Horoscope for 5th Mar


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES:If anchors are dragging with one project, you need to set your ingenuity to work. There’s no point in giving up in disgust or out of lethargy. Just focus on the essentials and keep quietly forcing your way ahead. Then you will suddenly find the road clears in front of you. You will be working extra hard now to improve your understanding of the world, and maybe struggling to find new spiritual beliefs. Your old outlook does not hold the same appeal any more.
TAURUS:Fuming, fretting and complaining doesn’t seem to be getting you anywhere very fast. There’s a temporary road block ahead and you may have to wait a bit for that to clear. But you could also be chip, chip, chipping away at whatever stands in your path. All you need is determination and perseverance. You do not always find it easy at the moment to get close in intimate situations since you are holding part of yourself back in reserve and can feel rather mistrustful.
GEMINI:What may be happening now is that you are cutting off from your deeper feelings, mainly because you think you might not like what you find. Try to relax and be honest in a calm way and all will come together again a little later on. You are exceptionally loyal where it matters at the moment, ready to stick it out through thick and thin for the sake of the people in your life who really matter. Try to have some fun as well.
CANCER:Your anger will tend to be either switched on or switched off, since there are slightly edgy influences around, which are not very easy to handle. Just proceed slowly and cautiously, double-check everything. Don’t let feelings of inadequacy hold you back. Just recognise that you can only do so much and that achievements will not be spectacular at this time. You are finding it easier to be patient, meticulous about detail. Just don’t get obsessed with getting jobs done perfectly. Be tolerant.
LEO:Authority figures may be a bit of a problem. They seem to be telling you to do what you don’t want to do. It’s important not to let them get at you too much. Just knuckle down to doing what’s true for you. If you work very hard you’ll achieve something, admittedly modest, but it will last over time. Children or loved ones maybe landing heavier responsibilities on you than usual. In response you may find yourself constantly setting rules and regulations for them.
VIRGO:If things are not going quite as well as you’d planned, just remember that patience will help. Don’t duck and dive to avoid the problem, but work persistently at trying to remove or overcome it. With Saturn at the base of your chart for a while you may be slightly wary of your emotions, feeling that what is around you is a little chilly or ungiving. Maybe you are having to put work before pleasure, duty before indulgence. Try to lighten up more often.
LIBRA:Other people seem to be getting in your way or doing things that are positively un-useful, so you may be sitting on your temper. But with Mars sparking off Saturn you only grit your teeth for so long, then you let fly. It’s not very easy to be assertive in a calm, steady way in these circumstances. Because you are more determined than usual when it comes to mental work you are understanding serious subjects which were once a mystery to you.
SCORPIO:It’s important at the moment to channel your energy into rather narrow tasks. There is a rather restrictive set of influences around, so if you can focus your concentration and motivation in a very self-disciplined way you will sort out detailed tasks. But be careful as you go, since you can end up tripping over your feet or being slightly accident-prone. Learning the lessons of generosity may come hard at the moment but they will pay off. You should not withhold your feelings.
SAGITTARIUS:Try to keep your confidence high. Maybe you feel that whatever it is you do isn’t going to work particularly well. If you start with a negative attitude, then quite often you create your own bad luck. So think positively and put your best foot forward, but cautiously. You will have a somewhat military discipline about getting things done. You have learned recently to be more self sufficient. But don’t let that cut you off from companions especially those who are struggling.
CAPRICORN:You could be clenching your teeth with frustration, feeling irritated, and could even be slightly accident-prone. The main thing to remember is that it will pass by. Just focus on essentials and keep calm, and keep your head down. Coming to grips with your martyr complex, which all of us have but may be more evident now with Saturn passing through the sign before yours, is vital for your sense of well-being and enjoyment. Try not to weigh friends down with your emotional problems.scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:Not everything is possible in life. Sometimes it’s just a question of patience waiting till the tide turns and sometimes it is just about facing up to limitations, to what you can’t change. If you can accept one particular situation now as it is, then you will find it easier to handle. Sometimes you don’t trust everyone to pull together as you would wish in team situations. Don’t always insist on rules and regulations, rather than letting everyone pitch in at their own pace.

PISCES:You may feel life is going slower and practically in reverse for a while. If you can find the correct attitude of absolute resignation without becoming discouraged, then it will pass by. It is difficult to let yourself be hemmed in, so you may get irritable. Just don’t say too much in the heat of the moment. Workmates may find you a bit of a control freak and over rigid. You are insisting on sticking to the straight and narrow but with good reason

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