Horoscope for December 21


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be fast moving and rather impulsive as well as serious. You won’t appreciate being crowded or told what to do especially by loved ones. You’ll kick up your heels and insist on freedom. Certain projects will work out exceptionally well and quickly so you’ll find admiration and respect coming your way. Money will need effort and strategy to improve your long term security. There’s no sense in sitting back and relying on luck.

ARIES: You’re likely to be seeing things in too direct a way. Other people don’t always appreciate the blunt, honest truth, so tone down your comments. You don’t mean them to hurt, but you may not be aware of their effect. Luckily, with Mercury at your midheaven, you will be practical, methodical, ambitious, serious and focussing on what will be to your advantage at work. You will have no time for vague discussions which don’t go anywhere.
TAURUS:  You need to put a brake on your plans since you’ll be too impatient about certain things. With a little bit more discipline, more care you will achieve so much more. Companions for one thing, won’t catch up with you or understand you clearly because you’re going so fast. You’ll definitely want more mental stimulation. You are coming across as fair-minded, tolerant and enthusiastic, so you should be able to find stimulating companions to share your views.
GEMINI:  Speaking too hastily may mean slower witted companions get bamboozled and bewildered because they aren’t able to keep up with you. More speed and heat, less light. Your judgement may not be that great. Either find mates who are as sharp as you, or collect your wits before leaping into discussions. Maybe you do need to sit down and talk through money matters with close partners. Everyone has to be clear what the agreements are, otherwise it won’t work.
CANCER: It’s important not to sound too uncooperative or intolerant now. You have an edge about you that may come across as criticism though you may not mean it that way. You just want to give everything a great shake up, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea. You will tend to jump to conclusions. In demand at the moment for your bright ideas, witty way with words, and diplomatic knack of putting others at ease, you are guaranteed a positive response almost everywhere you go.
LEO: Saying things that startle other people, can sometimes shock them into awareness. But it can also have the opposite effect. It may be the truth, but it is just important that you don’t ruffle their feathers so much that they stop listening. Informing and educating needs to be done with an entertaining smile. Companions may be quailing a little when you come around at the moment since you are so observant. Try to let them know your intentions are basically good hearted behind your rather clinical approach.
VIRGO:  Maybe you will feel slightly like an over-strung harp at one point. You’re thinking about a huge number of things. But take it one at a time. If you let your thoughts get too scattered, they will chase each other around your head. Then you end up going in circles. Mates secretly admire your courage for being so outspoken, though at times they wonder about your lack of humility. Still nothing ventured, nothing gained as far as you are concerned at the moment.
LIBRA:  You will tend to race around so fast that you don’t step back to sort out your thinking. There may be a slight muddle if you go cutting corners and not allowing yourself to think through things in a peaceable kind of way. You will get a little too busy, busy, busy. More emotional than usual at the moment, you may be over-sensitive to the slightest whiff of criticism. Try not to sound too defensive, when most often it will not be necessary.
SCORPIO:  Watch that you’re not getting a bit ahead of yourself. Thoughts flash through your head at such speed that you can’t keep track of things. It’s not a time to try and settle down to boring, practical, routine chores, because your boredom threshold will be low. Because you see the truth of one situation clearly, you may be coming across as rather critical. Try to add tact to honesty, and make it obvious to mates that you don’t mean to cause harm.

SAGITTARIUS:   ou could have all sorts of half-baked plans which sound marvellous initially. But if you give yourself time to ponder, you might find a few pitfalls. Don’t get so carried away that you end up in a situation you later regret. It’s a time when you’re likely to be a little bit highly strung, so try and focus on things that require a very focused mental energy. Maybe you are slower than usual to make up your mind, but once you get on track nothing will budge you.
CAPRICORN:  There are very stimulating, if not slightly over stimulating influences around. Mercury is one half of it which is to do with communication, thinking, speaking writing, moving around on short-distance journeys. Uranus is the rather half, which can be a bit disruptive, over-speeded-up. With Mercury in your own sign, you are quick witted at the moment and at times rather sharp of tongue, so you will need to pause to think before you speak. Mates could be startled by your direct comments.scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:  You need to write down all the brilliant inspirations and bolts from the blue you have because you’ll promptly forget them. They tend to fly in one ear and out the other. Mercury at odds with Uranus can be exciting. It’s fast-moving, but very switch on-switch off. You have a real understanding of other people’s suffering, which gives you added sympathy and makes you a supportive listener. You don’t feel you have to fight to get attention for yourself. You know your turn will come.
PISCES:  There will be new people, lots of excitement and interest around. You’re curious to experience new things, very much in a mood to explore, experiment and be inventive. Just don’t go too wild. With Mercury now in the sign after your midheaven you are very open to new ideas, especially ones likely to upset others, because you have a slightly rebellious streak about you. You have the courage of your convictions and will not be swayed by criticism.


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