Horoscope for 7th March 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: Finding a balanced view is the trick to getting ahead. Don’t forget your mistakes but also don’t overlook your positive achievements, or the good luck coming your way. You will know you are finding a better way round other people’s resistances now. If you want them to shift ground you can lean a little bit. If you want straight answers, you do have the power to bring things out into the open. You aren’t likely to fight things through to the bitter end.
TAURUS: If you’re feeling a bit low, you need to do something to boost your energy. That may well be to do with getting your body in ship-shape order. But it can also be about not allowing yourself to be dragged down by difficult feelings. Nothing is ever perfect, but the happiest people are those who take life as it comes, warts and all and still smile. You will put your foot down and be forceful, but not in a leap-up-and-down, throw-a-tantrum kind of way.
GEMINI: Thinking everything is going to be wonderful cheers you up and even exaggerating your abilities can be fun. But maybe you need to come down off your pink cloud and see everything as it really is. If you can do that and still feel confident then you’ll avoid the muddles that come in the wake of having over promised or spun too much hype. You feel you have now learned one valuable lesson, and you won’t be caught out in the same way again.
CANCER: You know you have to compromise over one situation, be more self-controlled, maybe tighten your belt a little bit. Saving money is never fun, but this is definitely not the time for throwing cash around too liberally. Ditto eating too much, drinking too much and partying too much. Luckily you can combine a warm, friendly approach with enough depth and intensity to make your mark where you want. You are making sure that you aren’t being swept into a corner or under the carpet.
LEO: When someone says you have to be mature, you know it’s going to be tedious. But this is really not the time to be playing. Pay attention to the small details, dot the ‘i’s and cross the ‘t’s, and you will progress, not quickly, but at least in a steady forward direction. Keep your optimism high as well, because perhaps you are looking on the bleak side. A situation in your life that you’ve been wrestling with really begins to move a lot faster.
VIRGO:  Make absolutely certain that you’ve got a game plan up your sleeve for the next few weeks. You need to go in for structured thinking. You need a realistic goal and practical plans for getting there. There’s no sense in relying on luck or blind faith to make it happen. You have to have it well thought through, with all the angles taped. It is important to make best use of the influences to ensure that you’re pushing in the right direction.

Pull yourself together, knuckle down to the inevitable and although progress may be slow, you will end up with a solid result. Don’t let anyone hassle or harass you, but face up to the fact that someone in a position to call the shots may be laying down the law. If you can accept that they are right, you will fare better. You can be highly persuasive, and exert a little subtle force and pressure to move companions into your way of thinking.

SCORPIO: Definitely a time to push frivolity away and focus on duty. Bore, bore. But when Saturn is around in aspect to the Sun, there is usually little choice. If you try to be over enthusiastic or too optimistic, you always end up having to come down to earth with a bump. So if you stay with your feet on the ground, then you should have fewer problems. You want to think things through rather deeply, to investigate, get right down below the surface.
SAGITTARIUS: Not a time to expect huge amounts of generosity, or support from other people. You may have to work more on your own. But instead of getting into a gripe and a groan, see where you can use the time wisely to achieve a little more. Focus on narrow tasks that require attention to detail. You will be much better working as part of a whole with other people, so head for group activities or a team situation at work, or for friends.
CAPRICORN: Don’t get too resentful if other people are holding you back. Sometimes being held back has a point and a purpose. You often achieve a great deal more if you go slower. Out of what may initially seem to be setbacks can come something more useful. Flying ahead at top speed can end you up going round in circles. Sort out what needs to be sorted out. All you have to do is turn one tangled situation around and be on your way. scop-icon-5

If you have concerns that are bearing down on you, making you feel you’re not doing as well as you want, then give yourself a shake. Admit if something isn’t working. Cut your losses, concentrate on your successes, change what you can, and accept what you can’t change. A definite decision to face reality will boost your spirits. Realise this is when you really feel you have turned your life around. You can look back and understand that you’ve come through some tough times.

PISCES: All of us want easier lives and tend to assume that everyone else has less problems. If you do feel that your life is trickier than other people’s at the moment, then it probably isn’t true. They may just be hiding it better. Accept the pressures around now as a way of holding you back in order to focus. If you concentrate you will find the answer. You’ll change more easily than you expected, and maybe even tackle one problem situation successfully. “>