Horoscope for 4th Mar


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES:Just watch a tendency to put too much stress on surface appearance, or to fit in with whoever is taking the strong position around you for the sake of peace and quiet. You want to pour oil on troubled waters but you may need to stand up for your rights more firmly. You will be painting pictures in your mind, which is delightful. Though not so easy when you try to express what you are thinking or feeling, at least for now.
TAURUS:You seem to be in a position to give more now, and you are undoubtedly sensitive to the unspoken needs of those close. You can be enormously compassionate but you do have to watch that you do not become emotionally overloaded, soaking in too much of other people’s problems. Neptune around mildly now is a great healer, not in a dramatic way but by gently soothing. If you can connect to it then you find you’ll have a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.
GEMINI:You are feeling friendly, laid back, and rather mischievous. You want space, freedom and independence in your social and emotional life, and a strong individual for a mate who is willing to let you go your own way. You’re going to be fascinated by rather mystical things. You want to get away from the rational, logical and practical world, to float off, maybe on a little pink cloud. You know there are more things on heaven and earth than normal life lets in.
CANCER:Your ability to keep the peace, and generally boost morale at the moment, could be useful in gaining you prominence at work, and help smooth your path to promotion. Your charm may have a hidden agenda but it will bring the desired result if you just keep schmoozing in the right places. There are times when making a determined push is the right approach. Then there are times when doing nothing seemingly ends you up in the right place at the right time.
LEO:You are being honest and very direct about your feelings, though not at all heavy about anything. You want loved ones to be open and above board. It is important that you have open lines of communication, since you want titillating and amusing conversation as well as cuddles. Mercury close to Neptune makes it a time to pen a love letter, read poetry or even write one. Forget the accounts or the more unpleasant sides of reality. Let others do the rushing around.
VIRGO:If you are off someone, then you are really off. As far as you are concerned there will be no switching back on again. But you won’t always feel this intensely, and there may come a point when you wish you hadn’t been so abrupt. There could be an absolutely charming message coming your way, or a wonderful chance encounter. Maybe it will just be a passing moment, but it will bring a deeper sense of connection to a better world.
LIBRA:You certainly won’t be short of social invitations at this time. So make the most of the good times, and have fun. It will boost your morale, your self esteem and your status. But if you attempt any tasks that require huge attention to detail, you won’t do them well. You’ll end up in a bit of a muddle and have to go back and redo them later on. If you go with the flow you’ll get where you want to go just as quickly.
SCORPIO:You are slightly more reserved than usual, rather shy, when it comes to expressing your romantic needs. Make more effort to break the ice and show your inner warmth. You’re more sensitive to the subtler aspects of the world than usual, so everything around feels dreamy, romantic. If it doesn’t then you’ll want to disappear into that rather sweet world inside yourself. If you have to be in contact with other people, you’ll be picking up their problems without even having to ask..
SAGITTARIUS:You are certainly not in the mood for dreary chores or fitting in with instructions. Your creative spirit is demanding freedom. You’ll be casting your spell over everyone you meet, with your great enthusiasm and sparkling personality. Anything which feels too clashing, difficult or harassing won’t suit your quiet mood. You want things to be soothed and smoothed and wound down. Your intuition will be working well, so trust your instincts. Just don’t try to make cash decisions since your concentration will wander.
CAPRICORN:Maybe you don’t want to put yourself out and about as much at the moment socially or romantically. But watch that it isn’t a slight fear of rejection that is making you disappear into your shell. Just cuddle up close to those who make you feel warm and wonderful. Avoid being directly confrontational with people, or leaping in with provocative comments. You’ll end up losing words and not knowing how to finish what you started. Step back a little and reflect on the situation.scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:Maybe you will come across sometimes as slightly superficial because you flit lightly from subject to subject. But you will be a wow at parties, since your chit-chat is second to none. It’s not very great for concentrating on specialised tasks, since you’re going to be a bit vague or uncertain. Let yourself dream, listen to music or just be a little more imaginative. You will not even mind if someone tries to pull the wool over your eyes. You will be immensely forgiving.

PISCES:You will put a high value on loyalty, stability and physical closeness. You want more hugs, caresses, kisses and tangible gestures of affection than usual. Don’t let insecurity make you too possessive or stubborn. Just be affectionate and steadfast. It’s subtle, sensitive and very sympathetic time at the moment. You will be putting yourself across to people in a way that makes them understand where you are coming from. What’s more you’ll have an almost magical way of understanding what they’re all about.

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