Horoscope for December 12


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be forward looking, hopeful and definitely a time to get cracking. Whatever you attempt will turn out better and faster than you expect. Don’t rest on your laurels but keep pushing. Loved ones will be erratic and rather elusive at times. Just take them as they come and don’t fuss. Your finances will improve if you work out a strategy and stay determined. You’ll be clearing your life of whatever you don’t need for the future.

ARIES: There are times when you have to let your imagination soar and think big. Whatever is not feasible will become obvious in a few weeks’ time and you can then quietly drop it. If you aim for the top and fall short, you will still reach further than if you hadn’t reached out at all. Your thinking is running along more practical lines than usual, and you want to see a tangible result from your discussions and efforts. Projects should run smoothly.
TAURUS:  You have no intention of letting anyone else see if you are hurt, and will pride yourself on remaining dignified even though you may be in turmoil inside. Sometimes it is a good idea to open up discreetly to someone who you can totally trust. Only by understanding what brought you to this point can you hope to change it in future. Your feelings are probably more intense than usual. But maybe that tells you what you need to know about one intimate partnership.
GEMINI:  There is no doubt that you need another half at the moment before you’ll feel secure in whatever you are doing at play or at work. You may have to be less self sufficient and more adaptable to ensure that close partners are on your wavelength. If you have been hanging onto a mate more for protection and stability than for love or mutual respect, then this may be when the light dawns. Nothing dramatic will happen, but you’ll just come to better agreements.
CANCER: You know this isn’t the most glamorous time of the year at work for you, but the circumstances could be just right for you to re-organise some of your methods. If you can find the discipline then you’ll be able to clear up a good many tangles before they happen. You need to be able to talk through ideas or feelings with close mates, and you feel the channels of communication are flowing more smoothly. So make the best of the rapport between you.
LEO: This is the time to allow a new facet of your personality shine out without apology or self consciousness. Most of us hide away parts of ourselves we think others might not like or approve. Throw away your inhibitions and just express who you are and what you feel. The right people will respond very positively. Since Mercury around at the moment has a cool, clinical eye, you can sometimes nit pick too much, insisting on absolute perfection, or become bogged down in trivia.
VIRGO:  If there have been any family differences recently, this could just be the time to wipe the slate clean and start again. Don’t wait to be approached. Try to reach out and see where you can spread a little harmony around. More for your sake than anything else, you want peace and calm. You need to be noticed now. Expressing your feelings and putting emotions into words will prove less of a problem than usual. Though watch you aren’t putting on too much style.
LIBRA:  Everyone around knows your heart is in the right place but they may not be entirely clear about what you are driving at, so try to collect your thoughts before you dash into discussions. You know you need to get more method and discipline into your everyday schedules, and this could be the time to start. The more you talk to loved ones the more you will understand yourself. You do want a chance to settle old memories more happily in your mind.
SCORPIO:  Cast your eye six months or even a year ahead and work out where you want to be at that point financially as well as emotionally. Once you have set your goals, you then need to work out a practical plan for fulfilling them. You can’t just hope it all shakes down, give yourself a push. You are in a searching mood wanting to ferret out fascinating bits of information, using your mind for research. Your mind is razor sharp, witty and fast moving.
SAGITTARIUS:   Maybe you will feel more self sufficient or even self absorbed but if you can’t do that when the New Moon is in your sign, when can you? You’ll want to do anything which makes you feel centre of attention, even if it’s your own. You will be more inclined to read the fine print in money matters, being quite pernickety about the tiny details. You are thinking along lines that are practical and conservative, which means you will come up with productive ideas.
CAPRICORN:  Don’t expect anything major at the moment. Just be clear that you need to put your wholehearted attention behind the scenes into whatever you want to put into place over the coming months. You are a real chatter-box now, lively and enthusiastic, determined to get your ideas and opinions across to everyone in sight. Your mind will be racing ahead of you, leaping from subject to subject at computer speed, so slower-witted companions may have problems keeping up. Try to pause for thought.scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:  All those new plans you have been mulling and muddling over recently can now be given a sensible push. You want to sort out your game plan for the months head. But don’t stop at thinking. Make a few decisions and put them into action. New friends will be a great help. Maybe your thinking is a little biased on one situation so try to be clear before you speak out. Maybe your emotions will be colouring your judgement at the moment.
PISCES:  You really want to give your reputation a boost and get the recognition which your talents deserve. But you know that you cannot rest on your laurels. You need to give new projects a hefty push to make sure that you are building for the days and months ahead. Get your head and your heart together and make it happen. You could not care less what tradition thinks or says. Head for younger mates since they are forward looking, not stuck in a rut.


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