Horoscope for December 24


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be charming, friendly, a time when your popularity will soar at work and in your leisure activities. You’ll be spreading your wings and broadening your horizons, keen to find more adventure and stimulation. At home there will be some sudden changes which may initially be unsettling but in the longer term will give you more freedom. Success will come your way after mid next year when certain projects bear fruit.

ARIES: Your lucky touch is working well, but you are also likely to be extravagant and indulgent. You will spend it as fast as you make it. But it will be enjoyable. At the moment if you are off someone, then you are really off. As far as you are concerned there will be no switching back on again. But remember you will not always feel this intensely and there may come a point in a few weeks’ time when you wish you hadn’t been so abrupt.
TAURUS:  You may be tempted to eat and drink more than usual, since your will power is low and the opportunity presents itself. Very agreeable influences will remove any feeling of being dutiful or conscientious. You may find your waistline expanding a little bit, but you really do not care. You will certainly not be short of admirers, social invitations or compliments for a few weeks. Make the most of the good times, and have fun. It will boost your morale, your self-esteem and your status.
GEMINI:  Friends are going to be a wonderful connection after hours. This is not a day to attempt anything too serious or practical or routine. Charm the boss into letting you do less. Try to drop your rather stand offish manner, and be more outgoing. Maybe you do have too much work on your plate, but if you make loved ones feel excluded or demand too much in the way of responsibility from them you run the risk of dampening what could be fun times.
CANCER: Your tastes will run to the flashy and the frivolous, so you will be spending rather gleefully on definitely non-essential items. In three days’ time you may wonder why you bought them, but for today you absolutely cannot do without. You are finding that what you desire, you want passionately and have no intention of going without. Heart-centred, and rather flamboyant, you will be casting your spell over everyone you meet with your great enthusiasm and sparkling personality.
LEO: You can expect to be feeling good, not getting too much work done. There will be moments when you feel at peace with the world and want to share your feelings with everyone around. Maybe you don’t want to put yourself out and about as much at the moment socially or romantically. But watch that it isn’t a slight fear of rejection that is making you disappear into your shell. Just cuddle up close to those who make you feel warm and wonderful.
VIRGO:  You’ll be feeling contented, happy-go-lucky, harmonious and rather lazy. It may not last long, but the moment will be worth savouring. If anyone around is low or tetchy, you will cheer them up in an instant. You will much prefer to keep the mood upbeat rather than delve into intense discussions on dark subjects. Maybe you will come across sometimes as slightly superficial because you flit lightly from subject to subject, but you will be a wow at parties since your chit-chat is second to none.
LIBRA:  Maybe you would rather be out with friends, to be on the party trail. But if you are stuck at work, then everything should run more smoothly. OK you will avoid difficulties and generally head for the easy option, but the end result will be a pleasure. You will be putting a high value on loyalty, stability and physical closeness. You want more hugs, caresses, kisses and tangible gestures of affection than usual. Don’t let insecurity make you too possessive or stubborn. Just be affectionate and steadfast.
SCORPIO:  Today might just be your chance to build bridges. You will manage to express what you feel without being aggressive or abrasive, so no one can take offence. Keep smiling amiably and all will be resolved. Just watch a tendency to put too much stress on surface appearance, or to fit in with whoever is taking the strong position around you for the sake of peace and quiet. You want to pour oil on troubled waters but you may need to stand up for your rights more firmly.

SAGITTARIUS:  You are likely to be warm and friendly to everyone you meet, and maybe even lucky financially. Money could be coming in, but naturally going out rather fast as well. You seem to be in a position to give more now, and you are undoubtedly sensitive to the unspoken needs of those close to you. You can be enormously compassionate with Venus in the sign before yours, but you do have to watch that you do not become emotionally overloaded, soaking in too many of their problems.
CAPRICORN:  This is not a day for routine chores, boring people or anything that requires much self-discipline. You don’t want to save money or go on a diet. Companions will be amused to be around you, so there’s no doubt about your popularity. You are feeling friendly, laid back, detached and rather mischievous. You want space, freedom and independence in your social and emotional life, and really want a strong individual for a mate who is willing to let you go your own way.scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:  It may be that new love relationships are around, or that old relationships are just feeling better. You’re soothing and smoothing and making things much more agreeable than they have been. Your ability to keep the peace, and generally boost morale at the moment, could be useful in gaining you prominence at work, and help smooth your path to promotion. Your charm may have a hidden agenda but it will bring the desired result if you just keep schmoozing in the right places.
PISCES:  Your tendency will be to smooth over problems rather than get a grip on things. If there are tricky situations around, you will be taking the diplomatic route to finding an answer rather than stamping your foot and throwing a tantrum. You are being honest and very direct about your feelings, though not heavy about anything. You want loved ones to be open and above board. It is important you have open lines of communication, since you want titillating and amusing conversation as well as cuddles.