Horoscope for 5th April 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be sociable, charming, a time when you’ll spruce up your appearance and be complimented. But you’ll also be serious, sensible and practical about what lies ahead. Your opinions will be in demand though you’ll need to tone down your approach at times. Being confrontational won’t work so be strategic and persuasive rather than forceful. Close partnerships will move into a hopeful, more enthusiastic phase from September onwards.
TAURUS: Time spent on your own need not necessarily be lonely, since you’ll have a chance to connect to your own deeper feelings or creative talents. Remember also that this is only a temporary phase and will soon be over. It will be particularly good around the working situation. You’re structured, and you’ve got an eye to the future. Indeed, you can see what your goals ought to be, and you can see very clearly how you can get to where you want to be.
GEMINI: Make sure you communicate to loved ones that your rather detached manner is not a rejection of them. You are just in a butterfly mood, flitting happily around, not settling anywhere for long. It won’t be a time to spend money, be frivolous or indulgent, or eat too much. But you’ll be realistic about what you have achieved. You’re able to plan ahead, and by and large will get the benefits under these kind of influences of the things you’ve prepared well for.
CANCER: If you are on the lookout for a new romance, you could find it with someone slightly older. It may not be grand passion, but it could get you invited out to all the best places. Though at one point you may feel it is all duty and no frivolity. But if you knuckle down and just be a little bit more self-disciplined and get things done, then you’ll find at the end of it all that you are remarkably pleased that you did.
LEO: You will be spreading your favours around fairly generously in a rather enthusiastic way in coming weeks. You want a social life that is challenging, not dull, and will be doing all you can to breathe a little adventure into your off duty activities. Though just briefly you may feel a little depressed energy-wise, but it’s not really going to be any kind of problem. You’re going to work, and that really is what the energies want you to do most of all.
VIRGO: Jealousy could be a problem at the moment since you want absolute commitment, and any hint of you not being in control of the situation will make you feel insecure. Be aware of your needs but don’t over react. You may be magnifying a tiny matter out of all proportion. Maybe you feel that life is all about duty and responsibility. However, if you can just make up your mind to that for a little while, then you’ll get through a good many chores.

Turning somersaults just to keep the peace or avoid confrontations may not always be wise. So be firm but tactful if the need arises. Saturn can be a bit of a wet blanket. It’s not about spending money or being frivolous or indulgent: it’s about being absolutely solid and down-to-earth and doing all the incredibly hard-working kind of things. But whether it’s using your mind or just using some practical or physical techniques, you will be very pleased by the results of it.

SCORPIO: You are being critical rather than forgiving at the moment with loved ones. Try to say what you want without sounding too sharp. Your detachment can have its useful side since you can pick out what is worth saving and what is not. But push it too far and you will only cause problems. You’re working in a way that is going to gain the approval of serious people. You’re not taking risks or being too boisterous, if anything, you’re being a bit understated.

You will be positively child-like in your open hearted determination to play as much as possible. You will be putting your feelings on the line, saying what you mean, and hinting loudly in the direction of loved ones. Though you will also plan and organise particularly well. You want to work thoroughly and with an eye to detail, and for that reason you’ll find that you don’t have to go and double-check everything tomorrow or the day after and redo things.

CAPRICORN: Clutter clearing will not only make your rooms look better, you’ll feel easier within yourself. You’re doing everything you can to be realistic in a positive kind of way, not wasting anything, not throwing money around, being pretty conscious of the limitations of life, and that is always the important thing. Once you get down to the bottom line and you accept the way life is at the moment, then you can begin to work with it and make it happen for yourself. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: Money and security are the main things on your mind briefly. It’s well worth your while pushing yourself into doing boring things like the paperwork. Once you have that organised, not only will you feel better, you’ll be able to spend with a clear conscience. Though you seem to be vaguer about money than usual, maybe careless. Neptune around makes you feel that being too materialistic is somehow beneath you. Keep your feet firmly on the ground if you’re not to make yourself insecure.
PISCES: Don’t get hypersensitive or over react to other people’s comments. Sometimes you can just get yourself worked up about things that are not as important as you’re making them out to be. Try to give yourself some space to just wind down and be a bit more at peace if you possibly can. Every person you meet seems to give you different feedback, or bring out a different strand of your personality. Try to put all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together.