Horoscope for August 25, 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be determined when it comes to reorganising your domestic and family life though you won’t always be even tempered. Just pin on a bland smile and say less. Allow your inner sparkle to shine out and your popularity will rise amongst those you meet when you are out and about. More money should come through soon to make you feel more secure and able to indulge. One close partner may be rather evasive or not accessible.

ARIES: You are being enormously responsible in your approach but seem to be weighed down too much by gloomy feelings. Don’t be too reserved or distanced since mates will feel excluded and wander off. Lighten up and brighten up. You want to disappear into your private retreat, harbouring dreams of faraway places. Maybe you are prone to rather self-destructive yearnings, since you are so keen to be somewhere else. Oddly enough, exploring your artistic talents could be a relief since it will take you constructively into fantasy land.
TAURUS: At points you may feel like a small volcano about to overflow. Try to avoid hurting sensitive feelings. You may be too starry eyed about certain friends. Maybe they do have a wonderful side, but they are also proving evasive when you need support. You need to take steps to ensure you are not deceived in future, either by your own over rosy view of people, or indeed by vague promises which turn out to be insubstantial when you check them out.
GEMINI: The Moon at a tricky aspect to Saturn could make you seem chilly and stand offish but deep down inside you may be feeling shy. Try to open up to those close and explain what you need. Muddles in your career may be happening because you are not taking a practical approach to certain detailed matters. You can be successful if you find a down-to-earth helpmate. At the moment who gets the credit is not important. You will be happy with a task well done for its own sake.
CANCER: You will not sit still, and you will not co-operate easily. Not because anyone is arguing, just that everyone seems to be marching to a different drumbeat. You may meet confusing or muddled situations when travelling now, or in your holiday plans. Nothing seems to sort out quite the way you expected. You will need to force yourself to double check details and arrangements. The more you toss ideas around the clearer you will become. You are struggling to reach better meanings but you will need help.
LEO: Try to give yourself space just to chill out, listen to good music or daydream happily in a quiet corner. Your energy may not be high so try to step back when you can. Neptune is passing through the deepest, most confidential area of your chart for a longish while, and this brings up strange feelings, a need for something that lies beyond everyday reality. You just have to watch along the way that you push yourself to pay attention to everyday details especially around money.
VIRGO: You will find yourself flying into action at home. You are determined to sweep the furniture and the family into shape but do beware a tendency to be too fierce or aggressive. You are aiming for perfection in romance and partnerships which clearly is not going to be possible, since real life never is. Maybe it is a way of avoiding a straightforward co-operative relationship at all. But if that is so, you would save yourself a lot of bother by facing the fact and saving yourself disappointment.
LIBRA: Maybe you are having to resolve certain practical or business problems around your home or family. Knuckle down, get it done and then you can play truant. Maybe you are having to get down to brass tacks with loved ones. Face the bottom line and then the only way from there is upwards. You will not be able to over push your body at the moment by overwork, or excess of any kind. Your need to treat yourself with kindness and delicacy, then your physical self will respond well.
SCORPIO: You will be trying to go in two opposite directions at once. One way is what you ought to do, the other is what you want to do. Following your whims will give you a guilty conscience, but being dutiful will make you feel under nurtured. Highly creative, you may be building castles in the air around your love life, but you really would be better advised to turn your fantasies to more artistic ends. Put your energy into your talents and see what wonderful objects you can create.
SAGITTARIUS: If you can make your goals rather modest then you’ll probably get everything done really very well and get a bit of praise from other people. But if you aim too high, become uppity, too enthusiastic or too exuberant you could come unstuck. It’s all a question of attitude and approach. Relationships may suffer a little since you are not at your most sensitive and at times your foolhardiness could lead you into trouble. Remember the old saying about fools rushing in where angels fear to tread.
CAPRICORN: With the Moon at odds with Neptune you may find just briefly that there is a rather peculiar atmosphere at home or in close relationships. Neptune always casts a smokescreen around so you will not be clear what is real and what is fantasy. If you can be sensible and grounded then you could ultimately make your dreams of a blissful home life come true, though it may take time. Just watch unrealistic ideas about family or even property. They could cost you dearly. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: The Moon at odds with Saturn could make you feel badly done to, since it’s all work and no play for a while. Don’t get gloomy since it is only a passing blip. Saturn always demands discipline and makes indulging yourself difficult. Highly impressionable and soft hearted, you may be taken in by a good sob story and need to be more hard headed and discriminating when it comes to cash. You may not wish to sound miserly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t protect yourself.
PISCES: You will be able to move closer to the right people since your barriers are down. This will bring you more sympathy but it will also bring a positively telepathic understanding of close companions, quiet hunches which will prove to be spot on. You need to develop a stronger sense of identity since you can be too impressionable at times, often changing to mirror the people you are with at any one time, rather like a chameleon. You soak in the hidden emotional undercurrents in the atmosphere.