Horoscope for August 22, 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be confident, lucky, enthusiastic, a time to start off on a new footing and push old self-doubts to one side. You should find more money coming in soon though you’ll need to budget for an uneven flow since larger lump sums than usual will also go out. Close partners may not always be there when you need them since they’ll be preoccupied with their own concerns. Just keep reorganising at home and you’ll feel more secure.

ARIES: Maybe in coming weeks you’ll be resentful because you are not given all the appreciation you might like or higher rewards for your labours. But at the end of the day you will be better pleased doing a good job for its own sake, rather than gaining success and glory in the world. Luckily, today your mood will be upbeat but perhaps none too practical. Pushing yourself to think through the practical consequences of “Can I actually make this stick?” seems too much effort.
TAURUS: You will not worry about voicing your feelings and your desires. More than anything what you want is to be applauded, so you will be hamming it up madly at times, but so charmingly everyone will clap even harder. You will want to soothe and smooth round any rough edges and indeed bounce any down in the mouth mates into better humour. You’re feeling good and bouncy, so everyone else needs to be the same. Just do it with good humour and sprinkle a few compliments around.
GEMINI: Rather inward looking, you would like to feel more in touch with your soul. Spiritual growth will be more important to you than outer ambition or glittering acclaim for a few weeks. There’s a whiff of something rather over-expansive in the air, which could make you think you can’t be wrong or you think there’s nothing you can’t do. If you can manage not to go over the score, then you will be able to push your fears to one side and say what you have been hiding away.
CANCER: If you spread yourself too thinly, you may come across as superficial or a dilettante. Try to pause for breath once in a while, and collect your wits. It is important at the moment for you to be well regarded for your intelligence and way with words, so you will need to acquire depth as well as breadth of knowledge. If you fly a little too high, you will not be as precise as you might be. You lose the clear touch about details, forget about the small print.
LEO: You will fight to defend your rights and to get your due, but do not be too possessive. Flow with the bounty of the universe and it will flow back in your direction. Trying to be in control all the time can sometimes backfire, so you lose what you might have gained. If you can stay flexible, tolerant and open-minded then all your working relationships will go with a swing. But Jupiter can make you sound a touch know it all or uppity. Don’t promise the earth.
VIRGO: Everyone should be responding well to your presence since you are so warm and outgoing. You are bringing a breath of sunshine into rooms when you sweep in. Your constitution should feel stronger than usual. Your mind is rattling with ideas which you will spout in all directions. There may be no very concrete conclusions or decisions come out of it all but if you don’t start the process with vigour then you will not have the right ingredients when it does come to making your firm commitments.
LIBRA: Regard this as a gestation phase of a few weeks, when you plan, ponder and prepare for what is about to come nearer your birthday. Do not be discouraged by what is not working out as quickly as you expected. Nothing comes together spectacularly well at this time of the year for you. Just have patience and what you want will all come right soon. You may be positively prophetic today in a tiny way, getting a glimpse of a possibility of something to come.
SCORPIO: You will be sorting out longer term plans for the next twelve months, so bounce your ideas around and see what feedback you get. Helpful practical advice will put you on the right lines, though obviously the decision will be yours in the end. There are days when you can see every tiny detail but you lose the broader view. Then there are days when you can see the whole picture, but miss the minutiae. This is a grand planning day, not one for counting beans.
SAGITTARIUS: Rather proud and dignified just now, you are putting a good deal of emphasis on personal reputation. You will dislike more than usual being passed over for attention or praise at work. You want to be noticed, not made to feel one of the crowd. Though you may go slightly over the top, see things bigger than they actually are. It will boost your confidence but it could tip you over the edge into being rather unrealistic. Run with your enthusiasm but don’t expect miracles.
CAPRICORN: Maybe you are not being very practical, but you can always sort out what is workable in a few weeks’ time. This is the much more exciting stage of allowing your visions to flourish. Jupiter around today always has more enthusiasm than common sense. It can cause the odd problem if you bite off more than you can chew or promise more than you can deliver, which is sometimes the case. Just cut back what you think you can do. Caution and confidence are good bedfellows. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: At times it may seem a little like a battlefield as confrontations litter your way ahead. You may complain about your difficult path just now but it will only last for a few weeks. You may be right but are you being persuasive? If you can really communicate your sense of vision and uplift companions then all will work well. If you come across as self-righteous, they may back away. So try to think through not just your ideas but also your approach before you launch in.
PISCES: Blessed with tact and diplomacy, you should notice an improvement in your social life now. Your charming manner, a way of putting others at ease will be attracting all manner of compliments and intriguing invitations. You can look ahead and see a really rosy glow on the horizon. Your optimism will be high but you need to check out that it isn’t a mirage. Being a Pollyanna and thinking everything is going to be wonderful, it morale boosting but it is not always helpful.