Horoscope for 7 October, 2016


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr


IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be slow moving at times but perseverance will pay off especially at home and with family dilemmas. Don’t be too forceful but don’t be too submissive either. Your enthusiasm will be high since you’ll sense that the winds of good fortune are blowing behind you. Resources will be drawn to you and relationships in general will improve. Though one close partner may not be on your wavelength. Give yourself room to breathe and recharge your batteries.

ARIES: This is the time to make room for the creative changes in your life which really want to happen at the moment. Try to let go of old patterns of behaviour that have been holding you back. Change is never simple, especially at a psychological level, but you will benefit greatly from abandoning what is not in your best interests. You are the diplomat par excellence. Your harmonious way of expressing yourself and desire to keep the peace is doing wonders for your popularity.
TAURUS: If you feel blocked and that nothing is budging an inch at the moment do not get discouraged. There are powerful pressures working below the surface or behind the scenes, which will allow you to turn your life round very soon. In a few days’ time on the far side of the Pluto influences you will look back and know that your efforts did make a real difference. You are appreciating differences and distinctions, which others regard as too trivial to bother about.
GEMINI: Whatever has become confused or delayed around you needs a sensible strategy to get it rolling again. You may feel puzzled initially about how best to tackle it all but keep persevering and the answers will come. It could even be a good time for house-cleaning, have a grand clear out and re-organisation. You may be ignoring certain details in your determination to see the broad sweep at the moment. But because of your carefulness and long term vision, you can plan well.
CANCER: If you are too uncooperative and demand total control, it may not get you the results you want. Maybe you are absolutely right, but being right does not necessarily mean you win. If you get into a push pull situation, you will only end up with a stalemate. That would be a real waste of energy. Watch you are not getting too close to subjects to be able to see them clearly. You may be taking too narrow a view of one situation.
LEO: It may be that you feel that other people are pushing you around a little bit. Don’t let them. But don’t get pulled into their tactics either. Responding in like manner is only likely to prolong a sticky situation. Use a little subtle ingenuity to find a third way, and then you will be able to smile triumphantly. You are making it your business to know everything about everybody at the moment, since you want to have all the necessary facts at your disposal.
VIRGO: Try to wind down. It may take an effort, but staying cheerful in spite of the circumstances around you may just be the easiest way to sail through in good form. Stay calm and just smile gently if close companions get sulky or too tricky. Your thinking and speaking is all directed at the moment to whatever has a practical or financial purpose, which is making you thoughtful. Others may carp about your slowness but you know it is vital to get everything right.
LIBRA: You are beginning to examine what things are no longer necessary in your life. Nothing lasts for ever in the same form. In nature with the seasons comes new growth, then flowering, then decay, before the cycle starts over. In the same way you need to see what has passed its sell by date, and let it go. If your boredom threshold is low, you may jump into action, just to avoid the process of making decisions which take account of all the facts.
SCORPIO: If there are tensions in relationships at work or at home, you’ll need to find a way out of differences without making your actions too obvious. So try to find a middle way. Not being too submissive, letting other people steamroller over the top of you, or being too pushy yourself. You may be feeling too sensitive on one score and interpret as criticisms things that others say which were never meant to hurt. Don’t over react until you’ve checked out what was intended.
SAGITTARIUS: This is a time for getting things done. So decide what you want to do and set goals. Maybe you are feeling down because you think things aren’t going to hold together. You are almost certainly magnifying things out of all proportion. It will take perseverance to sort out the situation which has been occupying most of your attention recently, but within a few days you will feel much more secure.
CAPRICORN: Don’t lose your sense of humour. Sometimes a joke can break tension or lift everyone’s spirits when they have become slightly obsessed about tricky situations to which there is no obvious answer. If everyone insists on standing firm, then it could end up in one of these unwinnable battles where nobody is willing to give way. You will want to know the common sense reasons for doing everything and will get irritated by work mates who rattle on about grand ideas. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: If you’re willing to learn from life, to be flexible enough, then you can make significant progress. You need to be secure enough in your identity that you can take feedback from other people. Try to see where you could alter course just a little bit, whether it’s in your behaviour or your attitudes. Then the way ahead will clear quickly. You see no reason to pull your verbal punches now, since you treasure the truth. Mates may need a thick skin though.
PISCES: Certain people in your life may be demanding that you do what they want. Trouble is you basically want them to do what you want. So there may be an impasse around, and some anxiety from that. Just be tactful but firm. Maybe you cannot change everything you would like, but you can probably make more of an impression than you imagine by the way you rise to the problem. You are fairly intense at the moment, maybe more stubborn than usual in discussions.