Horoscope for 4th April 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: If you’re around others too much, you’ll end up being subjected to their demands so you might as well give yourself permission to go off and do what you want to do for yourself. You’ll be surprised in the quiet moments how inspiration suddenly hits you about things that seemed to have no answer. Watch for a tendency to become too escapist, looking for ways out of the boring, practical details of your everyday world. This will not be helpful. Stay connected.
TAURUS: You may not have a practical or structured plan of what your next move or indeed moves should be. When you look ahead you may be unclear about what you want or indeed how to reach your goals. You may be dashing around 16 different people, trying to sort out what they think about this or that, and getting confused. But at the end of it all you’ll be able to come to your own judgements. You’ll know where to commit your energy.
GEMINI: You’ll want to be more protective of those around at work or out in the community. The more you give, the more everyone will think you are absolutely marvellous. Regard setbacks at work as learning lessons now. They may bring humility and a deeper understanding of your purpose in life. Your old will-driven approach to career and ambition may be dissolving. This can feel strange at first but gradually you begin to see that there are other things than fame, success and glory.
CANCER: It’s a very enthusiastic time, when you will want to communicate on a much broader scale. There may be messages coming in from abroad or from a distance away. You may lean towards rather strange beliefs about the world at the moment. But do be wary of putting teachers or gurus on a pedestal since no one will match up to your ideals. You will end up feeling let down if you invest too much hope in someone else having all the right answers.
LEO: Your emotional responses will be more intense for a little while. Important, influential or strong minded people will be drawn into your orbit, but you will need to tread softly, and not say everything you feel or think. You may find yourself being disappointed or let down especially where joint finances and intimate emotional relationships are concerned. Maybe you need to be more discriminating, since you can with these influences around attract yourself to not very reliable partners. Think twice before committing yourself.
VIRGO: Try not to be jealous or possessive or get yourself unsettled if things aren’t going precisely as you want. You will tend to react over-quickly to things, hearing slights where none exist. Balance is what you are aiming for, though you may be swinging to extremes in the effort to find it. Having a close partner is vital to your confidence now. There may be links with creative or highly sympathetic companions. This can be lovely, but they can be rather inaccessible at times.
LIBRA: Having to fit in all the time with other people’s plans, whims, suggestions and orders can be a bit of a bore. Do what makes you feel virtuous, but don’t let other people push you too much. Where your health is concerned, you are becoming much more interested in alternative medicine and herbal remedies. If your energy is low you will be exploring subtle ways of improving your physical stamina. Just try to avoid getting caught up in any cranky ideas.
SCORPIO: Clearly not a time to be keeping your feelings to yourself. So have fun, playing games with loved ones, or social buddies. Forget routine chores and duck out if you feel an order coming your way. You are in a blissfully romantic mood, looking for that wonderful love but you may be a touch perplexed as lovers turn out to be weaker than you imagined. Maybe they are looking to you as a saviour, when really you could do with a prop for yourself.

You will not find it easy to bring emotional differences into the open but it is important that you try. Be as honest as you possibly can be. Do not tell little white lies even for the sake of keeping the peace or being nice. Try to make loved ones be straightforward as well. This is a good time to be self-protective and retreat into a private place, preferably at home. So much the better, if you can manage to take some time off.

CAPRICORN: YThe words all now flow out like a flood. You don’t stop, stand back and come to any conclusions or be reflective. Whereas if you could be a bit more sensible about one or two things, it really would help enormously. This may be a difficult time to keep secrets since they seem to slide out into the open at quite the wrong moment unexpectedly. Nor is it the right time to be absolutely blunt or confrontational. Lay your cards on the table tactfully. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: Money and security are the main things on your mind briefly. It’s well worth your while pushing yourself into doing boring things like the paperwork. Once you have that organised, not only will you feel better, you’ll be able to spend with a clear conscience. Though you seem to be vaguer about money than usual, maybe careless. Neptune around makes you feel that being too materialistic is somehow beneath you. Keep your feet firmly on the ground if you’re not to make yourself insecure.
PISCES: Don’t get hypersensitive or over react to other people’s comments. Sometimes you can just get yourself worked up about things that are not as important as you’re making them out to be. Try to give yourself some space to just wind down and be a bit more at peace if you possibly can. Every person you meet seems to give you different feedback, or bring out a different strand of your personality. Try to put all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together.

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