Horoscope for 6th Feb 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: Everything that is new, exciting and original in your life has to be followed up on the instant. Don’t stick your feet in a rut. The changes that are coming are not awkward or gritty. This is change that’s happening with excitement. There are all sorts of opportunities to do new things. The influences around could be a trigger for something that is beginning which might in a minor way transform your life. But watch that you don’t become too stuck in certain connections.
TAURUS: You may feel a little separated from loved ones. You’ll get slightly wound up about something that you need just to wind yourself back down about. So keep a good sense of humour handy. The thing that will stop you now is if you try and avoid grasping new opportunities, and plodding along resolutely. Don’t think that life wants to stay as it was. It won’t and it doesn’t. You’ve got to be open to expressing yourself as an individual. Find your truth.
GEMINI: You’ll be seductively charming, and amiable though you may have had a hidden agenda up your sleeve. It isn’t to say you won’t have deep, positive kind of feelings but Pluto also covers over so you’ll have a rather benign smile on your face. At some underlying level, you want more control in your life. You want to go off and do things you haven’t been able to do before, and it’s important to see this restlessness as a very positive force for you.
CANCER:If you can try to be more frivolous than you’ll feel, you will find that you can flirt and have fun and be happy-go-lucky. You’ll flutter your eyelashes, twist other people round your little finger. It’ll draw you closer to people you really want to be close to. You’ll also be opening your mind to new ideas, any of the kind of things that really open new doors in your life. Investigate, explore, experiment – and test new paths and see whether they’ll bring benefits.
LEO: There will be no switches on and switches off in your feelings now. Instead, you could become possessive and jealous if you are in a long-running relationship. You will also be tempted to manipulate a tiny little bit since you will want your own way. But it will be an inspiring, enlightening, sparkling, challenging time with lots of good fun. The main thing to remember is you need to be yourself. There’s no point in compromising just to fit in with other people’s wishes.
VIRGO:  There could be some indiscretions in the air especially if you’re bored in your love life. You’ll want to sidle off and do things you haven’t been able to do before. The current influences can be a little compulsive. So you’ll be utterly fascinated. Just try to keep yourself together. This is really pushing to bring a little bit more of a sense of liveliness or risk into your life and let a blast of fresh air blow through it — but not too much.
LIBRA:You could become infatuated or fascinated with someone new. So it could be the trigger for a new relationship that will then last hereafter. Though it can also bring up jealousy or envy in relationships you already have so watch your step slightly. Yet you’re entertaining companions in one kind of way, because you’ve got all these rather exciting and different kinds of ideas. Sometimes you can be far too honest though. Avoid leaping out saying one or two things rather too forcefully.
SCORPIO: It’ll almost be as if there’s a sort of magical power drawing you closer to the right person. You’ll have a deep sense that certain relationships are meant so you’ll make the effort to turn on your charms. You’ll really want to get down into the depths of things. You just want to be away from restrictions, away from restraints, away from things which are maybe pulling you back or pushing you into a corner. And you aren’t as rash as you sometimes are.
SAGITTARIUS: You’ll definitely want to be close to that special someone. You’ll sidle up to them and tell them exactly what you think of them — in the nicest way. You’ll flutter your eyelashes, even be slightly manipulative. But it should work exceptionally well if you are subtle. You’ll find that you’ve got much more sparkling relationships with friends, and other people around. You want to be one of a gang, but not crowded — you can’t bear people being possessive or telling you what to do.

You will want more passion, or something rather unusual. Anything frankly which gets you away from the everyday kind of ruts and routines. You will definitely want to have more depth in the relationships you’ve got. Or you’ll be looking for other relationships in which you can really consume yourself. You need out of your cage, you need away from things which are dull and boring. And although you may not be very self-disciplined, you can probably still get a great deal done.

AQUARIUS: IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be emotionally intense and secretive as well as hard working. You’ll nurture hidden passions and get jealous if it doesn’t go your way. Happily luck will be on your side financially as well as emotionally. Money will come your way with less effort than you might expect. And you’ll open up to intimacy gradually in a new and beneficial way. Older, sensible friends will keep you on the right track with long term plans.
PISCES: You will want stability, to keep things as they are. So watch that you don’t get a bit smothering or restrictive with loved ones. Or indeed that they aren’t doing it to you in reverse. Both of you need to realise that relationships have to grow, to stay alive and open. If you clutch too much, clearly that won’t happen. You’ve got a lot of curiosity, and you want to find the answers to questions. Luckily you’re pretty much on the alert, very quick-witted. “>

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