Horoscope for August 19, 2015


aries ARIES: An old, long-running relationship could sparkle back to life, or a new relationship could put a twinkle back in your eye. You could also get sudden financial gains. Sometimes you spend more money, so watch there aren’t unexpected losses. If you keep things on an even keel, there won’t be too many problems. You will act as you please, even if your behaviour shocks or startles companions who knew the old you. This is definitely the time to step out of your shell.
TAURUS: You want to take risks and have thrills, and two or three days later you look back and think, “I wish I hadn’t done that so impulsively.” There is light being shone on hidden places in your life. This can bring enlightenment to hidden areas. While it may be unsettling on the way through when it’s triggered, it does also let you see where you have been too tied in the past, or too determined to cram yourself into a space that didn’t really fit you. taurus
gemini GEMINI:  Venus is in aspect to Uranus, which can be disruptive. It’s a bit roller-coaster, Uranus, switch on-switch off, to do with your affections, to do with indulgences and extravagances. You may be spending money like mad and then suddenly wishing you hadn’t bothered. Your plans, hopes and aims for the future are changing suddenly and unpredictably. You want more adventure, stimulation and excitement. Initially you may feel insecure if you let go of old ambitions, but this is a time to test the unknown.
CANCER: These influences could bring good, fun relationships into your life, but they’ll also bring zany people who aren’t the kind of friends you want in the long term. You know you must be more original and open to risks at work otherwise you will end up feeling stale and bored. Arguments with bosses and authority figures are likely if they try to tie you down. If you try to continue as you have been, life will force you to look at how many compromises you’re making. cancer
leo LEO: Whatever tensions there have been in your emotional life may come out into the open, but that is all to the good because they will set you free and allow you to go off and do the things that you really need to do for yourself. You are highly intrigued by ideas that are different, and companions see you as having a fascinating mind. Let out your bright, inventive opinions. They may not always meet with universal agreement, but they will certainly stimulate discussion.

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be exciting and excitable, dynamically energetic and confident. You’ll be firing on all cylinders, pushing aside all obstacles and still managing to be charming. Compliments and invitations will come your way. As will money so your personal finances will improve though your spending is also likely to shoot up. At home you’ll need to be serious about reorganising to ensure everything runs smoothly. Handle family tensions with tact.

VIRGO: You’re likely to go off and flirt. You want to be around people who are going to be light-hearted and rather more exciting. You’re probably spending money like mad on rather more entertaining things than usual. You are acting rather unpredictably, switching from one feeling to another without warning. This makes it tricky for close relationships to run on an even keel. You don’t want too much closeness at the moment, so you need rather tolerant, detached partners who will let you go your own way. virgo
libra LIBRA: You’ll probably be wanting to flirt, so there may be somebody who is catching your eye over the next couple of days. Definitely a time to look for new experiences, to do anything that’s original, experimental and a little bit inspired, and maybe you need to try and be a little bit more artistic while you’re at it. In close relationships you want more elbow room and to be able to express yourself freely. This can cause strain in fragile relationships or where partners are insecure.
SCORPIO: Venus now in aspect to Uranus isn’t good for is possessive relationships or relationships where you want to keep everything absolutely still and stable. You need to be able to operate in your career in own highly individual style away from direct supervision. You cannot bear being given orders or fitting into a highly structured team set up. Your own inventive ideas will be best, but you will also be exploring new remedies in order to keep fit or for resolving old ailments. scorpio
sagittarius SAGITTARIUS: You could be impatient with loved ones, because you want them to be less dull than they have been. If you can make partners wake up a bit, everybody is going to have a great deal more fun. In your heart of hearts, you want to be wilder, more way out and having a whale of a time socially and romantically. Whether you allow yourself this freedom is the question, but it’s why you feel so restless around conventional relationships that are making you feel bored or trapped.
CAPRICORN: If you’ve got a long-running emotional relationship, the present influences shake it up and perhaps make you feel insecure. But on the other hand, they let a blast of fresh air blow through things and you begin to think, “Well, maybe I do need a little bit more independence”. Freedom is what you really want, away from old restrictive situations and ties. Your emotional life may feel in a state of upheaval but you are abandoning much that was inhibiting from the past. capricorn
aquarius AQUARIUS: If you’ve been feeling you need to add a little bit of sparkle and more fun to your closest relationship, then go to it. If you’re too insecure the current influences could make you feel edgy because you’re scared of letting go, and yet if you take a risk and open up to life, then something rather fun could happen. You are opening your mind to new ideas, which can be inspiring though it does not leave you feeling very settled.
PISCES: Today will combine love and affection with sudden surprises, so you can expect the unexpected. You want new, fun people, stimulation and sparkle and a little bit of excitement around the place. Things can be extremely lively under these influences and you don’t always know what’s coming. Your personal finances will be rather roller coaster, but that is not necessarily bad. It just means larger sums than usual come in and go out, so you must always be flexible. pisces

courtesy: Marjorie Orr