Horoscope for April 18, 2015


IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be a time to get your heart and your head in agreement and then go energetically towards your goals. You may be more independent than usual but you know you have to sort out your own ambitions before you concentrate on other’s wishes. You’ll be popular socially and more confident at work which will bring you positive responses from the right people. Just don’t go wild and speculate or gamble with cash. You’ll bounce with energy after mid-year.

ariesARIES: Mars is at an awkward aspect to Jupiter, which can actually be rather successful or quite the opposite. It depends on how you handle it. Mars is very dynamic and energetic while Jupiter is lucky and confident, but what the combination do not have is much common sense. You are likely to charge into action rather recklessly. Both the Sun and Moon are in your birthday sign so you will want to do anything which makes you feel the centre of attention, even if it’s your own.
TAURUS: Zippy Mars at odds with upbeat Jupiter can be a potent combination. Neither planetary influence is a long-distance runner. They will not improve your spirits for projects that go on and on and on, so don’t launch with wild abandon into schemes which you may run out of energy or interest for before they can be completed. Don’t expect anything major today. Just be clear you need to put your wholehearted attention behind the scenes into whatever you want to put into place over the next year.taurus
geminiGEMINI: You need to wind yourself down and pause to take stock. Impulse decisions will not work out as you expect since your judgment may not be that marvellous. Keeping your feet firmly attached to the ground may be wise. All those new plans you have been mulling and muddling over in recent days can now be given a sensible push. You want to sort out your game plan for the next twelve months, but don’t stop at thinking. Make a few decisions and put them into action.
CANCER: You reckon that almost anything you touch will turn out well. Luck should be on your side, but you do need to slow down. Prepare, plan, understate what you think you can achieve, and you will fare better. If you aim too high, you could find nothing works as well as you expect. You really want to give your reputation a boost and get the recognition your talents deserve, but you can’t rest on your laurels. Get your head and heart together and make it happen.cancer
leoLEO: Keep in mind that sounding too uppity and or thinking that you can’t be wrong about anything will not be the best approach. You could go a step too far with the rather boisterous influences around. Count to twenty-five before volunteering for new projects. This is the time of year you review your beliefs, whether to do with politics, religion, education or just your philosophy of life. Your outlook does not remain static from childhood to old age. You constantly discard what no longer fits.
VIRGO: You could be at risk of biting off more than you can chew, promising more than you can deliver. It could be a good time to start new projects, as long as you take practical advice, and move at a steady pace. Your feelings are probably more intense than usual, but maybe that tells you what you need to know about one intimate partnership. If you can lay your cards on the table in private, you are likely to get better understandings in future.virgo
libraLIBRA: Doing something that gives you more sense of meaning and satisfaction is a must, but sometimes the more you attempt, the less you succeed. If you trim back your high hopes and go one step at a time, then you could get one or two things done really well. There is no doubt that you need another half before you will feel secure. You may have to be less self-sufficient and more adaptable to ensure that close partners are on your wavelength.
SCORPIO: Because your morale is high, your physical energy will follow suit. You do want to push your visions forward, but if you have a financial plan in mind, just make sure you are not relying too heavily on someone else’s generosity or expecting miracles. Try to curb your inclination to spend like mad. You know this isn’t the most glamorous time of the year at work for you, but it could just be the right circumstances for you to re-organise some of your methods.scorpio
sagittariusSAGITTARIUS: You are very much in one of your get-up-and-go kind of moods. You are not pessimistic, cautious or very humble. Distinctly upbeat influences tend to make you feel you can accomplish more than usual. With a bit of luck and some solid planning, you will find that luck is behind you, but a little care is definitely needed. This is your day to allow a new facet of your personality to shine out without apology or self-consciousness. Throw away your inhibitions.
CAPRICORN: There are lovely, lively influences around which should be doing wonders for your self-confidence. You could be at the point of turning some of your dreams into reality. There is only a slight risk you allow yourself to get too carried away. Try to exert some self-discipline and put a few limits on what you think is possible. If there have been any family rifts or differences recently, this could just be the time to wipe the slate clean and start again. Don’t wait to be approached.capricorn
aquariusAQUARIUS: You feel like riding into top gear flying the banner of your pet causes, but watch you don’t fly ahead too fast. When it comes to physical activities, avoid taking risks. Not that you will be accident-prone, but you could just think you are capable of more than you are. Everyone around knows your heart is in the right place but they may not be entirely clear about what you are driving at, so try to collect your thoughts before you dash into discussions.
PISCES: You are so exuberant you feel almost that everything you touch will work. Sometimes you can trust your instincts, but you need to take some of your wilder schemes with a pinch of salt. You need to check and re-check that what you are aiming for is realistic and sensible. Cast your eye six months ahead and work out where you want to be at that point financially as well as emotionally. Once you have set your goals, you need to work out a practical plan for fulfilling them.


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