Horoscope for August 9, 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: Maybe you are being just a touch too analytical about your feelings at the moment, standing back to dissect them, rather than plunging into emotional situations around you. If you can let go, you would find deeper connections and more fulfilling relationships. It may be that you have to come to new agreements with very close partners, maybe over joint finances or over your intimate emotional life. So if you can make the effort it will put everything on a more solid footing.
TAURUS: Your ability to sparkle in the spotlight is certainly attracting a stream of compliments, if not new admirers. You will be flirting, having fun, and trying to duck out of boring chores as much as possible. Whether it’s at home or at work, you want the solid, reassuring support of people who can be there for you. Give a wide berth to grumblers, gripes and general bores. Look for supportive buddies, the ones who have been there for you in the past.
GEMINI: Adding elegant touches to your intimate surroundings is a top priority. Having beauty around will make you feel happier. Get out the colour charts, buy a few more pot plants and see what you can do. It’s important that you don’t let other people demand too much of you. Sometimes you have to say when enough is enough. But if you are giving out a great deal now then see what you need to do to give yourself a bit of a boost.
CANCER: Thoughtful gestures from companions are making you feel admired and appreciated. You don’t have to move far from your normal routines to find affection. It may not be grand passion but it is rather pleasant. Given to theatrical gestures just to prove your points you will be causing the odd stir. You will want to show yourself in a positive way, coming across as protective and nurturing. If you take care of others, then they are much more likely to respond in like manner.
LEO: IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be a time when beautiful things will prove irresistible. Money should flow in faster but it will disappear just as quickly. Try to save some of the surplus for a rainy day. Your energy will be high and you’ll be keen to enjoy yourself. Just try to be less rigid with loved ones. They won’t appreciate being made to toe your line. From September you’ll start to relax and be more positive and find new opportunities crop up.
VIRGO: You will be wearing your heart on your sleeve at the moment, expressing your feelings of affection rather directly, and generally getting what you want. Scattering yourself too widely, getting a bit frantic and frazzled is all too likely but not very helpful. If you can detach your feelings from your thinking then you will find it easier to focus and concentrate. Brothers and sisters, or neighbours may be around more than usual. You could even be looking on workmates with more warmth.
LIBRA: Love may not come as easily at the moment, partly because you are holding back, maybe over sensitive to rejection. You feel you would rather shut yourself away than let your feelings be seen. Maybe you do need a quiet time, just don’t let opportunities for romance slide by because you cannot force yourself to speak out about what you need or who you fancy. Going to one extreme or the other where cash is concerned is not helpful. Moderation is the answer.
SCORPIO: This is an emotionally light hearted patch when you will want to have a gang of buddies around. You will be spreading your social favours in all directions, not tying yourself down at any point. Safety in numbers will be your motto. You will be a little bit fidgety and edgy just for a little while. More even than usual you will want to be loved, nurtured, protected. Really what is important is to have solid, reassuring, anchoring kind of mates around.
SAGITTARIUS: If you have creative talents you should be making the effort to get them out on display to best advantage. You can turn your dreams into reality but you’ll have to discipline yourself. Venus will only be around for a few weeks so do not linger around too long. You will be picking up subtle clues and hints of the unspoken needs of close companions. This can make you caring, but will have to watch that you’re not pulled into carrying everyone else’s problems.
CAPRICORN: Socially charming and more light hearted than of late, you want to mix with a much wider range of people, and perhaps to explore new leisure activities. You want to be out of your normal rut to find stimulation with companions who will stretch your mind as well as keep you entertained. Don’t get jealous or a little bit down if a friend pays more attention to someone else, because it will pass by very quickly. Just let it all ebb and flow. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: There’s nothing light hearted about your romantic life just now. Because Venus in sitting in the hidden area of your chart you want more drama than usual or paradoxically you could be shutting off your emotional needs altogether. Maybe you are wary that if you open up to what you really want it could bring uncomfortable feelings to the surface. Clearly you’ve decided you’re not going to get enough attention at home, so you have to go out into the world and get it.
PISCES: Your heart is definitely in the right place, so you will be ironing out difficulties, and generally putting your best diplomatic foot forward. If you are trying to sell or recommend anything at the moment charm will be your greatest asset. Try and make sure that you’re sorting more entertaining and intriguing things to do, because you want to be mentally stretched. You want to meet new friends, to hear about different backgrounds, different countries. Anything which makes you feel bubblier, brighter, breezier.

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