Horoscope for August 5, 2015


aries ARIES: Maybe you are feeling a little bit criticised or put down, or just someone hasn’t been there when you’ve wanted them to be. Just assume if you are conscientious and practical you will make the best of the influences around. They can allow you to be rather sophisticated, rather elegant. It’s just not very warm and cuddly and passionate. The answers to problems may be slow in coming but perseverance will pay off. You are getting edgy about those around who are less motivated.
TAURUS: It is important that you look after your business affairs, your working matters, your practical life, and put aside for a little while the thought that you want to indulge yourself or be frivolous or overspend money. It’s not very good for any of those things. You’ve got to settle down and tighten your belt and do without a little bit. You are tending to be around older, more career oriented partners. Perhaps you are also finding added responsibilities being landed on you. taurus
gemini GEMINI:  Don’t feel too bleak or too lonely. You are probably being over-critical or over-negative about things, and it will pass. The good thing about Saturn and Venus together is, you can be practi-cal about rather artistic things, you can be elegant, you can be sophisticated. It’s just not very warm and rapturous, so you have to watch how to handle yourself. You pride yourself on being never pushy but always there. Just try not to be too negative at times in your approach.
CANCER: You will be a little bit cool. It may be that there’s far too much work and not enough time for pleasure. Take life as it comes and face up to the reality of the situation and do whatever it is that you need to do, and then you can maybe relax and be more indulgent later on. You will need to work harder at the moment to release your creative talents. Don’t allow anyone to put a damper on self expression. cancer
leo LEO: You do want to be close to special people, but it seems that maybe hard work is making you feel separated from loved ones. So there may be a wet blanket sitting on your feelings and a sense of coolness, not warmth around, just temporarily. You are laying down strict rules and regulations for yourself, and for those who share your home. Just don’t get too rigid about everything. Life needs a little relaxation and even sloppiness around to make it feel comfortable.

IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be upbeat, sociable and enthusiastic some of the time but also rather serious where domestic, home and family matters are concerned. Try not to be discouraged when you have to put considerable effort into sorting out problems, practical and emotional. Be determined and you’ll clear a good many tensions out of the way. Your personal finances will improve with money for treats. Though there may be some deceit around so be careful.

VIRGO: Glowing with warm feelings you will be at peace with the world, wanting to share your happiness with everyone you meet. Friends will be particularly happy to be around you because you’re just oozing lovely energy and making them feel as wonderful as you. So you’ll be popular. But you will also want to spend some time on your own, and get a chance to connect to your own deeper feelings or creative talents. Alone to you at the moment doesn’t mean lonely. virgo
libra LIBRA: Maybe you’ll be standing back, looking at your love life, and wondering if it’s working well. You may think you are being realistic, but somehow you only manage to see the flaws and the cracks rather than keeping a sense of humour. Remember that life is rough and smooth and there’s good fun with the difficulties as well. Maybe you do need to loosen up a bit and understand that your insecurity about being short of money is, in part, an over rigid attitude.
SCORPIO: You’ve got to try and buck yourself up a little bit just now. Saturn may be trying to squelch feelings of warmth and tenderness and good fun. Certainly it will not be good for spending money, or for overeating. Aim towards hard work and self-discipline. You are tough with a great deal of endurance, stamina and dogged persistence. Sticking out difficult situations is your great strength now though you may find it more difficult to be flexible, or softening your approach.

sagittarius SAGITTARIUS: It’s slowly becoming better for work and money than it is for anything too frivolous, superficial or romantic. Maybe you’re going to be around older people. They will help you, guide you, give you advice. OK so they may pour cold water over your best ideas, but they will see a broader picture than you. Take it in your stride and assume that it will pass by really rather quickly. You seem to have a serious understanding of the suffering of others.

CAPRICORN: You’ll now find the backbone to go and do your duty and be conscientious and responsible. And if that comes along with feeling a little bit kind of cool and separated from the nicer things of life, including special people, then that’s just the way it is for now. You may be less sociable than usual, but the friends you can call on are the really loyal, steadfast ones. Just recognise that you are learning valuable lessons about what true friendship is all about. capricorn
aquarius AQUARIUS: There’s no point in feeling resentful or self-pitying. What you need to do is be cool, regard one emotional situation with a clear eye and understand that you may have to give up short-term indulgences. You’ll achieve a good deal but it will need hard work and effort. You are more hard working, reliable and conscientious at the moment though a touch over serious about your responsibilities. You’ll be helped towards a slow, but steady rise to success. Stick to the straight and narrow.
PISCES: Venus is in aspect to Saturn, and you may be feeling cut off from your feelings, or cut off from loved ones. It may just be that work comes before pleasure, duty comes before indulgence. Be businesslike, not flamboyant, and you may see something civilised coming out of your efforts. What you sometimes lack at the moment is optimism. When you get gloomy, remember you could be taking a narrow viewpoint. You could be doubting or suspicious. That damps down your enthusiasm and spontaneity. pisces

courtesy: Marjorie Orr


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