Horoscope for December 16


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr


IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be confident and optimistic with some successes on the horizon, though you shouldn’t rely solely on luck. An extra push will bring you even more recognition and admiration for your achievements. Money will need care and some strategy. Loved ones may be unpredictable and rather elusive at times. Just leave them to their own devices. You’ll be clearing the decks of anything you no longer need in your life.

ARIES: You need friends around today to make you feel loved and appreciated. You want protection and advice about the long term. Obviously no one makes your mind up but you. But that doesn’t mean to say testing out ideas and picking up more information will not be useful. You will be avoiding boring chores and anything that requires you to cope with the small details of everyday living. You like to keep the broad picture in mind and leave the trivia to others.
TAURUS:  You need to stand your ground, but also compromise. Though you’ll be hugely resourceful at the moment, you are standing rock solid when everyone else is flapping. You will be focusing on your working situation in a way that says, “I want more attention, I want more recognition for my talents, more appreciation and admiration”. You’ve got to put your energy into doing things in a new and different way, really get out of your rut and make sure other people are well looked after.
GEMINI:  Your diplomatic skills and way of putting others in the spotlight of your attention will keep you popular and much appreciated. You have a specially wonderful way at the moment of entertaining others and keeping them amused. If you can’t travel literally, you’ll travel in your mind. Get out the holiday brochures, read books with an exotic flavour, do anything that takes your mind off whatever is standard, expected and the same as yesterday. Aim to stretch yourself in at least one activity during the day.
CANCER: Once a month for two days the Moon brings you into contact with insights or events that make you think about the deeper mysteries of life, what life is all about and how you can transform it. Stand steady for a while to understand what is going on and how you can make sense of it. Then you can scamper back to normality. You will be taking steps to find a congenial working atmosphere, because you need to feel what you’re doing is valued.
LEO: Since you may be feeling just a bit more vulnerable than usual, it’s important that you give to help others settle and then in turn they are more likely to do the same for you. Your creative and social talents could be finding a better outlet now, so push to find the self-discipline to make more use of them. You want to be around entertainment more than usual, especially music or the theatre. Children will bring you more please than usual and you will thoroughly enjoying playing their games.
VIRGO:  Keeping your stamina high will be crucial now, since you are being landed with a good many chores. So you need to watch your diet, not in the sense of eating less but maybe more sensibly, and give yourself things that are going to be of positive benefit rather than pull your energy further down. Really what would be best is to put your feet up at home and relax. Soon you’ll be out on the party circuit, so you need to recharge your batteries.
LIBRA:  Be a little bit theatrical and dramatic, try cracking a few jokes. This is the entertaining Moon of the month for you, so there’s no sense in letting it slide by without making a definite statement in what you do. Your curiosity is sending you in search of intriguing new ideas at the moment, constantly asking questions. Whether you are speaking or writing, you will find the words flow easily. You will want to be constantly on the move round familiar faces.
SCORPIO:  Be firm but not obstinate in negotiations or financial agreements at the moment. Generosity combined with balanced common sense will produce the best results. Then you’ll want peace and quiet. If you are a little wary of being on your own, put a bit of energy and effort into finding someone nice you can wrap yourself around. In the last resort, wear your most comfortable clothes and snuggle up in a comfortable armchair with a good book.
SAGITTARIUS:   Your personal appearance is more important to you than usual, and any extra thought and effort that goes into your wardrobe and hairdo will be well received. Suddenly you feel you have the force of personality to carry others along in your wake. You’ll be moving smartly around a busy schedule, with more comings and goings, conversations, meetings and general chit chat than usual. You will be more aware of everyday contacts. It’s a real grasshopper mood.
CAPRICORN:  You may find yourself counselling and caring for others, more than usual at the moment. Watch a little since you are highly sensitive to atmosphere just now, and will tend to soak in the emotional undercurrents around you a little like a sponge. You may end up carrying too much of other people’s pain and suffering. For this reason, you need to protect yourself against casual acquaintances or friends who are jangled or gloomy, so you don’t end up the same way. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:  Ask for what you need, which is more pampering, indulging and feeling comforted. The Moon around in your own sign is the mothering energy but you definitely want to be on the receiving not the giving end. You prefer at the moment to be around more detached, less emotional relationships, or in loose networks where everyone is allowed to go their own independent way, yet still cooperate. A rather contradictory mix just now, you can be stubborn and rather tolerant at the same time.
PISCES:  Maybe your heart is having to take second place to career matters, but there is a time of year for striving and a time for sinking into familiar surroundings or playing. Just concentrate on what is important for now and be determined. With loved ones you probably don’t want to be too open, since everyone around at home seems preoccupied. You may feel they are ignoring you or indifferent to your feelings, but you shouldn’t take it so personally.