Horoscope for August 11, 2015



ariesARIES: Tuned into higher things now, you genuinely want to be of service and make everyone’s life easier. Having the energy and the right support around you will mean that you can make faster progress in any field you choose. Tensions in relationships should be easier. There is more support and encouragement around you. Maybe great success hasn’t arrived yet but you are promised improved job conditions, more praise, maybe even more money. All of which will help you be of practical service to others.
TAURUS: Being out in the centre of activities at parties or in games will find you absolutely in your element. Your popularity is soaring with loved ones, children and social mates, so there is no sense in holding back. Allow yourself to step forward confidently with as much panache as you can muster. Your relationships with children will be better, more fun, since your own inner child will be allowed out to play more spontaneously. Let yourself sparkle in the spotlight and enjoy being appreciated.taurus
geminiGEMINI:  Try to stand up for yourself if certain family members are taking your good nature too much for granted, even to the extent of costing you more. A happy home life is top of your wish list at the moment, far and away beyond anything the outside world has to offer. There is a growing sense of peace and comfort, less tension than in the past. Keep thinking of ways to expand your intimate surroundings, to bring you more comfort and relaxation.
CANCER: There should be opportunities galore around you for the taking and your bouncy self confidence will certainly attract positive responses from others around. You could even be in the mood to take up new studies. Your curiosity will send you in search of better answers. Definitely in a morale boosting mood and lifting other people’s enthusiasm, you will be chatting happily to everyday companions, gliding through your work routines with less effort than usual. You are very open minded about other opinions.cancer
leoLEO: You should be earning more or at least you are definitely finding that your prospects are brighter than they have been. But try to hang onto a little of it. Cash could be sliding through your fingers at an alarming rate if you do not take care. You should be having a good deal of luck in the months ahead. But it does sometimes mean that material aims take over too much. Find time to consider what other values there are in your life.

IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be certainly easier on the financial front though you’ll spend lavishly and need to be on guard since not all advice coming your way will be reliable. Your confidence and energy will be high so you’ll forge ahead at full speed. There will be some tangles at home to resolve, both practical and emotional. Loved ones will be demanding. Be firm but flexible. Intriguing new friends will open your eyes to new ideas and beliefs.

VIRGO: You are inspiring a great deal of trust in close companions, though sometimes they think you are a touch over optimistic. Maybe you do look on the bright side of life, and promise more than you can deliver. But you mean well, and no one will really mind. Try to think through the practical consequences of what you say. Your relationships in general are improving and tensions are easing. What’s even better resources could be drawn to you. Just don’t get ahead of yourself.virgo
libraLIBRA: As you gradually come to terms with your own hidden needs, you have a better understanding of those around who may be struggling slightly. Listen to your instincts since that quiet inner voice will tell you all you need to know. You’ll be learning to like yourself more. A significant person may be around who will act discreetly as a spiritual guide. Then in turn you can be doing the same for someone else. The best advice will come in the quiet moments.
SCORPIO: Friendships will be working well now and in the months ahead. Slowly you will be mixing confidently with large numbers of people at work as well as in your leisure activities. This is an optimistic time when you can look ahead and see really rosy glows on the horizon. All your group activities should be going with a swing. Your sunny self confidence makes everyone around you feel better, while they in turn give you a sense of better times to come.scorpio
sagittariusSAGITTARIUS: Praise and a growing appreciation of your talents at work will have you beaming with pleasure and a certain amount of relief. Work relationships will be prospering well partly because of your tolerant, easygoing manner. Your ambitions should be flowing smoothly upwards, and not just now but for months to come. Good at inspiring enthusiasm in others, you will be a great motivator. Watch that you don’t think you can perform miracles since your plans are not always grounded in practical common sense.
CAPRICORN: This is a time for broad thinking. Your confidence will be soaring. Let yourself speak out if you feel the urge. But also realise that your ideas may not all be practical. You may discover when you put your plans into action some way down the line that some have to be abandoned as unworkable. But you need to allow yourself the leeway to be positive all the same. You’ll be constantly on the go, seeking more challenging companions who are good conversationalistscapricorn
aquariusAQUARIUS: You are now moving into a time when you’ll be changing emotionally faster than you realize. Your intimate relationships are improving as a result. There is a generosity coming your way from the universe since you started to open up and let go control. Mates will be in a position to be more generous to you than before. Even the bank manager will seem more amiably disposed towards you. Suddenly the world seems a luckier place, so expect money to flow your way.
PISCES: Emotional partners do seem to be in better humour, and happy to fit in. At work as well you are attracting the kind of support and enthusiastic connections which make you feel optimistic. Close relationships will be easier, less tense, though you may have to beware a tendency to take partners too much for granted or indeed to rely totally on their advice which is not always realistic. They have a sunny-side-up mentality which is sometimes wise to take with a pinch of salt.pisces

courtesy: Marjorie Orr


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