Horoscope for August 3 , 2015


aries ARIES: You want to be enjoying a brighter lifestyle where you can have fun and aim for leisure, pleasure and entertainment. Your self-confidence and social charm are more evident and noticeably so than before. Companions may envy you but they will also crowd round hoping to be cheered up. Your love life may be suffering temporarily at an intimate level because you’re wary of getting into the depths of your feelings. But you are beginning to understand what is holding you back from real relating.
TAURUS: Space is every bit as important in your domestic surroundings now as tolerance since you want everyone to be at ease. What you really want more than anything is having an open house policy for the wider family and friends to come visiting. Maybe you feel there is a barrier between yourself and certain close companions, since Saturn is around putting a wet blanket on feelings. It certainly can restrict natural displays of affection. But Saturn also brings common sense and endurance to partnerships. taurus
gemini GEMINI:  Suddenly you see that what has been holding you back in the past has been your own narrow minded outlook and not ill luck or life being difficult. Your confidence in communicating what you want to say is expanding considerably. Your everyday life and contacts are easier as a result and you are amazed at your new found tolerance. You are pleased at how conscientious you have become recently, much better with detail, quite the perfectionist. You are really becoming good at specialist work.
CANCER: Money is fairly easy come, easy go, and you could be spending as extravagantly as you acquire it. Learning to be more disciplined could be helpful. Think of squirrels saving up nuts for winter. Maybe not such a bad idea. You seem to be trying too hard to keep your emotions in control. Maybe you should learn to let your hair down, to be the centre of attention when you are not working. Accept that you can be loved and valued for being yourself. cancer
leo LEO: Duty at the moment is coming before pleasure and indulgence. Indeed at times you feel your home life is harder work than work. But you do want a more organised set up. Then everything in life does seem more fortunate for you. Even if you have problem areas you can find a silver lining. The world is a more generous place for you than for most. You are feeling more courageous than usual. But watch a tiny tendency to being over confident.

IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be enthusiastic, go ahead, confident and rather fortunate. Though you will have to sort out practical domestic matters and perhaps also cope with tensions in the family. Try not to over commit yourself since your energy won’t be limitless. Your outlook will change as you open your eyes to new ideas and belief systems. Money will roll in faster though you’re likely to spend too much and not end up with any surplus.

VIRGO: If things seem particularly hard at the moment, then be assured that hidden sources of strength are appearing now which you never knew you possessed to help you through the stress and strains of your everyday routines. There may be secret advisers around who can help you understand yourself better, and let you see that listening to your own inner judgement is really for the best. Any difficulties when talking to workmates or even those close will be overcome quite shortly. virgo
libra LIBRA: You have a real knack for putting others at their ease and your happy optimism is making you highly popular. Just be a little aware that new friends can be of the fair weather variety and may not last through stickier times. Keep a firm grip on old friends, whose loyalty is tried and tested. They will always be there. Others may call you miserly, but you know that saving makes survival sense. So limit your purchases to what is essential.
SCORPIO: Anything you turn your hand to at work or out in the world should work well though the more effort you put in the higher your rewards will be. Recognition and praise will be wonderful for your ego. But do beware a tendency towards carelessness, which could set in. Remember that life will reward you the harder you try though you must find time for relaxation as well as serious endeavours. Otherwise you could end up feeling a little bit of a loner.

sagittarius SAGITTARIUS: Don’t expect everything at home and in your emotional life to be totally wonderful, which could set you up for a minor let down. Things will improve though. Just don’t be absolutely truthful about certain matters. Also don’t get dramatic about it all. If you are too scorchingly direct you will ruffle feathers around you. At times you may find some companions a little stand offish but deep down inside they may be feeling shy. Try to get them to open up to you.
CAPRICORN: A new depth of feeling is slowly entering your life bringing with it a capacity for sharing, caring and co-operating more warmly. Your love life will bring you more happiness as the barriers you’ve erected to keep closeness at bay begin to dissolve. Maybe you find certain team or group activities tricky to handle at the moment. There is a reserve or a barrier, which you find it difficult to break down on first meeting, though people will begin to recognise your good qualities. capricorn
aquarius AQUARIUS: Basically honest and fair-dealing yourself, you expect everyone else to be the same, which can set you up for disappointment at times. You tend to see what you want to see. You are at the moment attracting yourself to highly charming but rather naive and unrealistic people, who do not always deliver what they promise. Status and respectability are vital to your self esteem now so you will redouble your efforts to gain the praise of those whose judgement you really trust.
PISCES: You’ll be wobbling between optimism and negativity. Though you should not find it too difficult to persuade mates to help out. Everyone will be happy to pitch in together, without too much aggravation. At times you can get carried away in your enthusiasm and promise more than you can reasonably deliver, and end up over stretched. You may get resentful if you are not given the recognition that you feel your ideas or your work deserves. Just keep looking at the broad picture. pisces

courtesy: Marjorie Orr