that if you stand your ground, it will resolve itself. Just don’t push differences of opinion to the bitter end, since that will leave a sour taste behind.
VIRGO:You are wondering whether it is wise to make long term commitments either financial or emotional. Your hesitation is probably wise unless you have thought things through very clearly. Give it a week or two until the dust settles and you’ll be clearer. Your attitude to lovers is rather intense. If you have started a new romance recently just have a look, since it could be someone who isn’t entirely good for you. You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them.
LIBRA:Uranus, a slightly disruptive though never boring influence, is in your opposite sign for a longish period. Conventional partnerships really aren’t your style now. You need an independent mate both at home and at work, one who lets you go your own way. You are changing your attitude to home and family matters. This is where you begin to evaluate what you want to hang onto from the past. Once you know what you want, you can start clearing out what’s no longer essential.
SCORPIO:What you need in your career is a good deal more freedom to work as suits your mood and your talents. You really no longer wish to fit into other people’s expectations, so following orders is not as easy now as it once was. Basically what you want is to have your own niche. You do have to watch a slight tendency to come across as obstinate in discussions. It’s not so much what you say sometimes as the way you are saying it.
SAGITTARIUS: Compromise won’t be easy for you. What you want you intend to have. Advice may be tossed aside as you decide to live it up socially and romantically. But you are not the only one in a mood to be challenging, so give everyone around as much leeway as you want for yourself. If you feel concerned about money calm down. It isn’t a disaster. If you just push harder, dig in your heels you could turn your situation around very nicely thank you.
CAPRICORN:The home you want now has to be designed to meet your highly personal needs. Overall you are aiming for an unusual domestic setting, without too many ties or rules and regulations. You do feel quite determined to get to the bottom of one situation now. Indeed in general you are bored with the superficial and want to get at the essentials in almost every area of your life. At times you will sound rather upfront and candid, not diplomatic or cooperative. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:You will be inspired and inventive in your thinking and speaking, really on the button, but you can also be absent minded. Write your bright ideas down the instant you have them, otherwise they will be forgotten. If you are feeling jangled or even discouraged then maybe you will need to back away from certain people. You are rather susceptible to picking up gloomy vibes at the moment which are nothing whatsoever to do with you. Find time to re-centre yourself.

PISCES:You could be over optimistic about money, preferring not to be bogged down in petty details. Try to be sensible as well as generous. Charity begins at home and you need to ensure you have a stable base. Don’t live so much in your hopes for the future that you forget to live in the present and enjoy what you really have. Certainly you’ll need to find yourself a long term strategy which really works, but you have to balance that with everyday activities.