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Horoscope for 6th April 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be challenging, at times slow going, but persistence and perseverance will pay off. Just don’t try to be in control all the time or be confrontational. Be strategic and persuasive instead. Luckily you’ll fall back on charm when all else fails which will work so much better. The mood around at work will be enthusiastic and supportive. From September one close relationship will flourish as you see what lies ahead clearly.
TAURUS: More restless than usual and with a fairly low boredom threshold, you’ll keep on the move constantly, visiting as many friends as possible. You will be good at mental activities, with a sharp eye, and the ability to put ideas across clearly. You’ve got to tackle everything with thoroughness now, leave no stone unturned. On the other hand don’t get too obsessive. It may be a slight problem that you focus in so narrowly on things that you can’t quite see the broad picture.
GEMINI: You don’t want to take anything at face value, and will tend to have rather intense encounters with other people. They may not be confrontations in the sense of a flare-up. But no one seems willing to give way or co-operate as much as you had hoped. Achievements may be slow in coming, so don’t expect instant results. But they’ll come if you persist. Remember there’s a bright side as well. Don’t lose your sense of humour even if you’re tackling rather serious matters.
CANCER: You are spending a good deal of time discussing future possibilities, and you need mates around as sounding boards for your brighter inspirations. Your livelier friends will adore you because you are up on the latest advances and not harping on about how things used to be. Pluto around at the moment has a habit of making you dig down into the depths of every situation because you want to know exactly how it works. Don’t just only see the difficult side of life.
LEO: You are taking time and trouble to speak in as precise and effective a way as possible. Your ambitions will be helped by your communication skills, though you may at times come across as too cool, not emotional enough. Cut your losses, clear out what needs to be got rid of, but do understand that your life is moving in a healthy and positive direction. Out of your experiences at the moment, you will emerge as a stronger personality, with better relationships.
VIRGO: You seem to be coming across people from different backgrounds, different countries, which is keeping you constantly interested. Though flaws and inadequacies in one relationship either at home or at work are beginning to show up. This will not make you feel comfortable, but at least what you know cannot cause so many problems. Also do recognise that you may be taking too bleak a view of one situation or person. Lighten up a little. Don’t say too much if you are feeling critical.

You want to get to the bottom of certain financial matters at the moment and will keep digging in your heels until certain people come clean. It is a time for negotiating, looking for compromises and fairer deals all round. If you feel you are wading through treacle a little bit, that a great deal of perspiration seems only to be bringing minimal results, then just have patience. You’ll see that your efforts have not been in vain. You’ll create substantial, long lasting achievements.

SCORPIO: You are keen to see justice done and fairness. What you say is coming across as well-balanced and impartial, but you won’t budge on what you truly believe. It may not be obvious at the moment but soon you’ll become aware that you have made strides ahead. There will be positive changes in your immediate environment, maybe at work or maybe with close partners. You can give yourself a quiet pat on the back then because it will be largely due to your efforts.

You are seeing the flaws and inadequacies in work situations at the moment. You loathe muddle, chaos or sloppiness and will not be backwards about saying so. You are being forced to examine certain situations in great depth and detail now. As long as you do not get discouraged or gloomy because it is all taking so long you will discover that you are gaining in wisdom. Out of your experiences, you will be able to help others and be rewarded in turn.

CAPRICORN: You may not be practical or good with tiny details at the moment, but you are being highly entertaining, and rather mischievous. What you lack in discipline you will certainly make up for in fun. Turning your back on certain situations or burying your head in the sand ostrich fashion will not work. You have to get yourself into reforming mood. Changes will not happen overnight, but if you apply yourself with persistence then you will be pleased at the outcome. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: With Mercury tucked out of sight in one of your emotional houses, you may find your feelings cloud your judgement. You could be biased or prejudiced without even knowing it. If there are sulks or broody silences around at home, don’t give in to them. The silent treatment can be very effective but only if you allow it to continue. Bring out grievances into the open as firmly and diplomatically as you can manage. Then everyone suddenly starts to look more upbeat again.
PISCES: More short distance travelling than usual seems to be taking up your time. You may not manage to do much in depth but you won’t be bored. You’ll see the benefits of standing your ground in one situation. The evidence may not come through quickly but you will be glad that you rose to the challenge and did not lose your cool. It may not feel very good just now, but the better things in life always cost a little in terms of effort.