Horoscope for April 30, 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: Venus is now in your house of personal finances, and will be staying there for a few weeks to come, so you will be irresistibly attracted to the beautiful, luxurious and expensive things of life. Nothing cheap, cheerful or practical will really appeal. Though you also want to be more knowledgeable, so are perhaps reading a good deal, and trying to understand about different countries and cultures. You will be taking your opinions very seriously and testing them out.
TAURUS: IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be charming, sociable, outgoing and confident. You’ll forget to be self-conscious and step out boldly at parties and at work. You’ll gradually become aware that you’ve got a stronger grip on your life and direction and will push ahead determinedly. There will be confidential matters, financial and emotional, which require your attention. Be persistent there as well and you’ll build up your security. Your energy will rise later.
GEMINI: You will not be as socially outgoing as usual for a few weeks. But don’t get gloomy. The upside is that it puts you in touch with creative or spiritual matters, so you will emerge softer, wiser and maybe revitalised because of the deeper connections you have made, either within yourself or with those you share your deeper interests. Maybe you feel there is a barrier between yourself and certain close companions, since Saturn is around putting a wet blanket on feelings.
CANCER: You are at your best now in large social groups and team relationships at work, looking optimistically ahead. Your friendship circle is welcoming, and you will have no shortage of invitations or ports of call when you feel inclined to be out and about. Sloppiness and inefficiency are driving you to distraction now. But you can over burden yourself with work, drown yourself in detail or become far too critical of yourself and others. You need to loosen up a little and see the broad sweep of projects.
LEO: You will be using your charm to impress all the influential people around at work or out in the community. Flattery will get you most places, so keep handing out the compliments. They may not always be sincere but they will work. You seem to be trying too hard to keep your emotions in control. Maybe you should learn to let your hair down, to be the centre of attention when you are not working. Accept that you can be loved and valued for being yourself.
VIRGO: If you are thinking of throwing a party or even inviting friends round for supper you will want it to be flamboyant, maybe even rather grand, or with a foreign theme. Think where you would most like to be on holiday and then bring that into your home. You need to learn to let down your guard and trust intimacy more. Letting your emotions flow will help your closest relationships. Oddly enough it will also help your body which tends to store toxins and fluid.
LIBRA: You will be more secretive than usual. Only those closest to you will guess what is on your mind. You do want to dig deeper for better long term answers. You like everything in the right place. You want to find out about new subjects, search out answers and explore possibilities. Do not become discouraged if you feel others are disagreeing with you or excluding you from conversations. Just force yourself to find the courage to ask what has gone wrong and to try to put it right.
SCORPIO: You are in love with love and putting out highly attractive vibes. Not only is that special person being more romantic, you will also be much in demand out on the wider social scene for a few weeks. You know you have to be sensible about cash now. But maybe you also need to find trust in the bounty of the universe to let go control. Money like all energy needs to be able to flow. Hang on too tightly and you can stop it coming towards you.
SAGITTARIUS: You could find romance springs up around your everyday chores. Even if that doesn’t happen you will still find you gain great comfort from doing your job. You will take pleasure in doing things with care. Just do not fall into the glooms of self-doubt now. This is no time to be living on other people’s terms. You must prune everything out of your life that is inessential or outmoded and understand that you are now beginning a new 29 year cycle in your life.
CAPRICORN: You will be a real party lover and fairly dramatic in the way you present yourself. No one will miss your exuberant personality. You will not lose anything or anyone who is necessary to your future happiness or security. Just observe, evaluate and let go what wants to go from your life. This is a time of tidying up an old way of being, and you are not quite at the point where you can step out into the new phase that is coming. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: More than usual in the weeks ahead, you are expressing affection for your close family and want to be entertaining relatives and close friends at home. It’s a great time to plan get togethers and to sort out your domestic arrangements so that everything flows smoothly. The people you chose as friends may be older or more career oriented than usual. At times you will not be happy with their rather critical advice, but it is solidly based and well meant.
PISCES: You are putting on the charm. Your harmonious way of expressing yourself and wonderful way with words guarantees that you will be highly persuasive. Maybe you need to cut your losses and concentrate on your successes now. Do not trail on with what is not working well. You have to get down to the bottom line, get a grip and start building. Try to judge individual situations or people on their merits. Don’t take everything as a matter for principle. Life is never that simple.

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