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Horoscope for August 20, 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be a time to take the initiative over your finances. More money should roll in though those you share joint responsibility with won’t necessarily be as sensible or reliable as you imagine. So staying on top of detail will be vital. You’ll be carrying heavier responsibilities for loved ones than usual which will be testing but a valuable experience all the same. Positive thinking will bring positive results.

ARIES: Basically compassionate and helpful in outlook now, you will involve yourself in charitable work at some point which has a definite end result. You like to see tangible benefits. You will be communicating well about work matters with more confidence and will be much admired for your intellectual skills. Your knack of extracting sense from highly complex situations by meticulously sorting out the different strands of information or argument will bring you favourable comments from influential people.
TAURUS: You adore looking important, and will value your reputation highly. You are basically warm hearted and straightforward, and like to look generous, but you will be upset if you are not given full credit for your actions. You will be highly persuasive and charming, though perhaps just a touch self-centred.rnYou may become a little bit jealous if you think a friend is off talking to someone else when you want to be talking to them. Don’t overreact. Within two minutes the situation will have changed again.
GEMINI: You’re likely to find your feelings more on public display than usual. At work you will be more scattered than usual but also more supportive. Just don’t hear slights where none exist. You’ve got to stand a little bit steady for other people.rnAlmost all your family relationships are improving which is due to Jupiter’s calming influence. You adore nothing better than being surrounded by those you trust most, and your talent for organising an easy atmosphere domestically is helping everyone.
CANCER: It’s a rather predictive, prophetic kind of Moon for you today. If you can look into the future and see where life is going to be taking you, then you can put your energy out very constructively. You seem to know a little about a great many things, perhaps not too much in depth about anything. Your versatility will astonish even you, and is a tremendous strength used correctly, since you will be a wonderfully stimulating conversationalist. Your enthusiasm will trigger companions into picking up new interests.
LEO: This isn’t the day to fly solo or do things entirely on your own. You’ve really got to push yourself to make new agreements with close partners where money or emotional matters are concerned. It may take a compromise all round, but it will be worth it. So give a little bit, take a little bit, shift ground and meet in the middle. Your confidence around money is pretty inspiring for companions at work who see you as honest and successful.
VIRGO: There could be the odd confrontation through the day, not because you’re assertive, but you just feel a little over-emotional. If you do stir up a problem, just don’t go too far. You will start something and at the end of it all you wish you hadn’t bothered. Success should follow you though you have to watch a tendency to bite off more than you can chew. At times your over confidence gets you into scrapes, through carelessness, or sloppy planning.
LIBRA: You seem genuinely happy with your own company and will be content to reflect on your thoughts. Alone to you at the moment does not mean lonely. You are radiating an inner peace that others envy. But if there is someone close by in need, you will be understanding of their problem. Because you are tuned in at a deeper level than usual your sympathy will hit the right spot. Looking after yourself physically is more important than usual with the rather low energy Moon that is around.
SCORPIO: You’ll be more emotional in the way you connect to people. Really reaching out and expecting friendship in return. You want relationships that are quite deep and connections that mean something. Just don’t get too wrapped up in your own feelings and forget to ask what others want. You want to mix yourself happily into team situations now and there should be no problem with that at all. Your confidence and enthusiasm inspire everyone and you are more than happy to have a wide circle of acquaintances.
SAGITTARIUS: You don’t want aggravation today. What you really yearn for is a pleasant, relaxing time. Even if you’re on your own for a short while, it won’t bother you because it gives you a chance to mull things over from the recent past, to get your head together about one or two things and see what you need to do for yourself. Your reputation is important to you now. You want to be respected and admired, though you might need to keep a little humility handy now and then.
CAPRICORN: Your open, honest, friendly and very enthusiastic manner is attracting a really positive response from everyone around. At times you may sound just a touch all knowing, and could be narrow minded if you get too involved in a pet cause. Just rest assured that your uncanny knack of seeing what will happen is pointing you in the right direction.rnYou’ve really got to be clear in your own mind about the message you’re trying to get across, since you may get scattered in a busy, busy time. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: You want to give your body things that smell nice, feel nice, taste nice, look nice. Pleasuring your senses comes with the Moon, but you will also worry a little bit about leaving yourself feeling insecure if you go too wild. Luckily, you should be attracting money more easily than usual now through joint ventures, either because of partner’s generosity at home or through work. Even bank managers seem to like you. Though you will need to watch a tendency to take other people’s generosity for granted.
PISCES: You’ll be ebbing and flowing, one moment outgoing and charming, the next withdrawn. You will not know from minute to minute what it is you actually want. It’s rather pleasant, but you do need more stable, practical people around you. Happily, you should be able to settle old differences amicably and see very clearly which relationships in your life have room for development. Those which have outlived their time and have no potential for further growth will be quietly dropped with a minimum of fuss.