Horoscope for August 27, 2015



ariesARIES: You’re the one who’s centre of the group at work and who’s really making things work for everyone, so that’s important to focus in on. Being sensitive and sympathetic will be part of your aim, but don’t end up being too fickle because it really isn’t going to be helpful. You want to be out in the community being noticed. It’s very important to you that others appreciate and admire what you’re doing, but that means you have to go out of your way to please them.
TAURUS: You are informing yourself and talking a great deal about fitness, diet and health matters. You want to put your mind at rest about certain questions, so ask a trusted adviser. You will not settle easily to routines. You’ve got a great urge to get out of a rut and away from tedious chores, boring people and fly a little bit higher. You want to broaden your horizons, however you can. Travel would suit you best, but there are other ways to keep your interest engaged.taurus
geminiGEMINI:  More than usual, you feel dramatic, colourful, flamboyant, and are making great efforts to ensure you have an appreciative audience for your witty flow of jokes and rather theatrical personal comments. Try to roll with the flow a little bit. Don’t become possessive about property or hanging on sentimentally to memories from the past. Certainly, you don’t want to be throwing possessions or money away, but not clinging on too tightly really is important. If you open up and stop controlling, then more will come.
CANCER: You will be happier with your feet up at home reading books or involved in family discussions than racing around in the outside world. Try to unload certain work commitments for a few days. Aim for togetherness, for keeping things quiet, calm, harmonious and rather pleasant, and you’ll find by the end of the day you’re glad you did, because relationships have improved quite a lot. Just ignore any niggling worries you have about close partners, since it may all be in your imagination.cancer
leoLEO: You may be accused of being superficial because you are not sticking to any one interest for long at the moment, but your curiosity is sending you off in all directions at once asking questions endlessly. Your emotional life may be affecting your body slightly more today than usual. So if you’re feeling a little jittered and jangled and don’t really become aware of it, what happens is your body picks it up, so you end up with creaks and groans, sniffles and low energy.
VIRGO: You seem preoccupied with money matters at the moment, but all to good end. This is the time to be singing for your supper. The more you talk the more you will earn. You will want to nurture loved ones and friends out there in the social scene. Just don’t mother them and smother them, because they may not all take to it very kindly. Just keep singing, dancing and laughing and you reach the same result of boosting everyone’s morale.

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be chatty, restless, confident and lucky. You’ll be keeping a close eye on your personal finances, reading all the fine print and double checking details. The rewards will roll in for your thoroughness. In general your relationships will improve as you step out boldly into a new cycle of growth and good fortune. You’ll be quite a presence on the social scene. Though you’ll need to push to get your views across at work.

libraLIBRA: You will want to talk about a wider range of topics than usual, but are tending to shy clear of anything too emotional, though you’ll understand how you’ve got into one or two emotional muddles. Now you can begin to see that you’ve acted without thinking things through clearly enough. With more understanding, you can prevent yourself ending up in this place in future. You will want to draw back from too much hustle and hassle at work. You’ll be happiest with your feet up in familiar surroundings.
SCORPIO: You are a sympathetic listener now, and subtly tuned into the emotional undercurrents around. Trust your hunches, which will more often than not turn out to be accurate. Though other people may not pick up every word you say, but they certainly understand that your heart’s in the right place. You seem to be giving of yourself in a way that others can really tune into at an emotional level, which is extremely positive. Just try to pause for breath and for thought once in a while.scorpio
sagittariusSAGITTARIUS: You have a wonderfully inventive ideas that get right to the truth of the matter, and you want to be able to share your thoughts. What you really want are treats, luxuries, and presents. You’ll be very attached to the good things. It can make you a touch possessive, so you have to look more laid back than you will feel. Little whims send you off in directions that are not always terribly wise, so it’s important to be clear about what you’re doing.
CAPRICORN: Influential people are impressed with your wit, wisdom, flow of ideas and articulate way of expressing yourself. So keep talking. You need to belong, to be loved, cuddled and cosseted so look for reassuring companions who will give you a little help and support. Try to avoid overeating, because you will pamper yourself a bit, and avoid overreacting to certain situations. Your mood will be fickle so you need motherly mates who will let you lean one moment and fly free the next.capricorn
aquariusAQUARIUS: You are in a highly tolerant, expansive and enthusiastic time at the moment, and expressing yourself confidently. Mates are finding you inspiring though at times you are promising more than you can deliver, though you will feel like pulling back from too much company or rushing around. Emotionally you want to protect yourself, to get a chance to mull over highly personal matters. Maybe you sense that companions are preoccupied. They’re all tied up in what they’re doing, and you want to just disappear into your own space.
PISCES: You may appear silent at the moment but your mind is highly active behind your rather defensive exterior. Your secrecy has a good reason, and you want time to consider before disclosing what you know or feel. This is definitely a time to be surrounded by teammates, colleagues, companions, the more the merrier as far as you are concerned. If you are part of group energy then you get oodles of support and quite a few helpful hints. Nothing ever stands still for long.pisces

courtesy: Marjorie Orr


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