Horoscope for August 12, 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be a time to open your mind to new ideas, be tolerant of difference and listen to feedback. With a new attitude you’ll find your popularity rises and your luck will turn good. You’ll be spending liberally but there should be more coming in. Just have a care with joint finances since not everyone around is as reliable or sensible as you imagine. Your social life will be vibrant at times and quite a slog at others. Enjoy the good times.

ARIES: You’ll be a great crusader for your pet beliefs and enthusiastic about broadcasting your ideas to a wider cross section of friends than usual for a while. Being challenged and tested makes you come alive, and you would rather travel far than be stuck in routine. At times you may scatter your energy in too many directions at once and family life could be rather edgy or downright noisy. You will throw a great deal of energy into clearing things out of the way.
TAURUS: You will be determined to fight for your rights in cash and emotional matters. You feel more intensely at the moment, and can be jealous if you feel insecure. You are coming across with more powerful effect than usual, but have no intention of displaying your hand. Secrets will stay that way. Don’t cut yourself off and sit behind a brick wall, since others will feel you are too self-sufficient or self-contained, and not offer help. Maybe you could express your feelings more openly.
GEMINI: You will find close relationships both at work and at home more heated than usual. Partners will be fiery tempered and rather irritable but you may also find yourself snapping and sniping. Where possible you will avoid arguments since you really cannot be bothered with hassle, but you could end up not standing up for yourself enough with the family or loved ones. You may overspend on luxury items for home but they will make you feel good. Just don’t go too wild.
CANCER: Push indulgences and pleasure activities to one side in order to concentrate on becoming more efficient and better organised. But try not to overwork, or you will find it difficult to wind down until everything has been finished to perfection. Perhaps you are feeling dissatisfied with what you do, but do not get too critical. Just try to keep your cool. It will help if you can channel your abundance of red hot energy in constructive directions since you could achieve a great deal.
LEO: You want to be centre-stage, entertaining others and picking up all the attention and applause. You will feel passionately enthusiastic about the better things of life – love, leisure, pleasure, children and sport. You have a good deal of creative flair, and strong willpower. Try to give yourself space just to chill out, listen to good music or daydream happily in a quiet corner. Later your energy may not be quite so high so try to step back when you can.
VIRGO: Maybe you are having to push yourself to resolve certain practical or business problems around your home or family. Or you are having to face up to certain realities in your emotional life. You will not rest or sit still easily. You may retreat into your shell when irritated or hurt. At times you will be hyper-sensitive to the slightest emotional change, and if threatened, you will be very defensive. You don’t want anything rough edged, or gritty, unpleasant or stretching.
LIBRA: Your working routines will be speeded up quite soon. Short distance journeys and a great many stimulating conversations will keep your adrenalin flowing faster. Debates and controversies are keeping you on your toes as long as you win most of the time. Your mind is fast moving, witty, sharp, and rather too cutting at times. You will tend to over eat since you want to pamper yourself and perhaps feel that loved ones are being unappreciative, so you have to spoil yourself.
SCORPIO: You will be keen to make more money than usual. A rather flamboyant lifestyle will appeal to you so you will want to indulge yourself in the short term. The Moon is close to Saturn so you will be hard working and rather reserved when it comes to emotional matters. Just don’t under value your contribution since what you are doing may not be spectacular but it will be worthwhile. Soften your attitudes to yourself and loved ones. It will help smooth relations.
SAGITTARIUS: This is a great time to start new projects since you have initiative, imagination, drive and determination. You intend that nothing should be allowed to get in your way. You’ll be are a great starter, but watch that you are a good finisher as well. Though later you may find just briefly that there’s a rather peculiar atmosphere at home or in close relationships. There will be a bit of a smokescreen around so you won’t be clear about what’s real and what’s fantasy.
CAPRICORN: Maybe you’ll feel uneasy here, not able to muster up confidence to get your own way for the time being. But it is only temporary. Do a little strategic planning ahead to the time when you can act with greater speed. You must throw your energy into behind-the-scenes activity or learn to pull strings a little more subtly. The Moon at odds with Saturn could make you feel badly done to, since it is all work and no play for a while. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: The Moon in tricky aspect to Venus just briefly may make getting out of bed more difficult than usual since you want pamper yourself. Your lazy steak will be more obvious than usual, which if you are normally too active, will probably be no bad thing. Later you will be throwing your energy into team activities at work. Though co operation will not always be easy for you at the moment but your enthusiasm will be catching amongst companions, so they should rally round.
PISCES: At times you are justifying what you do just because of the outcome, which can make you seem opportunistic and not always compassionate of the needs of those less able. You may find it more difficult to understand people who lack your drive, but just remember that everyone is different. You are flying into action at home and are determined to sweep the furniture and the family into shape. But do beware a tendency to be a little too fierce or aggressive.

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