Horoscope for August 23, 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be a time to make your presence felt socially and in other arenas. You can feel new and better times beginning with more money coming your way with surplus to spend on yourself. Close partnerships will be going through a vague phase and truthfully you won’t know what you want your commitments to be. Just drift a little and don’t jump to conclusions. Joint finances will be erratic so you’ll need to budget for ups and downs.

ARIES: Anyone who makes you feel controlled or trapped is not going to be popular. It may take an upheaval before you free yourself up to act as you please, but it will be worth it as long as you do nothing too hasty. Don’t be too open about what you want, but let the dust settle before you decide what action to take. Co-operation may not be easy for you since you feel if you give way on anything substantial at work then others might take advantage.
TAURUS: You need to re-think some of your beliefs and find a different perspective. If you are involved in rather heated discussions, treat them less as a nuisance and more as a challenge to see which of your views needs refined or in some cases abandoned. In a restless mood, you’ll be ebbing and flowing like the tide. You will be unduly sensitive to the undercurrents in the emotional atmosphere which makes you more sympathetic but can also make you confused.
GEMINI: Rather inward looking, you would like to feel more in touch with your soul. Spiritual growth will be more important to you than outer ambition or glittering acclaim for a few weeks. There’s a whiff of something rather over-expansive in the air, which could make you think you can’t be wrong or you think there’s nothing you can’t do. If you can manage not to go over the score, then you will be able to push your fears to one side and say what you have been hiding away.
CANCER: You may feel a little bit discouraged or low in self-esteem, but there’s no need. Don’t assume that being left to your own devices is a bad thing or a sign you’re unlovable. Pluto around in the deepest area of your chart makes you fascinated by what runs below the surface in all the highly charged situations in life, but it has an odd way of working, which sometimes makes you repress your stronger feelings because you are wary of opening up and letting go control.
LEO: It’s important to get the right kind of emotional contact with friends and other people, partly for affectionate support, partly because you want to bounce ideas off them. This is your time to set the agenda for the next twenty-eight days and whoever is around can help you sort out your options. You are on people or off them, either adoring or loathing. There’s no middle way. Jealousy could be a tiny problem, or even trying to even up old scores. Try to lighten up and loosen up.
VIRGO: You have ambitions to be someone rather grand but you must use your artistic talents to achieve and then you will gain the status you seek. If you are continually demanding loved ones and social mates fit in, then they will start to back off.rnYou can be quite a commanding figure at parties and social functions now if you try, attracting attention by your charismatic presence. Just don’t let your social ambitions push you into over stretching yourself financially or in other ways.
LIBRA: Just briefly you suddenly lose all thought of being superficial or frivolous. There will be certain points in the day when you want to get down into the depths to investigate, to stand steady until you find the long-term kind of answers. It may be to do with financial or emotional matters, or just more fundamental questions you are asking of yourself.rnMaybe you are in one of your periodic upheavals, but you need to keep asking the questions otherwise the answers won’t come.
SCORPIO: In your closest relationships, both at work and at home, you may be clutching a little more than usual, hanging on to partners. Don’t get jealous and possessive if they aren’t exactly fitting in with what you want. Just move over and get in step with them. You can be a touch too forceful in expressing yourself now and may get into arguments, partly because of your inability to take in the other point of view. But it could also be that you don’t understand how intense you sound.
SAGITTARIUS: This is a couple of days when other people demand a lot of you. You’re having to go out of your way to make sure that everyone is being well looked after. If you feel a bit emotionally squashed because of that, try and give yourself a few tiny treats through the day. You do want to earn more at the moment though there may be some obstacles in your way. You are developing a real capacity for managing money, though you have to watch a compulsive streak.
CAPRICORN: You will be promoting yourself in a very strong way, looking for the limelight. You’ll be flirting, laughing, singing and dancing. There will be more emotional depth in relationships with loved ones, whether it’s children, adults or indeed social companions. You are coming across as a strong personality, but secretive and unfathomable as well. No one quite knows what makes you tick, including yourself possibly. Don’t make close companions feel excluded or shut out. Maybe they need to know how insecure you feel behind your defensive front. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: Even if you are on your own for a little while, it won’t actually bother you very much because the Moon’s position today is a hint to cool down, calm down and get away from hassle, hustle and aggravation. You don’t want to be overwhelmed by the things of the outside world. You are having quite a profound, almost unseen, influence on the people around you because the strength of your personality. Maybe you are stronger than you give yourself credit for.
PISCES: You’ll find at points today the words spill out all over the place and other people may get a bit avalanched. Once in a while you have to stand back. You may not always make quite as much sense as you think, and could be misunderstand, since you are speaking in a rather emotional way. Others respect your sincerity, since they know your heart is in the right place, even if they will not always agree or even totally understand you.

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